Flower Chandeliers with Craft Box Girls

is whether you're hosting a bridal shower a dinner party celebrating a birthday floral displays are really being taken to new heights DIY expert in our dear friend Lynn Lilly is here to show us how to create our very own flower chandelier Bob I don't know if this is

gonna compete with that keep puppy but listen this is when I walked into the studio is just so bright and happy everyone loves flowers what I love is right now we're not using we're using artificial flowers but you're gonna tell us later I am about how to use

real ones well let's dive right in okay so we are gonna make a floral chandelier that will work really at any kind of party indoors outdoors summer Bridal baby shower just for a dinner party yes and you can make it in under 45 minutes and if you're really

fast 30 minutes really you need floral hoops you can get these in the resection at the craft store you want to get two that are two different sizes so either a large and a medium and medium and a small depending on how big you want your chandelier to

be and then you want to paint it so paint it green just with some regular acrylic green paint and then you've got your two hoops here if they're green so here's what we start the real work okay you're gonna need fishing lines so it's probably hard to see

this on camera but it's really called monofilament in the craft world which is kind of crazy that's like the fancy name for it but it can be the fishing line right to the garage and get some fishing lines okay hey you're getting xinghai needs – yep so I'm

gonna tie down at the bottom first you want to make sure that you cut your pieces the same length that is the most important right right because you want them to kind of hang ahead of time all right hang out the same like same Jo we're kind of

estimating right now you could probably want to use like a ruler and measure and be all fancy but you tie a tie tie it that's the important part then you want to reinforce it with glue so whether you're using a hot glue or an industrial inner size right

so see how we did it so I'm double knotting it but just in case sometimes these knots do kind of come out so we go you can kind of see if we can get a close-up you can see the glue there so you come back in with your

hot glue gun or your industrial glue whatever you're using and just kind of put a little dot there and right and that will keep it in place so it doesn't slip okay so let's sit down there doing now we've got some vine and greenery so that's kind of

your first step so I want you to kind of pick out something so we're going to go around each layer okay and add our greenery so it's important to tie them together first because once you get all that greenery on there it's hard to kind of find yep

okay so I'm gonna add some hot kaliya for you thank you we're gonna go around so you kind of tell me where you wanna yeah so you can suggest kind of laying it out not that's too much paint laying it out first so you can really see what

you're trying to create here so when you've got some time right you can kind of lay it out and figure out how you want it around each layer yes okay all right so you lay it out Oh cuz you're yes the longer Pete I got it so I

kind of went ahead and did this for us okay so step on over she's like Christine let's move it okay so check this guy out I put the greenery kind of all around it so that's your you're not you do it more lengthwise cuz especially with these longer

pieces you don't want it shooting so you want to put some kind of glue at the beginning and the end of each stem right and then you'll kind of fill in and you want to keep lifting it up as you go so I've got some flowers I'm gonna

throw everybody Wario remember you want balance okay so balance is important so you're gonna glue your flowers on each other make sure that you don't accidentally glue down one of your stroke rate points so I always kind of glue and then lift up you got a big one

over there so let's make sure we balance and put a big one over here wait right so you want to make sure that it's kind of equally weighted on either side right with this glue gun you know alright keep adding it on it you've even got some of

these like smaller guys that you can kind of use as fillers if you pop them off you can kind of it right there great and if you want to place them ahead again ahead of time right so here's the deal as you're kind of gluing you can do

this all year round so think about the holidays yes you could do it for Christmas for Hanukkah kind of pick out florals that make sense as far as colors go you can even do it for fourth of July put some flags in there so for an outdoor barbecue

right right and just and how much would you say this whole project cost you mentioned only takes 45 minutes but yeah close to under 30 bucks here's the deal you want to shop the craft store when they're having sales on florals right yep so look for those sales

there's a lot of 50% off makes it pretty easy yeah now last but not least I think this is really fun especially if you're doing an outdoor party adding some twinkle lights for you so you can get these twinkle lights actually got them at Target for five bucks

okay pretty inexpensive got it so you've got your battery pack rate that's got your on and off so we're gonna add some glue to the back of this sure and then we're gonna find a place we're gonna actually put them on the bottom cause I'm adding some glue

so I need you yep so we're gonna kind of place it right there then we're gonna need to come back and cover it and cover it up with our flowers so and you want to just twist your tween slice around right and then you kind of fill in

as you go so what's nice about this is maybe you kind of hang it on a hanger if you've got you have a light chandelier and that'll help you work better right see how cute that looks and then you come back in and all your flowers you cover

this up Oh balance it out right right and then it looks like that that is if we can get the trash shot of that you know this would have been perfect at Caroline's birthday party that you went to when that fairy Tina made her yeah oh my gosh

weirdly enough look just like me thank you so we're okay do we have time for one last time oh can you give one last yes okay if you want to do it with real flowers you can if it's for a one time event you can get your real

flowers get some of the little water buds that go on the end of it at the garage or put them on your larger flowers but then store it in the refrigerator until you're ready to use it it'll last for about four to six hours outside so they're doing

a one-time event you can do it with real floral and you really want to make it special but yeah remember to refrigerate my mother always taught me that until right before you're gonna absolutely yeah okay love it if you want all of these great ideas and so many

more please visit Lynn on her website it's crafts box girls calm and follow her on all social media

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