Home Automation: How to use 12V Relay with LED Display Delay Timer module P1 to P4

Hi, My name is Ahmad Shamshiri.

I am presenting this tutorial from Canada.

Welcome to a video tutorial for Robojax.

In this video we are going to review and see this delay timer with display for home automation.

As you can time on display, you cancontrol an AC or DC load to be turned off a certain time and also it hasmultiple programming like four different programs.

let's get started with this.

Hardware Explained so this is the module.

Here and has a 12volts relay here and the amount of current is 10 ampere rated either at 30volts at 10 ampere or 250 volts 10 ampere or 120 volts.

10 ampere multipliedby the voltage will give you the power that it can control so in thesecountries with 250V x 10 = 2500W if you are in North Americaat 120V , then 120V x 10 = 1205W and so forth.

Here we have threeterminals here and three terminal here.

There is the positive pin, it will be connected to 12 volts this is the GND and the middle one isthe input or the signal that you can bring it from Arduino or from anotherdevice.

There is an opto coupler that isolates this.

And also we have a voltageregulator here of 5 volts.

so if you connect here 12 volts all the circuitsinside will work with five volts and that trigger also work works with fivevolts.

so even if I connect it to 12 that'salso fine and input will be triggered.

We have here three switch with this one youselect which digit you want to change so this one the blank moves from one to theother one which I'm going to show you next and with this one you can changethe value.

Pressing this for long time will change the program mode fromprogram one program to three and so forth and here we have three pin for therelay the middle one is a common and this is the normally closed (NC )if youconnect your two wires of the AC load here it will always be connected whichwe are not going to use that we are going to use it this way.

The middle oneand here and the light is ON the relay will be ON and these two terminal thetwo well that you are connected will be connected.

The width of this one is 35 mmthirty five-millimeter the length is 64 millimeters and the depth of the deviceis determined by this relay and pin that are sticking out which is 19millimeter.

This module weighs 25.

6 grams.

Wiring Explained let me explain the AC bulb here.

so thisis a table light, this plug is connected to the wall outlet and the wire goes and will beturned ON, but I have disconnected one of these two wires here I've just cut thiswire from here now this can be connected to the relay.

Job of the relay is to justconnect it so it will be ON and disconnected it will be OFF.

I've justtwisted them and then put some solder so this can be inserted into connectorswith a screw.

There's a wiring now.

the two wires that I showed you for the ACball who will be connected on these two side now it's disconnected the one thatsays what CK and common the matter will not change CK and common so these arenormally open when the relay goes on the light turns ON.

these two wires willbe connected.

And then on this side there three pins.

This connected to 12 volts, this is connected to the GND of 12 volts this is the trigger which can gowith the 12 volts here.

So you can connect and it will work or may be connectedfrom Arduino or from other source doesn't matter so the middle one is forthe trigger which receives the signal from any other device that you want tocontrol this P-1 (Programm 1) this is the zero time as soon as youtrigger or the input gets high voltage and then shuts off then the device staysON until the time that you're set and then it goes OFF.

So the trigger time isvery short here I've just put it long so you can see it.

So it goes ON and itstays ON for very mom sort moment and then goes OFF.

In the graph it was veryshort I just showed you so you are not confuse this with something elseelse.

It goes ON and OFF and then the time stays.

here let's go and set this.

This isthe time that I've shown there that's a seven-second was 12 seconds that Ishowed in diagram but here I've set this because 12 is very long wepress this button and then hold it so it goes to P-1, press it again it goes toP-2 or 3 and 4 and then it comes back.

Once this is in P-1, thisbutton will not do anything the middle button will make that disappear and thenhere we can change the seconds with this button it changed the time so if thedecimal point is here then anything on the left side of decimal point is asecond and on the right side is the decimal point like seven points on onetenth of a second if the decimal point is here we can move the decimal point orchange the value with these two switches, so if I press this the decimal point disappeared.

Now we have 70 seconds it's very long let me just show you here so it's on nowit goes one by one from 70 countdown to zero now when I press this it just stayson and it blanks now next it goes here and become millisecond so second andthen that would be or one tenth of a second.

Now you can set it for verylong period so just push this and that disappeared now withthis one you can select any digit and change it so when I press it this is nowblinking that's a hundred second it can be changed with this switch I was 370second so it can go to 999 seconds.

If you want to make thiszero just press this update it until it becomes zero and then use this to moveto the next one now this is 70 second.

If you want to make it like five second andat this point make this zero and then go here and then update it five second andpress this and it will disappear so now it's five seconds.

You see that this wirewas removed even if you hold it it will not have any effect.

We just need a trigger (a quick contact) after that it stays there doesn't do anything because the initialtrigger was important.

So my hand just touched it so that was P-1 P-1 (Program 2) when you go to program – it just needs atrigger.

It just triggers and a trigger goes down that then you can seta time after this time the really will turn ON.

from the trigger you can set atime that relay will turn ON.

So let's say you set for three seconds the triggercomes, it is OFF for three second and then goes ON for the time that you set.

So in this mode you are setting two times the delay time before it goes ON and thetime that it is ON now let's set this for press and hold this until you see P2 and then press this button so the first value is the delay time before therelay turns ON.

To change it we press this button here that dot appears which meansthis is a full second if you want to change it to smaller than second withmillisecond just press this again it will come here.

So if I press this again itdisappears.

Three thing happens either it's here here or disappears so herehere and disappear.

After this if I press this it will go to the next mode.

Let's changes to just five so it's here now and with this one you make the blinkcome to four and then change it to five after this I'm pressing this and itmoves to the ON mode and the blank is here so you can move the blank to any ofthose so let's just set this to 10 to 10 second, now we have to exit.

wehave to press it until the dot disappears.

now with this button, so dot disappears now it's ready.

The five seconds delayand 10 seconds ON.

so when I trigger it and leave so 5 4 3 2 1 and then 10seconds ON.

and then it turns OFF.

P-3 (Program 3) there's no program tree or P-3has OFF time and ON time.

It doesn't need any trigger as soon as the device is ON it goes OFF and ON and stays ON and then goes OFF stays OFF and soforth it just continuously going.

So you will set two times so the OFF time andthe ON time.

when you set the OFF time that light on the device will be off andwhen you set that ON time the light will be on OFF.

Press this button and thenhold it so it goes to P-1.

Press it again it goes to program 2 or P-2.

Just press this metal button now this is the ON time automatically it startsbecause it doesn't need any trigger to change it, press this and now we are in ON and it stays it allows you to change the value.

but with this one you can select the blinking bring the blinking so the blinkcomes here and now this is the OFF time because this is off this is the off timeso 21 second if you if I change it to be hundred and something so move this.

so I'm gonna set it at eight secondsmake this zero.

Now that it's the kind of fact I will press this until thelight is on when the light is on that is the on type so this is on time now movethe blinking with this let's say make it five seconds five point eight seconds let's go five point eight and then yousee the off time one point two five point eight on/off on/off continuouslike that P-4 (Program 4) P-4 or program 4 is such that thetrigger happens and stays ON, and from the time that trigger stops thecountdown starts.

So if you set it let's say for 6 seconds when the triggerstops that time can count down until it's zero and then the relay will godisengage or disconnect.

So have a look here so now I'm going to P-4so now I'm in P-4.

Plus this so this is 14.

7 it with each.

So letme make it smaller to change, now it's 147 second so let me just changethis to 5 seconds or 6 seconds now disappear.

Now look at this, no dot.


Now when I connect this, it's on as long as the trigger is ON (or connected)the relay is ON but when I remove my hand from 6the countdown starts toward zero.

Off now have a look here again this time I'mgonna disturb (disconnect) it again at the middle of countdown I will connect it and you willsee.

so this is ON when I remove it the countdown starts but if I connect thisagain the counter resets and it starts from the beginning so , 4, 3, 2I connect it again it goes back to the set time of 6 seconds and start and thenwe'll countdown until zero.

And the relay will turns OFF.

this device doesn't have anymanual they've used some kind of translation from Chinese to English andand after the description this is what they have for this every website everyChinese website is using this and it seems this has been translated withGoogle or some other software from Chinese many of the words that they areusing they don't make sense if you follow it.

So I'm going to publish amanual for this one so people can download and use.

This is avery useful module for many application with four different programs and timesettings.

Definitely it can replace a lot of other devicesI recommend this if you're using it for time control devices.

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