Filming an Interrogation Scene with the New LOWEL TotaLED LIGHT!

Hey there Jake with B&H, I’m looking atthe new TotaLED flood light from Lowel.

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This is a daylight LED flood light from Lowel.

it would deliver 4275 Lux of flicker-free continuouslight.

It can operate on AC or battery power included V battery attachment.

It draws only 70 Watts.

It delivers the equivalent output of 750-watttungsten bulb.

It'll give shooters a 65-degree beam that is idealfor flooding a studio with light or maybe a ballroom for wedding and event type shooters.

With included barndoors, the TotaLED can alsobe used to shape background light or increase the ambient light level in a room.

The TotaLED is daylight balance at 5600 Kelvin.

With a CRI of 96.


Delivers excellent color accuracy.

The power output is now controlled by step-lessdimmer that made it from 100% to 0% brightness.

The included diffusion softens the light andexpands the bean to 100° minimizing shadows.

There are gel clips on the barn doors to attachdesired gels.

And the Yoke can be mounted vertically orhorizontally.

Plus, the whole lighting kit comes in a convenientcarry case that's ready for travel.

Okay, so we're in the studio I had to testout the TotaLED daylight flood light in a real scenario.

And Doug, had a great idea try an interrogationscene.

So, I'm being interrogated right now by mycameraman Mr.

Bobby Sansivero.

Who you all know.

There he is.

We have this thing boomed up, over the tableand we have the plastic diffusion slid right in there and we're taking advantage of thegel clips for using a little bit more diffusion to really soften the light.

Make those shows look really nice.

And I get into it and they're going to interrogateme and… I'M INNOCENT!! I SWAER I'm innocent.

Let’s go.

This isn't your typical application.

A creative way to use a floodlight.

Is having it above your subjects.

Sort of just, floating light from above, givingsome dramatic eye shadows on your subject.

And really upping the drama.

Listen man, I don’t know what they toldyou but I'm just videographer.

I show up with the camera to set and I hitrecord.

That's where my responsibility.

So you didn't get the memo? That all of these need to be signed now, beforeevery shoot.

News to me.

That's funny, everyone in your departmentgot that memo.

I don't know you should ask them.

I already have.




Every one of them are following this procedurenow.

Except, you.

So, what’s great about this light is it’sworking as a key and a fill because it's just flooding the whole area with light.

Because it's coming from above, it’s gettingsome really nice dramatic shadows on the face and just upping the drama of the interrogationscene.

I mean there's really just release forms.

What’s the big deal? Just release forms? Do you understand the amount of litigationthat can come down on this company for these not being signed? Oh, god geez… So, we are shooting on a GH5, ISO 400 and f/5.

And we barely touched the max output of thethe TotaLED.

Really, really happy with the results so far.

It’s been a fun scene to shoot.

Oh, you didn’t get the memo? I didn't get the memo.

Everyone else in your department got the memo.

Okay, well maybe you should talk to them then.

I already have, and they all do it.

Why am I here? You’re the only one that doesn’t signyour release forms.

No one told me.

That’s the problem.

You’re telling me! Yes.

I'm the one in this room! So, the dimmer is actually playing a hugerole in this.

Because we don't want me to be too bright.

We don’t want it to be too hot.

Being able to control over the diffusion aswell as the intensity of the light is really helpful.

I think making for a much more dramatic scene.

Okay listen, you know I was supposed to gethim signed.

I forgot.

They were in the bag.

It was a long day.

I was just…I just forgot.

I don't wanna go to jail.


Now make this go away.

How does this go away? Get em’ signed.

Be sure to check out the new Lowell TotaLEDfloodlight sold exclusively at B&H.

And if you want more information, just followthe link in description below.

I'm Jake from B&H, just keep shooting.

-It’s just some model release forms.

Would do you mean? How much trouble? A heap of trouble.

A heap of trouble? HAHAHAHAHAHA.


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