Homemade LED Shoes

– (laughing) I'm ready.

– Yeah.

– Let's do this.

– This is gonna be awesome.

– [Shaun] Give us a count down, Lincoln.

– [Lincoln] Three, two, one.

(all cheering and laughing)- Look at that! – Dude, it worked!- Look at this! – [Shaun] Look at Lincoln's! – [Shaun and Dan] Oh my gosh! (dramatic music) – [Dan] Three layers is the way to go.

– That is awesome! The blink.

– Oh! – Mm hmm, those aregold shoes with lights.

We just cut 'em open.

We're with What's Inside? again.

– We cut open gold shoes! – [Shaun] Look what was inside.

– [Dan] Check it out, it was interesting.

– Check it out.

He cut it straight downthe middle with that.

And wait, hold on, hold on.

Wait right there.

– Wait, don't look.

– Don't look.

– No more, no more.

– No more.

– That is their video.

Top secret.

We just filmed their video.

We kind of made a mess butit was actually really cool what was inside.

– It was a blast.

– I was not expecting it.

One thing we did find though, I'll give you one secret, we found this and that's howthe electric shoes kind of work and we think we can find theseat just an electronic stores so now we're going to try and make our own homemade LED shoes.

I think it's gonna work.

– I think it's gonna be pretty good.

– [Shaun] Oh, and what didyou want to do, Lincoln? – Put lights on this thing! – (laughing) So we're goingto put lights on this thing, right here.

We've got everything we need.

We found these guys.

They're LED strips with battery packs so you don't have to charge 'em.

We've got shoes.

– We've got shoes because the only way to make shoes, USB shoes, is you have to have shoesat the beginning, so.

– (laughing) Shoes.

– White Vans.

Is that gonna work? (Shaun laughing) – How about my blue Vans, blue Vans? – Dan at it again with the white Vans.

– That joke.

I like Vans but then thatjoke just kind of went crazy.

Now whenever I wear 'em I hear that.

So we're gonna take this white box and put it underneath the shoelace and then you'll barely evensee it when it's under there, obviously.

– Ah, see that? – And then we don't— Under the laces.

– Yeah, so it'll be a simple fix and then we can make the cordrun through there somehow.

– These are the puffy shoes right here.

I'm going to cut open that right there and I'm actually goingto put the battery pack inside the tongue of the shoe and then just have thecord pop out a little bit.

So, – That's gonna be good.

– That's gonna be my strat with this.

I dunno.

Let's just get started, see if it works.

I can't really cut stuff open, so we've got the king of What'sInside? cutting stuff open.

He's gonna open up the tongue for us.

(upbeat music) That is just asking tohave a battery pack inside.

(laughing) Look at that! It fits perfect.

– [Dan] Oh, it even goes down there far.

– Yeah, and then you get done.

You're not even gonna know whenwe finish getting this thing put back together.

This end? – All right, I'm starting it.

I'm just sticking it on there.

Very sticky.

It might work without superglue.

– How are you guys doing your LED lights? Hold, Dan's already done? – I'm almost done.

– [Shaun] Back at it again.

(laughing) – How far around do I want to go? I mean I've got it all the way there.

What do you do, just cut it? 'Cause I mean it's six feet long.

I don't need all that.

– I don't know.

You need to start puttingyours on, Lincoln.

Lincoln just pulled allthe tape off of his shoe.

– Oh man.

– How far are we down? Well, I guess we're gonna wrap Lincoln's all the way around your shoe now.

You get multiple layers.

– Yes! That's what I was hoping for.

– All right.

– Look here.

What?! (Lincoln screams) – I feel like we're doing shoe surgery on Lincoln here.

(Lincoln groans) You gotta make sure not toput too much pressure on it until we get it all the way around.


Another layer.

(laughing) Look at these LED shoes! – [Dan] Is that the full six feet? – [Shaun] Yeah, that's the full six feet.

– [Dan] So six feetwrapped around three times.

There you go, buddy.

– Dan is now involved.

Dan was not impressedby our electric skills with our shoes.

– I thought I was doing pretty good, but Dan just kind of came over.

He is not even talking much.

He's just working.

He brought in this piece ofwood with two nails in it.

– [Shaun] So check this out, he's uh, what are you doing? I don't even know what you're doing.

– [Smart Dan] Feeding the wiresinto the side of the shoe.

– [Shaun] Yours is lookingpretty good, too though.

Look at that.

– [Dan] Yeah, so that whole time that Dan soldered four wires, and put them in the shoes- He soldered four wires with a solder, put himinside a shoe and Dan has made a hole.

– I made a hole.

The hole, it took so long! But now it works.

I can put it on.

– We're done.

We've got LED shoes and it, well, we think it worked.

We haven't actually turned 'em on yet.

– Yeah, we think.

– But we made 'em.

– These are my white Vans.

We did 'em a couple different ways.

I just cut a hole right here in the shoe, ran the cord through it.

It kinda sticks out.

I should have gone alittle bit over there, so we've learned quitea few things from it.

Then I put a littlebit of superglue on it, so it should work great.

Then the box will be inside, underneath the tongue.

The smart Dan (Shaun laughs) got this one.

He put it on a pedestal here.

Check this out.

He added four additional wires, soldered them on, and then look inside, you can see it.

That way it runs intothe box inside of here and you can turn it on andchange the mode and everything from inside of there.

– Mine has a bunch of these things on it.

– Six feet worth.

– Six feet.

You wanted all six feetwrapped around your shoe.

It went around like four times.

– Ah, three.

– So three, four in some areas.

Mine, I did the same thing as these guys, except for I did the battery box inside the tongue of the shoe.

Boom, can't even see it.

You put your shoes on.

My soles have all these crazy bumps so I had to put mine above, but it'll still look cool in the dark.

– In the dark you won't know.

– And we need to throw LEDlights on this guy, remember? With the shoes, the surfacedidn't stick very good so we used superglue, but since this is metalit seems to be sticking pretty good.

– Oh, yeah.

– Yeah.

– [Dan] Oh wow.

– We can just tape it over the top.

– [Dan] Look at that! – That is perfect.

– Oh my gosh.

– That was built for this.

(Dan laughing) Okay, we'll get some ducttape and then throw this on.

– What? – We'll go shred with our new LED shoes.

Let's go try it out.

– Okay.

– Okay.

– Shoes.

– Shoes.

– They're so heavy! – I can't believe it worked.

– This is sick! – This is sweet.

Good job guys.

– I can't believe that this thing works! Let's go get on the boards! – Oh yeah, the skateboards.

– Let's do it! – Let's go! – Dude, best 10 dollars I've ever spent.

(Lincoln laughing) (upbeat music) – Homemade, LED shoes.

– That was awesome! – There it is.

That was awesome.

We had a blast.

They worked, they were cool.

The flashing.

He had like 10 layers on his shoes.

Oh and, the cool boards we were riding.

This is actually a cool part as well.

I think I'm gonna keepthese on here, for sure.

– Yeah, don't take those off.

This has been a cool project.

A lot of the ones, likethe homemade lava lamp, the were neat, they were fun, (Shaun groans) but maybe it didn't turn out as sciency as we wanted.

– Sensitive subject, Dan.

(everyone laughing) – This one worked out really well.

We had a lot of fun.

– The whole thing started 'cause I do a lot of videos with What's Inside?, and this time we cut open an LED shoe that he got off theinternet from overseas.

China, something like that.

– Yeah, check 'em out.

They're sweet shoes and it's interesting to see how they work.

So if you want to check out how they work.

– Or if you just wantto see Dan take a saw and cut a shoe completely in half.

– A gold shoe.

– A gold shoe! He cut a gold shoe in half.


So that video will be here.

You gotta see the full thing.

Check out their video.

And then, the do-it-yourselfshoes will be awesome.

In the description I'llput a link to that video, some of the supplies we used and let us know in thecomments what you thought.

(upbeat music) – [Dan] This.

– [Shaun] Yeah, eww, gross! (laughing).

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