Fanless LED Fog Light Bulbs for 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL – 2x Brighter Than Stock!

now in the interest of finding the bestfog light bulb for your Jeep JL Wrangler me and one of our sales managers here JohnTobias took this Jeep through a few swamps in northern Minnesota andwouldn't you know it a few of them failed a few of them don't work any

morebut we did find one that is great in this video I'm gonna show you guys whatit is how to install it and how much brighter it is compared to stock if I could work on jeeps every singleday I would cuz there's nothing better to me than just being

able to reach downpop the old fog light out pop the new one in and that is exactly how easy thisis today the problem with that is it's soaccessible that when we were taking this Jeep off-roading is you're gonna see ina couple Clips here which by the way trying

to show my boss I don't need himseeing what we did to the shop Jeep what you'll find is you'll get a lot of mudand dirt and debris on your fog light that's not a big deal if you're runninga passively cool bulb like the GTR lighting CSP mini however

at the time wewere running the sv4 bulb and that is an awesome awesome bulb with super brightwe've used in a lot of applications if you're not new to this channel if you'vewatched us for a little while you'll know we run this in a lot of differentheadlight applications for

a lot of different trucks SUVs and cars problemwith it is it has a fan on the back it doesn't have anything protecting it andso for the first time ever I'm not gonna recommend that you use the sv4 bulbinstead the GTR lighting CSP mini is a passively cooled fantastic

option thatfits this fog light has no fan to fail and it's significantly brighter in stockthe best part is there's no driver on the back you don't do any zip tying likewe had to do with this bulb you just pop it in plug it in and you're good to

go so right behind the bumper here you'regonna see a fog light bulb if you've got a sport model Jeep and some Sahara modeljeeps it depends on like your factory bumper configuration if you got thefactory steel bumper it's gonna be exposed very similarly to this if you'vegot the sport

chances are you might have a little plastic cover here you can takethat off and get to your fog light bulb – nothing to it in this case we don'thave that go ahead and unplug your factory wiring connector here press inon the tabs on the stock bulb factory bulb

comes out just like this here's aquick peek of what these bulbs look like side by side as you can see the GTRlighting bulb is very similar in size so if you are running something else ifyou've got a size constraint in any way you don't worry about a giant

heatsinkhanging off the back this thing's pretty low profile it's not gonna give us anyissues as you can see this thing installs justlike the original one came out it snaps into place not real nice and the bestpart is it clips in and stays in a lot of these bulbs

with this 5202 stylesocket you'll find that they're made improperly and they won't clip and allthe way on some of these jeeps the CSP mini from GTR lighting does not havethat problem plug the factory connector into the gtr lighting bulb clicks inreal nice and we can tuck it up

into the bumper here now is this about to swapthe passenger side out and I turn the bulb on just to see if it still worksand as you can hear through the microphone here this fans having a hardtime nothing against the bulb this is still one of the best

LED bulbs you canbuy it's just if you pack it with dirt mud snow ice whatever it's not gonnawork very well can you believe those guys at the dealership sold you a jeepwith fog lights like this these came in at 160 lux that's your usable lightoutput and as you

can see it's not very usable at all this is not gonna help youin any way going down the trail at night going down the highway no matter whatinclement weather this is not what you want in a fog light let's see what wecan do with the GTR lighting CSP

mini bulbs as you can see we got a nice crispwhite light output and the best part is we actually doubled the light outputhere on these fog lights the factory fogs came in at 160 lux these came in at320 that is exactly double got a beautiful white light output

that'sgoing to match our morimoto headlights that we installed in a previous videoand they're gonna illuminate the roads somuch better compared to those stock ugly yellow fog lights so as it turns out nomatter how good your LED bulb is if you've got a fan base bulb and you putit

in the fog light location on a Jeep Wrangler and take it through the mudtake it through the snow and the ice and the sand chances are it's gonna packthat fan and it's gonna quit working so by all means make a good decision whenyou're picking your fog light bulbs

now if you're looking to make a gooddecision on your auxiliary lighting as well we've done a ton of stuff withdiode dynamics on this Jeep including their brackets on the Cowell's theirlight bar up front we got full feature-length videos on how to installthem and how bright they are you

should definitely check them out

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