Firefly Omnidirectional 40WEquivalent LED Bulb 4pack

time from monday night show premiere i get a lot of requests about these unbelievable LED light bulbs you know and show number one back in October we featured a set of LED light bulbs it is not a product that HSN typically airs in other shows and on other days really to do it for us on the Monday night show and we are going to do it today with a brand new brand that just came in let's start the basics really look incandescent bulbs they stopped making them they have stopped manufacturing these you cannot other than what stores have already purchased they are not making them anymore so we all have to transition it is not a bad thing the alternative will not this this takes it way too long to to kind of brighten up and if that breaks god forbid it is a disaster even more efficient and even more affordable our LED light bulbs this in my hand is going to last over 22 years it is called the Firefly let me say that again this light bulb will last over 22 years you will save a fortune so many people on my facebook page so I'm looking for the LED Bulls are the soft white when we say LED we think its a bright harsh light not the Firefly is the soft white here's what we have tonight if you call in 1 2 3 4 40 watt equivalents for less than ten dollars a light bulb that is phenomenal if you go to the store and try and find one that has as much omni directional capability is this and has the energy savings that this has this is a great deal of great price and it is on 2 flex pay friend of the show is back again no sir crits beer you are the LED guy I mean if you and I could talk for hours about them I love LED technology because I love saving money I love long lowering my energy costs i love not having to change a light for over two decades like a dimension their incandescent bulbs we love this and it's been around for about a hundred years there hasn't been anything new then they came out the curly coop killer with curly q bulbs these bulbs are designed to last about seven years your traditional incandescent last about a year but these curly Q's they take about three minutes to get to their full strength when you get the Firefly LED bulb it instantly turns on it looks just like your incandescent bulb but it is going to last 22.

8 years this only lasts a thousand hours this last 25, 000 hours 25 times so you would have to buy 25 incandescent bulbs to equal the one LED bulb that you're getting today and the great thing about it is that HSN is making it easy for you because when you know okay I've got to go to the store i want to buy LED light bulbs but then you're overwhelmed it's not like I just need to go and buy a light bulb and let me buy a 40 watt bulb no they have like at least a dozen different 40 lightbulbs there are some of that bright blue LED light that is blinding then they have some that look like science projects that have these little pink filters and some don't even like this one only blast forward but it's got this yellow ring this one has little rings around the side so I'm not even getting the full directional light atom when i replace my lights with the front with the firefight light bulb this actually gives you omni directional light which means that it is going to shine in every direction let me show you the comparison that have in the middle and when you start to dim the lights because adam we have two lamps here the exact same wattage 40 watt bulbs but one is your energy efficient firefly light bulb you can't even see the difference when i take them off this one right here that your traditional incandescent that is going to last me a thousand hours which by the way is like 160 degrees this is your cool to the touch LED light bulb that you don't the change next year you have to change in your 20 28 year 20 25 we're not talking until twenty thirty seven that you have to change that lightbulb when you put the shade on them they look identical to one another so imagine when you buy a house you have a 30 year mortgage you're almost these light bulbs are going to almost alas your entire mortgage if you just have a brand-new baby the baby is going to last through all diapers all through elementary middle school high school into college and graduate before you have to change that bulb again it's amazing technology it's going to save you so much money I just appreciate when HSN does this kind of thing because I we know we need to buy them we know we've got to change from from the incandescent stop making them i am not a fan of these i know you've probably got some of these as well but they take a while to really brighten up to their full capability and then nowhere near as good as led we have got LED light bulbs on flexpay $39 2 flex pay reduced shipping and handling worth every single penny somebody that I know always gives us a very honest opinion is the wonderful Janice Janice welcome back to the monday night show how you doing tonight I'm doing just great thank you Johnny's when did you start watching HSN oh gosh I want to say how many of you once a year we are only 24 so it must have been a couple of years it can't be down long ago I'll still little Janice tell us about your experience with Firefly actually when they got him in the mail and I showed my husband he says we already used those he said why do you think our power bill is so low I didn't know I know nothing about white bugs so I love it i've been using them all this time didn't even know it chinese i'm so your husband said that's why the electricity bill is so low but Joe can you speak to that because it is the case isn't it absolutely is hundred percent correct Janice you know that when you use a traditional bulb this will last you if you have about 40 of these light bulbs in your house it's about five hundred dollars a year so when you switch over to LED your husband's one hundred percent correct I went from five hundred dollars a year to a hundred dollars a year your energy savings it is more than eighty percent and you're loving and your husband is loving it how is that light look when you look at home is it that soft traditional light that you love well it is look how cute idea Janice you are awesome thank you so much and thank your husband as well for giving us his opinion I think your ex chance of a great monday guys we only have seven minutes left in this presentation with everybody on the phone line I'd say about 1800 for it sold out if you buy more than one set you can save on the shipping and handling of course let's get the nightstand lights taken care of let's get some of the lumps in the in the living room taking care of this will last you nearly 30 years that's crazy all right Joe what's next up I want to show the temperature because Janice was talking about the energy savings that she is going to have well I'm going to shine that I got my little energy gun here and we are shining if you can see it says 78 degrees that's what your LED light bulb is generating for heat now let me switch it over to the traditional incandescent the mixture I've got it on there and when you see the temperature Adam on that 160 170 degrees on there from the temperature that makes a huge difference because the average home has 40 lightbulbs in their house so you think about how much you fighting it right now it is hot if you have 40 lights in your house that are putting out 170 degrees you know how hot your house is getting but if you get and switch over to LED not owns it using less power it's also going to have less unless fight against your AC bill because it is not that hot temperature that's why a lot of us will cook in the kitchen you have the lights on you feel like it's so hot because you have the oven on and it's your lights too and the other great thing about this is that this not only is it going to use less wattage because traditionally a 40 watt bulb uses 40 watts worth of power this only uses 7 watts so we're actually saving you up to eighty percent using less power which means your electricity bill is going to be less in this traditional incandescent bulb this only lasts about a thousand hours you're changing these every single year this is going to last 25, 000 hours or about 22.

8 years so Adam not only send you money on energy bill but I'm saving you from having to go out and buy more of these the four pack that you're getting today it's going to replace 100 of these incandescent bulbs it's amazing technology that everybody's fall in love with you know it's just all good it really is all good and I'll tell you just so to give you some confidence in terms of price the lowest i have seen out there for LED bulbs that are as equivalent in terms of quality is about ten dollars a light bulb so for us to be under that with reduced shipping and handling and with two flex is fantastic don't be confused when you go to the stock there's many many different ones I know from what you've told me you're the same as me you don't want that that kind of blue light that white light you want the soft cozy warm comforting welcome home light that's what this gives we are wrapping this up in the next three minutes or so no other presentations scheduled in the monday night show for firefly they said did we want to do this i said a hundred percent yes just like Janice I mean I changed mine back in gosh in October started before and then when Joe came on with the originals I changed out every single light home to LED saving wise it is not even that it is hype there are savings to be out because it is using less energy savings your traditional incandescent uses 40 watts with the power this one is only using 7 watts with the power so when you do the quick math this might when you run up all your all your lights over the course of a year it's about five hundred dollars worth of electricity this when you switch over it's going to be a hundred dollars with electricity so just the same thing as a year and alone it's going to allow you to retrofit your entire house but when you decided it is ready to switch over when you go to the store you have a couple different options you can buy this little curlicue one you've seen these but these take about three minutes to turn on to get full illumination this comes on instantly plus if you break this is actually has a mercury on the inside so hazardous material you're supposed to get a hazardous kit to clean that up and I supposed to touch it and then you decide okay I see all these LEDs I'm ready to buy but then you see why is this a different shape why is this a different beam why is it that soft white light versus the bright blue light you're not quite sure what the bike because it's so confusing when you switch over to Firefly it is the exact same light that you've been loving your house for up to a hundred years this is what Thomas Edison came out with that incandescent bulb it's been around for more than a century now and you're going to switch it over to LED and when you switch it over you do it one time and it is not going to be for another 22.

8 years until you have to make that switch again he's one less thing to worry about is one less thing to hassle is no more light bulbs going out you have got them in there and you are good to go alright we are already with everyone on the phone line close to 500 sold we are very very busy stay right there thank you Jeff sir appreciate it I a party favor bag for you Jay tastic yours has extra special things off or since you're a triple triple sellout winner it's my 18th time I'll show chance to make you Adam I appreciate the good thing my like family yeah i love you i know i love you too I stand.

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