God Led Me Upstairs to a Special Room in Heaven

Inside the mansion, notonly is the royal banquet table to the right, but you go upstairs to, like, a royal suite that'sup there, and the royal suite, in and ofitself, is gorgeous.

It's a lot of royalblue, velvet and gold, but beyond that isanother set of stairs that goes up to vats.

[Music] [Applause] SR: My guest, Dr.

Candice Smithyman, made a full commitmentto the Messiah, and you would too if youhad had an encounter like she had.

What was wrongwith you physically? CS: I had Crohn's diseaseand severe anxiety, depression, aspirit of fear.

SR: Is there a curefor Crohn's disease? CS: No, it is anincurable disease.

SR: So, what happened? CS: Well, obviously, thisdisease had consumed me for most of my life, and I was full of fear, anxiety and depression.

I just walked in it, and I was in Hawaii.

My husband was calledto go away on a 6-month deployment, andwhile he was gone, I really started to feeljust intense grief and depression.

The grief came as a result of the factthat when my father died when I was 9years old, I never grieved his death, and sohere when my husband left, I started to beginmanifesting what had packed down formany, many years.

Although I didn'trealize that at the time, but I went to the doctors, and they wanted to put me on anxiety anddepression medication, and I didn't goin that direction.

So, my husband calls meand tells me that I'm going to have to attend afuneral because one of the men in his squadronhad passed away, and I was like, “Ican't go to the funeral.

I haven't been to afuneral since my father died when I was nine.

” And my husbandsaid, “You need to go, and you need tosupport the family.

” So the nightbefore for the funeral, I prayed this ratherlack-of-faith prideful prayer, and I said, “Lord, if you're there and you can hear me, I can't getmyself out of this one, ” and “I can't get myselfout of this one” wasn't just the funeral part.

It was like, “I can'tget me out of this box of anxiety anddepression and sickness.

” I fell asleep.

I woke up thenext morning, and I waslooking for my pain.

You know when you'regrieving or when you're depressed, you'reexpecting it the minute of consciousness thatyou would have it.

I didn't have it.

I was, like, touching myself.

I was like, “Oh, my gosh, I have this joy.

” So, I went to the funeral, and my friend said, “Oh, my gosh, you know, what happened to you?” And I said, “I don't know.

This is the last prayerthat I prayed, ” and immediately a touch fromGod all of that and also understanding the word.

SR: Tell me about theportal, the gateways.

In fact, I have aquote from your book.

“You, ” speaking of us, “Are now a heavenly being in an Earth suit.

” CS: Yeah.

SR: Explain.

CS: Yes, yes, I thinkit's really important for people to understandthis, Sid, that when we becomeborn again, we immediatelyenter into eternity.

You don't have to waituntil you die to be in eternity.

We are in eternity rightnow every moment of time, and so we need to learn tooperate as eternal beings in the here and now.

When we begin to dothat and activate that understanding, that knowledge and understanding andactivate this spiritual faith, knowing that weare eternal beings, we'll begin to start tosee the miracles of Heaven manifest in the Earth.

Everything that is foundedon healing and miracles is all about faith, and soGod will meet us where we're at.

If we believewe're eternal beings, He will treat us as such, and then we'll begin to see the responsesof being eternal.

SR: Now God hasreally gifted you.

You're a seer.

CS: Mm-hmm.

SR: That means she can seein the invisible world.

You explained, and I'mbeginning to see — I like the word youused for angels, “waiters, ” but there's alot of unemployed waiters.

What are they waiting for? CS: These waiters that wehave are not unemployed.

They are on theheavenly payroll, and they are consistentlywaiting for the command of the word of God, and justas waiters do when we sit at a table with our familyand go out to dinner and when you finish with yourmeal or you need more of a drink, they usher over.

Well, these angels that God has assignedto us for the purposes of the kingdom will dothe same thing.

They respond to His word, and so it's not so much — This is not some kindof strange and arbitrary thing.

We all have the wordon the inside of us, or you can read the word.

It's right in front of you, and so all you mustdo is speak that word, and they begin to comeforward and start to operate with you in thespeaking of the word.

[Applause] SR: Is that whyso many are grabbing hold of the revelation now ofproclaiming and declaring God's promises andconfessing them out loud? Is that what goes on? Your waiter nolonger is unemployed? CS: I would say yes, but you know what? I think we'vebeen taught for, you know, years byjust amazing pastors and leaders, you know, “Speak the word of God.

Change will happen, ” andthat is 100 percent truth, but we don't have a lot ofteaching on the fact that angels hearken to the voice ofthe Lord, and the voice of the Lord isHis Word.

[Applause] And so, it's twofold.

We're called to speakthe word to transform our souls and transformour environments, but also the angels arewaiting to join us in the word, so it'sanother understanding.

Right there, it's beenin there from day 1 that, you know, God hassent us the angels, and they hearken tothe voice of Jesus.

They responded to him.

We're eternaljust like He is.

Plus He bought forus our salvation, so, so much more shall wehave than come alongside us because He'sseated with the Father, and the Lord wants usto have that kind of protection, encouragementand love from Heaven.

SR: Now, Candicevisited Heaven, and it so radicallychanged her life.

When she tells thisexperience and prays for you, I tell you, it'sgoing to radically change your life too.

Want to hear? [Applause] SR: When I heard thisstory, I said to Dr.

Candice, “I wantyou to explain it, what going toHeaven was like, what it did for you.

” Would you do that now? CS: Yes, you know, it wasa radical visual that God gave me of the royaltable, and when He took me into the place, andI was literally — SR: What is the royal table? CS: Yes, the royal table.

Isaiah chapter 25 versesix says that we will be seated at a banquettable full of wines, and it will be a greatfeast that we will have in the end times, but that table, okay, is in existence today.

He sits at that table, and yes, there'sthe great cloud of witnesses there, and there's angels at this great banquettable, so the feast is going on.

Therewill be another great one when weare all with Him together, butnonetheless there is a seat in the here and nowthat you have that has your name on it, a goldplate with your name on it, gold silverwareright before you, golden chalices, fruit.

There's bread in front of you that isthe revelation bread, the bread of life, thebread of Heaven right in front of you.

There is just oil.

There's oil inthe lampstands, all of these lampstands, but there's oil on the table that youcan actually, you know, dip the bread in or dipyour fingers in.

The angels come, andthey bring what we need, but the most beautifulpart is not the food and not the gold.

It's thatHe sits there with us, and He communes withus, and when He laughs, the glory just comesforth, and you're just overwhelmed, andwe have no consciousness of our self.

We onlyhave consciousness of Him, so as humans, we have so muchconsciousness of our humanity andsin in humanity, you know, alwaysconcerned about our weaknesses, or, you know, what do we look like, you know, allof these things.

None of that.

It is all Him, and He comes, and He sits down, and Hepulls up chairs and sits down next to peopleand just begins to talk with them.

It's so much loveand total peace.

It's truly amazing, and Ihave that image burned in my mind, so I can gothere whenever I want to in any moment.

SR: And whatabout the vats? CS: Oh, thevats are amazing.

CS: Oh, thevats are amazing.

Inside the mansion, notonly is the royal banquet table to the right, but you go upstairs to, like, a royal suite that'sup there, and the royal suite, in and ofitself, is gorgeous.

It's a lot of royalblue, velvet and gold, but beyond that isanother set of stairs that goes up to vats.

[Music] that goes up to vats.

[Music] They're heavenlyvats from Hosea chapter two, and inthose vats is wine, oil, grain, gold, silver, water, wool, flax, the commodities thatwe need to operate on the Earth.

Everything thatwe touch, Sid, this table, chairs, everything, it was firstmade in Heaven, and then it was given tous as thoughts and ideas that webrought forth into the Earth realm, soeverything in these vats is available to us todayin accordance with the word, Hosea chapter two.

When the nation ofIsrael repented, well, those things weretaken away from them, but when the nationof Israel repented, God gave back allof those things, and the wordsays that Jezreel, who is Him, God sows, issowing those things back into the Earth, and soit is available to us.

We climb up thestairs in the spirit, grab the gold you need, grab the bread you need, the revelation, grabthe wine you need, which is newopportunities, and grab that anointingoil and anything else you need, and you can go infor your friends and family too.

[Applause] SR: Help me out.

I'm more of a feelingperson than a seer, and I feel the presenceof God on most guests, but I'm feeling somethingbeyond the normal anointing.

Do you knowwhat I'm feeling? CS: You know, Sid, Ibelieve it's the glory of God.

It's the Kabod.

It's the heaviness ofthe Lord, and when I speak on thesescriptures, God makes this very tangiblefor people.

It truly is something he wantspeople to grab ahold of.

You know, faith is thesubstance of things hoped for, the evidenceof things not seen.

Hebrews 11 verseone says that, but when someone hasbeen to these places, it becomes a partof their being, so it's a part of my DNA, andit's a part of who I am now.

I can never be who I wasbefore because I've been there with Him, and Ididn't want to come back.

SR: What is going to do? Well, first, number one, that's wonderful that you had that encounter.

CS: Yes.

SR: That'swonderful for her.

CS: Yes.

SR: But what about me?What about you? CS: Yes, yes, well, see, when God told me to come back — Okay, this tripto the royal banquet table was latertrips that I took.

You'll read in the bookabout how I was called up to heaven, and theLord said to me, He said, “You can'tstay here with me.

You have to go back.

” I told Him, I said, “Ilove my husband and my children, but I don't wantto go back, ” and He said, “You have to go backbecause I need you to tell people what you'veexperienced, ” but at that time I hadn't even yetexperienced the royal banquet table or the fireangels or even begin to see angels.

All of that camelater in my walk.

For everyone, it'spurity of heart.

You just have to have anauthentic heart before God and say, “Lord, I love You, and I want tobe with You now.

I don't want to wait untilmy body is in the ground and my spirit andsoul go to Heaven.

I want You now.

“[Applause] And He will answerthat, and I believe, Sid, he's answeringthat more and more now all over the world inso many different ways, but He wants His peopleto be set up for His return.

Now if you were Jesusand you were coming back, wouldn't you want yourpeople to have a taste of where they were goingso that they could prepare themselves? SR: Of course.

CS: So that theycould be ready, so that theycould be hungry, so that they could gettheir lives in order, so that they could beginto have a pure heart before you and learn tospeak to you right and learn to be a royal citizen.

Because I'm coming back, and I'mroyalty, He says, and I want to sit at thetable with royal citizens.

I don't want to sit witha group of people that I saved, redeemed, healed and resurrected, and they still act likenothing was ever done for them.

He'slike, “I want them to come back and bewith him at the level that you and I are, how we're talking here.

” He's right here, really with us right now, and in theheavenly realms, I see us talkingright across the table, and He's right here.

He's so real, and sowith this real dialog, He just wants us to telleverybody it's for them too.

SR: You heard that.

It's for you too.

When we return, Candice isgoing to pray for you to experience Heaven onEarth all the time.

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[Music] >>: We now return to “It's Supernatural!”[Applause] SR: Candice, what areblessing blockers? CS: Blessing blockers arethings that come to steal our joy or ourheavenly experience.

Heaven is supposed to beavailable to you every day.

It is in your faith and inthe word that you carry in your heart, so whateveris coming to distract, distort, discourage, bring fear, anxiety, depression, it's all cometo deter you from the seat that the Lordhas already given you.

He wants us to be walkingin this fullness and abundance and theconfidence of knowing that we're seated withhim all the time, so blessing blockers wouldbe those things that we might think about thatwould distract us from the moment with Him or thatthe enemy would deposit a seed into us from pastthings that happened that would cause us to look atthing and massage it or talk to it justa little bit.

No, at the royal table, there isno distraction, okay? Now imagine if you'reseated at the royal table, but you've gotyour cell phone, and your cellphone is ringing.

You're at the royal table.

You're not going toanswer your cell phone.

SR: No.

CS: No.

You are going to be veryfocused on where you're at and who you were with.

You would notanswer that thing.

You would not even wantto be excused to go to the restroom because themoment is so intense.

That's how we should beliving our lives every day, and anythingthat interrupts that, we need to takeauthority over it and say, “No, you do notdeserve to be here.

I will not look at you.

Iwill not talk to you.

I will not think aboutyou, ” and then begin to speak the word again, begin to praise the Lord, praising Him in allsituations in every moment.

Why? Why can we? Because he's so goodthat he's fixing it.

He's already fixing it.

When we — because ofhumanity and the fall of man and beingseparated from God, we developed habits andpatterns of those people that were castaway, but the fact is, we are no longercast away.

We are united with Him, and ournew seat means we have to reframeour thinking.

SR: Candice, lookinto the camera, and you pray for Heavenon Earth for those that are hungry and thirsty formore like me and like you.

CS: Amen.

I'm goingto pray for you.

I just believe right nowthat angels are visiting you in your room.

They're meeting youright where you're at, no matter fear or anxietyor depression or sickness that has consumedyour life in any way, any distracters oranything that has come in to pull youaway from where you are seated with Christ.

We are going to bindthose forces right now in the Name of Jesus, youhave no authority, Because you are seated withHim in heavenly places.

Father, I thank Youright now, Lord.

I thank You that as weclose our eyes in this moment — Everyone, closeyour eyes — I thank You, Father, that we arewalking into the royal palace.

It is full of gold, and as we come in, we are escortedto the right, and we are given a seat.

An angel escorts us to a seat.

The seathas our name on it.

As we go to sit down, we look at the plate.

The plate, turn it over.

It has your name on it.

Touch the gold utensils.

Look at thebread before you.

See all of thebounty that God has.

Now look to yourleft or to your right.

It depends onwhere you're seated.

If you're seated on theleft side of the banquet table, He is to your left.

If you're on the rightside of the banquet table, He's to your right.

He's seated there.

He's in a white robe.

He has a goldcrown with jewels.

He's got a goldchalice in his hand.

He has gold rings.

He's full of glory.

He's laughingand full of joy.

Your seat is there, notbecause you earned it but because He invitedyou to be there.

Because He paid the price, you've been seated in this place with Him.

Do not get up.

Just receive.

Stay in thatplace right now.

Let Him minister to you.

Lord, we thank You.

Thank You, Jesus.

He's healingpeople right now.

There's people withdigestive problems that He's healing right now.

Thank You, Jesus.

Thank You, Lord.

Thank You, Lord.

Knees, I see people.

Their knees arebeing healed.

I don't know if you've had a priorsurgery on your knees.

Lord, I thank You, Jesus.

Thank you, Jesus.

Feet, feet that arecrippled up are beginning to open in theName of Jesus.

SR: And for those ofyou that want your experientialknowledge of God, and that's thegame changer, say this prayerout loud with me, and believe it to thebest of your ability.

Dear God, >> Dear God, SR: I'm a sinner, >> I'm a sinner, SR: For which I'm so sorry.

>> For which I'm so sorry.

SR: I believe, >> I believe, SR: the blood of Jesus, >> the blood of Jesus, SR: Has washedaway my sins, >> Has washedaway my sins, SR: And I am clean, >> And I am clean, SR: And now that I am clean, >> And now that I am clean, SR: I boldly proclaim >> I boldly proclaim SR: You are my Lord, >> You are my Lord, SR: And You are my Savior.

>> And you are my Savior.

Before you say “Amen, ” ifyou have a pain in your neck or your back or inyour head you are healed in Jesus Name.


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