HIGROW 50W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light unboxing, setup and review

Hi this is Peter Stanley, welcome to my channel Today I'm going to do an unboxing of a It's a HIGROW brand LED grow light It's the 50W It's a GLF50 like a flood light style grow light and it's got 45 one watt bridgelux leds and it draws about 35 watts the led reflector is 90 degrees it's 9.

1 x .

5 inches it's fairly small max coverage at 18 inches is 2 feet by 2 feet and core coverage at 18 inches is 1.

5 by 1.

5 let's go ahead and cut this open and we'll take a look at it box there so I got this off of Amazon it was like on sale at the time I got it it was about 33 dollars so here's a using effect presentation card chilli peppers tomatoes this is the user manual, it's really tiny it folds out that's what's on there these are the spectrums red 630 to 660 nanometer 32 of those and blue 430 to 460 nanometer and there's nine and there's four of the white which is 3000 to 6500 K kelvin it's rated as a 50 watt but there's 45 1 watt leds and I read on product page on the amazon site it uses about 35 watts so it's made to be able to screw in to something like a wall or a shelf but I'm probably just going to suspend mine and there is a it's rated IP65 waterproof rating but they caution not to use it outside, it's for indoor use only.

I think probably help in like a really humid condition or if you're like spraying your plants little droplets, it's going to protect from more like that you wouldn't want to put it outside in the rain or anything let's go ahead and take a look at this it's pretty heavy, it's a little over three pounds here's the hanging mounting hardware ok so it's got a little glass piece covering the front see that, and these are all the leds behind there and these are 90 degree reflectors I think if I understand that correctly it should focus the light better coming out see the back side it's made of aluminum and this rotates so you can hang it like that which is what I'm going to do with mine or you could mount it side ways like that and you could tilt this as well so if you were if you want to just prop it up correctly ok yeah so that's a little better angle you see how you prop up like that get it a little straighter if you wanted so that's pretty cool you could you know shine it that way or you could mount it to a wall and adjust it up or down as needed yeah it looks like this little allen wrench fits that so you could tighten it up if you needed to yeah so it looks pretty cool, let's go ahead and plug it in real quick show you how that looks what I'm going to use mine for initially is to rehabilitate a sick pepper plant at work I gave it to a buddy of mine spring before last and he never fed it or took care of it so it looks really pitiful it's barely alive so I'm going to repot it put it under this light, see if I can rehabilitate it, see if I can get some new growth bring it back up to a healthy level this little toggle switch there I didn't show that okay so I've got it plugged up switch this on it's pretty nice bright light okay I'll go ahead and show you, I'm going to set this up and show you and they we'll see how it does with the plant this is the sickly scotch bonnet that has been getting very little light and food for almost a year and a half I decided to rescue it and attempt a rehab with the new grow light so I potted it up with fresh nutrifield coco coir and made a small wicking system with a water bottle I suspended the light from the ceiling Initially raised it to 18 inches but later lowered it down to 12 I'm feeding the plant nutrifield coco nutrients a and b so in addition to testing the light i'm also testing the nutrifield products, the nutrifield coco mix and their coco a and b nutrient product after I set this up I bought a kill a watt tester to see how much this is actually using the product specs say it averages 35 watts when I tested it this one is using around 40 watts still not bad I also checked the amp usage and it's pulling about .

35 amps so it's been 12 days exactly, I didn't see a lot happen over the first week because of transplant shock and adjusting to the new setup the plant is responding very well and most of the new growth had appeared over the last few days the leaves in the center are new and there's also a lot of growth occuring at the node points along the trunk as you can see here and while I have this going I also testing something else a makeshift or a set of make shift germinating sprouting wick chambers that I made and I've got seeds all planted in there and I just started them less than a week ago so they should start coming up soon I'm very happy with the light so far, I'll post a another update in a few weeks to show how the plants are doing thank you very much for watching, hope you enjoyed that and please like, comment and subscribe.

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