ForeverLamp 55WEquivalent LED Bulb 4pack

two quick 10-minute sellouts it's time for my top pick if you have watched any of the Monday night show mondays at 7pm you will know I love LED light bulbs I've changed them all in my house I am saving a fortune you know these these things incandescent bulbs they are not making them anymore so all of us have to transition away from this to something else LED bulbs are the best is there they can be very expensive and some of them can give you a very harsh white light I want to share with everybody if i can not our producer is going to share with you we have 900 of these to go around they will be gone in minutes you don't get one you don't get to you get four LED bulbs with free shipping and with 4 flex pay these LEDs will last listen to this over 22 years josah' i'm going to hand over to you and we're just going to watch that quantity counter tick down last ever opportunity to get forever lamp at this price absolutely the fantastic thing about it is this is going to save you a ton of money excuse me when you end up getting these glasses because this is your traditional LED light bulb it looks just like a light bulb and then you see your incandescent light bulb you're replacing of that something looks identical but when you go to the store thinking okay i want to buy LED but then you end up seeing like all these different types that are available this one's got this little bit thing on the side to sure they have these curly q ones that are out there this one looks like a science project you don't want this stuff sticking out of your lamp it is really an eyesore when you end up getting forever lamp it truly looks like a light bulb not just by the bulb but also by the light because not only are we going to end up giving you the exact same soft white light that you want but we're also going to save you a ton of money we have two lamps that are right here you wouldn't realize that one is incandescent and one is your forever forever lamp LED so I take the knobs off the great thing about is you getting still getting both or have that that wide VI white color view you can see everything that wide dispersion of light here is a traditional there is your LED light when you put the lampshade on it they're both delivering that same exact same light now we talk about cost savings for you this kiss a view up to eighty percent on your money eighty percent on your energy bill just say imagine you energy bills five hundred dollars a year if this is same eighty percent that five hundred dollar bill just went down to one hundred dollars and there are so many great things about it because not only saving you eighty percent on your electricity like a dimension this is going to last you 22.

8 years on average should think about if you just bought a mortgage these are going to last almost your entire mortgage lang and this we're talking about light bulbs light bulbs are technology has been around for over a hundred years and no one has come out with anything better they came out those little curlicue ones we've seen these little guys these take up to three minutes just to turn on it's like there's a slow dimmer built on the inside and Adam do you know if you break this this has a mercury on the inside you're supposed to touch them to get like a hazmat get to get all the mercury out of there but now we're just giving you a traditional LED bulbs that is going to replace every single bulb that you have in your house I cannot speak more highly enough about these than I have done I think I've sold them to everybody that works here we got a chance we can't buy these anymore they stopped making them so we got to do something else these are all technology they take a long time to get bright they're a waste of space LEDs are fantastic the problem is you go to the aisle I was like 15 20 different rows with with forever lamp beautiful designs just like a normal look like just a regular light bulb omni directional light soft white light saves you a fortune does not give off the heat like other bulbs do price-wise for four of them thirty-nine dollars which is on the ten dollars a bulb for flex and free shipping it is a bargain buy in less than four minutes they'll all be sold out I don't apologize again the same happened here a lot of folks pre-ordered them we don't have any more of them to go around either not even advanced orders Joe the difference is fantastic not only in the savings but it's just a beautiful warm to these life it is there are so many LED lights that are out there that are is that the bright blue you know when you drive down the road you see that car has a bright white LED you can't even stand it who wants that type of bright light in their house it is blinding this is that soft light that you're going to love it is just like your incandescent so not only is that soft light but it's also cooler I'm going to shoot the I met a little temperature gun here I'm going to shoot the temperature on the inside here and the actual inside gauge says right now I'm about 71 degrees for the light that's on the inside now let me move it over to the next one now this is the incandescent bulb that we have and let me shoot that one if you can see it we are riding around 200 Omega there's the maxilla bond there 208 was the temperature that we shot on the inside so your LED was 75 degrees this was 208 degrees it looks like the exact same light but the thing is Adam most of us have about 40 lights in her house if you turn on your lights and you're getting 200 degrees out of that that is why the kitchen is so hot when you're cooking that is why all this extra heating your house not only are we saving you electricity just from turning the light on but we're also reducing your cooling costs in the summertime you can run that AC all the time it's getting hot out there do you have a light bulb that's kicking out 200 degrees of heat would you rather have something that soft to the touch that gives you the exact same light that soft white light that is going to last you 22 years this is the number one selling light that we have LED light here at HSN it is for a reason because there are a lot of LED light bulbs that are out there that don't like light bulb they don't look like light bulbs they look like science projects you have all these different colors all these different shapes this one's yellow I have no idea what it's yellow but it's been so continuing when you go to the store you have no idea what to buy this looks like a light bulb because that's what forever lamp wanted to be we're replacing your light bulb and even if you're just doing it for the convenience factor a lot of us have lights and places where you learn the ceiling or in ceiling fans and you can't you only get a ladder every six months replace it because your traditional incandescent bulb this is going to last you about a year this will allows you 22 years so just looking at the number of lights that were going to save you if you're just stocking up on these condensed it's going to take you a hundred bulbs to equal a four pack of LED that we're giving you today not only saving just our material costs we're reducing your energy bill as well we're also going to give you a light that is going to last 22.

8 years and it's very durable it's that soft white light don't be confused when you go to the store anymore HSN has the best deal on the special we are showing 550 hard quantity with everyone on the phone line about 190 or 200 left if you have more than four lamps in your home and you want to double up go for it this is the only chance to be able to get them with a 4 flex pay and that free shipping and handling and of course the deal with our 30 day money-back guarantee have I noticed a difference in my electricity bill yes yes yes have I seen a lot of LED light bulbs that are too bright law was like an optic white yes they're not warm and cozy these are warm and cozy they don't give off the heat like others do and Joel I have priced shopped and compared to and that's why I knew this was going to sell out so fast because this is as good a price as you're going to find a Joe I would challenge anybody at home to say which was the regular incandescent bulb on which was the LED you can't tell you can tell I mean I know cuz I'm the gun the product expert but the great thing is it's giving the same line look at my hands underneath it you see everything on the lampshade they're identical to one another because it's that's what forever lamp did we're giving you a ball that's going to replace your existing bulbs do you have right now and provide the same amount amount of light I want to pull this off this is the incandescent that is 200 degrees can barely put my finger on it this is that forever lamp and it gives you that same view when you put the lamp shade over it you now say my light same amount light dispersion and that's the great thing is that this is truly going to be that replacement because when you go to the store you can see LED lights that are fifteen twenty dollars you have no idea what you're buying until you put in that socket then you realize it is that bright white light that you can't even look at this is that soft white light that you're not getting replaced this for 20 years I think about I have kids my kids are eight and well my daughter is eight years old it's not going to be until she is over 30 until I have to replace the light bulb that with forever lamp let me just repeat what Joe said because these LED bulbs last over 22 years they never need to go to make that trip to the home store to buy more bonds or more bulbs because these last I remember when you compare it to this type these take forever to like 2-3 minutes to get the max maximum light they still get hot and Joe god forbid you break one of these words use of those mercurians the mercure you're supposed to get a hazardous kid can't touch it whatsoever it's crazy what's in there and then you have all the different other LEDs that who knows what this thing is we Adam and Adam you they don't even make incandescent anymore there are millions of these that are stockpiled but they're going to end up you're going to run out of these you have to make that educate decision this.

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