ForeverLamp 55WEquivalent LED Bulb 4pack

it really does taste so damn good so it is this groundhog day but bringing back the big sellers to remember this well not those these folks one of the very first products we add in the very first show I stood here and I said you know the incandescent bulbs the government has mandated to stop in making them so we're really not going to be able to buy these anymore I'm really quite frankly it is a good thing we will save you a fortune with LED bulbs this is what everybody is buying not only will you save listen to this eighty percent on energy costs so let's say your energy bill was five hundred dollars your energy bill goes down to one hundred dollars but this LED light bulb will last you over 22 years which is crazy so here's what's really exciting we brought them back so it's the same one two three four pack but we're doing a better offer we're doing a better offer you get the four pack for the lowest price ever at 3995 reduced shipping and handling and two flex pay our producer is always on the monday night show is mr.

Paul Paul we use show everybody how many of these are available it is a strict quantity of 1570 mr.

Joe Harrison is here with the forever lamp and Joseph first of all you can see your spot in your to absolutely Joe this is a real easy presentation because we all need to switch out we all want to save money and here it is this is your opportunity really this as well as presentations I love selling this product because this is a time you're going to remember to learning by new technology that's not just going to affect today but affect your life for the next 22 years like Adam mentioned they're not making these incandescent bulbs in network you have to go to the store and you have to replace it but there's so much confusion that's out there all these different LEDs this is what you're getting today it looks perfect like a light bulb this is the last 22 years but Adam when you go to the store you see these LED lights you see you know these type LED lights and you see these little curlicue one these things take three minutes to even get to full illumination when you replace it with the forever lamp bulb today this is 22 years and imagine Lori just had a brand-new baby boy imagine if she just changed the slide bolt today her baby is going to go through elementary school middle school high school through college until you have to replace it it is not going to be into the year twenty thirty seven that you have to replace this light bulb and this will fit about ninety percent of your requirements in your house so all your night lamps all your on all your bulbs that you have throughout your house this is perfect for you as that replacement because this is going to last 25 times longer than a traditional light bulb so just think about that Adam is that if you're buying those incandescent bulbs it takes 25 of these incandescent bulbs to equal your one forever like we've had so many customers that fall in love with it because once you replace it you're done with it and it's the exact same soft white light because my wife what she says okay I need LED bulb she's like you convinced me we need them so now my entire house has LED bulbs but we first got them there are so many different colors that are out there this so ultra bright like you want to drive down the road you see those bright white blue lights yeah yeah you can still buy those but you don't want that not your house no you want that soft white light what you're getting today you don't realize but this is a traditional incandescent there's your LED light bulb for forever night you don't even see the difference but this uses so much energy this will end up burning through when it actually produces energy you waste about ninety percent of it which actually goes off and heat and we'll talk about that and a little bit but it's saving you money from not having to buy the bulbs like a dimension eighty percent lower energy bills all because you switched over to LED when you really listen to the story that's being told it is such an easy yes right I don't have to go around changing light bulbs anymore because this is going to last me 22 years so think about that up to eighty percent energy savings I'm going to save a ton of money they're stopping making regular incandescent grapes and there's no argument is not Joe saying it compared to the the the other kinds of styles people are choosing LEDs the problem is this they can be very very expensive at 3995 with reduced shipping and handling and two flex pay it is the best we've ever done it even outshines no pun intended the original offer that we had in that very first show i've changed all the light bulbs in our house I without question have seen a difference in our energy bill you will love it with everybody dialing in I have about 1200 now left before sellout we actually sent some of these two one of our super shoppers very famous now Debbie in Virginia debri welcome back to the monday night show how are you my darling well happy Groundhog Day I'm good I'm happy to see you you're looking bright and cheerful as always well I was going to ask you how's my lighting I love these bowls Germans you've never looked better and you say and we just do honestly a lot of people when we say LED they think of our harsh optic white don't you think these are soft and beautiful oh they are they give off such a warm glow and something i want to mention and my family and friends know this i'm always moving stuff moving lamps moving anything i can and it's it's you touch it even after it's been on for hours and it's cool to the touch so you can move your lamps ladies and change out bulbs but we're in the process of changing all our bulbs over to LED these are definitely more attractive than those squiggly things so they will go in our kitchen where you see the bulb who wants to see that squiggly thing so Debbie I like I'm ordering some tonight do you have your own fan club yet Becky cutie because I'm telling you I want to be the founding member Debbie in Virginia thank you so much my Donna have a great rest of your monday night oh thank you thank you thanks for the lighting love it take care Debbie there it is from Debbie's mouth to your ears folks they are fantastic these are the LED bulbs I have in our home I can't speak highly enough of them remember once you but listen this might be the last set of light bulbs you ever buy those 22 years Joe can weep and guys can we put please seven minutes on the clock and countdown that they are of course selling out as they should at this price we have never been able to offer this price ever before you have till the clock hit zero and then we'll be done look at you what can we look at so I want to show the temperature Debbie mentioned how cool these are so right now you can see it's right whoops let me get right on the bulb right there so right now it's saying 82 degrees 85 degrees that's a light bulb you can touch it I'll let me switch you over to this one dad let me shoot the bulb it's so bright start trying to see these lights let me see it's right let's let me get it perfect I can see blind eye blinded by the light there we go so I've got it right there 218 degrees 200 degrees is the temperature of those bulbs so Adam when you look at the bulb you know it's not just about saving energy but you can touch that thing it is so hot and you think about the average house has 48 light bulbs in a time in the in your house right if every light is pushing out at 200 degrees you know how hot that makes your house in the summertime so not only does it save you an energy costs but it also saves you on your electric bill from running your air conditioning constantly and when you know you want to get energy efficient when you're sold that this is the way I've got to go and you go to the store Deb you mentioned there are so many expensive bulbs that are out there are so many different choices you end up getting confused because you to eat it you can easily spend $15 on a light bulb and have no idea what you're even by Joe will you tell everybody was a producer earlier pole What did he say about this bulb here you broke it and I really once this one actually has mercury on the inside and there is a label on here technically you're supposed to call hazmat to get mad you really great you update well you could be so this could be his last show but the thing is when you put this inside your house then when you put a turn to the slide on we've all been there like okay slowly getting brighter brighter hang takes up to three minutes to do it when you turn on an LED light bulb it instantly comes on and i love it Adam because it looks like a light bulb you have seen these LEDs I don't want this sticking out of my ceiling fan right where everyone can see it this looks like a legitimate light bulb but the best thing about it is this will cost you five hundred dollars a year this would cost you a hundred dollars a year just eighty percent savings on your costs you know what issue it is not like it's something that don't really need I'm not going to buy it we all need like this because they always that they go so we need to replace them so if you're going to replace your light bulbs with everything definitely get led what I like about HSN is that we have such a great team of experts like Cindy and Heather and Michelle who are watching right now hi guys and they work in our department our team in the HSN headquarters they go out and they sell right out of all these LED bulbs some are too bright white some are not good some look ugly which is the best one to put on the air for our customers these are the ones forever lamp with the money it's going to save you for the way it looks so good for the convenience all the bells and whistles I am being told a lot of folks are buying a couple of sets if you do buy more than one I believe it's buy more and save on the already reduced shipping and handling which is fantastic Joe I know this this means a lot to you as well but you know it's five golden stars on this folks love it not just me I know I've been a big fan of it ever since I started presenting it here when you get it at home and you realize it's the exact same white light because Adam you go to the store you get so much confusion you know you loved incandescent you've had this forever this technology it's over a hundred years old we got to replace it they're not making these anymore so you go to the LED and you're like okay I see the LED right there I have no idea what does this color what does all stuff mean it's the same soft white light but Adam even look at the light on here this is another LED that's out there on the market my first off it looks like a science experiment but the light right here it actually shoots up it only has 120 degree angle so unless you're looking right on top of it the light doesn't shine here with your forever lamp it's got a complete dome where you get 260 degrees light all around it just like your incandescent you might be saving a little bit more money than buying a traditional incandescent today but this one is going to last you 22.

8 years 25, 000 hours your incandescent it only lasts a thousand hours you're always replacing it or sometimes when you go up in the ladder you give it a shake it like I hear the rattle you broke it before even put it on here this has no moving parts to whatsoever so there's nothing inside to break all you need to know is when you put this in your house tonight when you get this at home right now it's a year 2015 what are you doing in the year twenty thirty seven that is the next time you have to change your bulb when you change all the lights in your house if a typical house has about 48 lights if it costs you about five hundred dollars a year just a lighting bill it's now going to cost you a hundred dollars we are saving you money over the long haul in a couple years you will pay for it and then you'll be saving money all because you switched to a light bulb that's going to last two decades it's unbelievable the new technology getting today with everyone on the phone line I have 400 left so 400 now remaining before complete sellout it is a you know if you're just tuning in it's Groundhog Day so we brought Joe back we begged it to come back with the further or sellout it is this is the best offer value wise you're spending less in this offer them we've ever been able to do before and that's thanks to you because we've sold so many of them so it's a reduced shipping and handling charge and it's ten dollars off the price so dollar for dollar it's the lowest we've ever been able to go if you're going the market and you look at the different options Brand X and brand Y and bronzy this is high quality LED technology so please understand and maybe we could just for a moment bring down the studio lights ever so slightly just so you can see these are a soft white yes a lot of folks I get the messages on facebook say I'm scared to go Led because I've seen some of them they they're not flattering they're not nice it's too hard yes not these its a bright white blinding light that you're afraid of you see those in cars as they're coming at you here it says soft white light these two light bulbs this is what you're going to love because both of these right now one is an incandescent one is your LED bulb you see the LED is over on the left side you've got the right side or the right side of your screen and then the cool thing is Adam as soon as I can't even touch this one this thing is literally 200 degrees we can't touch a bulb that's emitting so much heat where this one is 82 degrees I can grab this down to worry about my kids grabbing it whatsoever and getting hot but it's that same light so when you're replacing these lights in your house you're not sacrificing you're not getting that harsh white light that so many other companies that are offered because when you go to the store and you see that confusion you're like well what is this kelvin mean what does everything mean this is that perfect soft white light for you and that's when I say because it is being selected so we know the what you're going to want all I'm going to want and it's funny because before we had John the first show I'd gone out and looked at LED light because my next door neighbor Richard he'd come over he was talking all about them it is confusing out there knowing what to buy which is going to be right these are the perfect ones they are the perfect ones and you get four of them so very quickly in these final few seconds you can see I quantity count to five and 10 at a time these are going they will come back we will restock them but if you order and grow in the Monday night show tonight you get ten dollars off and the reduced shipping and handling and that's thanks to the team behind the scenes for doing this for this very special day so Joe somebody's just tuned in in the final 60 seconds why are so many people ordering these lights because you got to replace the traditional I Bob that you have right now and you can't get these anymore so you go to the store you got to buy yourself an LED light this light bulb here is going to last 25 times your traditional incandescent it uses eighty percent less energy to so if you have these in your house you're spending about five hundred dollars a year your light bill this will be a hundred and like we showed you earlier it looks just like a light bulb has a two hundred and sixty degree view and also is the same white light because when you know neither replace them and you go to the store and you see all these different choices that are out there like what the heck does this guy or you've seen these little curlicue guides these take three minutes to turn on so I can get the forever lamp boom Adam it's on in a split second just like your incandescent you're going to love it because all you do is you replace your old one with a new one and then you don't replace this forever lamp again for another 22.

8 years till the year twenty thirty seven is when you need to replace these bulbs that's how fantastic that's what everyone has fallen in love with them it's such a compelling story so I'm telling me we've got to wrap this up in 30 seconds so very very quickly letters at least send them to your door with with that flex pay and try it see what you think to know the lights out turn the lamp on see the difference compared to these regular ones I think you're going to be over the moon but please remember the government has mandated that these incandescence they are phasing them out so they are stopping being manufactured so we have to move to something else most people are moving to LEDs if you're going to buy LEDs I think we've got one of the best values in the country Joe my friend final words final words when you switch these over you will be blown away don't worry that the same soft white light that was my wife's biggest complain a lot of other people that are out there it is that not that bright white LED it is that soft white perfect for every lamp that's in your house and again once you replace these think in the last 22 years i love that i have to get up on a ladder anymore this is going to be perfect for your household Joe I'll tell you what we're going to do folks if you're in the ordering process do not hang up stay right there I have them for you so nobody's disappointed we're gonna call it sold out Joe you saw that guy's time oh I said get me so much this is your three pairs I've already got two jalama thank you Mike everybody really.

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