How Germans Distorted Hindu Ideas Which Led to Nazism: Rajiv Malhotra #12

Hitler the Nazis of did not take ideas from Sanskrit they took a distorted idea that they distorted so there's a big difference between you know saying I'll take your idea and do something bad and accuse you then you get accused that you sourced it versus that I actually

distorted I actually twisted and shifted your idea and then I did something bad so the real reason is nothing to do it starts 100 years before Hitler you should start a story in the beginning the discovery that Sanskrit was very close to European languages was very well received

by Germans in particular because they were looking for a prehistory for themselves the brick every major country in Europe had old narrative about his glory which they taught to their children to be proud so the French were these successes of the Renaissance the great Renaissance the other current

successes so that's what they taught that at least whole history of the ancient stuff and all that you know Latin and all that stuff and then it comes to Renaissance and me the French people are the successes of that that was a grand narrative the English start we

are the Empire that's who we are the sense of self is we are the Empire so like that Spain had you know great history of the sailing and discovery America all that kind of stuff they could talk about so Germany had nothing germans were known in european textbooks

as barbarians you know that germans were known in the until around 1800 they were taught in german textbooks their history is history of barbarian the people had been destructive they really had no past of glory to create a unified germany out of many small nations out of many

small kingdoms required a narrative exactly like india needs and grand narrative to be together we have be better have one so to create that grand narrative there was a lot of struggle going on are we are we christian are we who are we is it racial is it

religious narrative but we need a unifying narrative for germany and that is when this whole thing was introduced that you know what we are the society because it's very close to our language so we must have been those people it couldn't have been those Indians you know how

the heck could they have done all this all those texts and all the great things came out of our ancestors and now we know our prehistory we have a grand narrative so to give the German people an ancient grand narrative the appropriation of Sanskrit was a very important

device so this you have to understand I have explained this in breaking India and there's other places so the creation of Germans patriotism chauvinism past in 1800 this is a century before Hitler starts with this appropriation misappropriation of Sanskrit and Sanskrit text and we glorify them because they

also praised it but they praised it as their past the praise is like I steal your stuff and I keep praising it as something my grandfather did you know that painting I actually took from your house but I have called it my grandfather's same thing you did it

so obviously I'll praise it right so the praise is you have to understand the prayers come from where okay so this whole German ended ology is based on that so having and then certain things would not fit how to how to fit the religious ideas with Christianity could

not be done so this is 60 70 80 years of debate among German indologists on what do we do about the religious ideas we love the poetry we love the science we love the mathematic there is astronomy you know there's so many great things there must be our

ancestors have done all that okay so we should figure out that this I read homeland was somewhere you know Europe or wherever it was okay that's where our ancestors came from so we want to co-opt and appropriate and claim this as our heritage but what to do with

this religious conflict with Christianity because there is no mention of this Bible stuff so then one of the guys comes up with this idea that we take the tribes of that the sons of you know this guy the ha Noah and the sons of Noah this is also

in breaking India the sons of Noah you know so they went in this direction that direction so one of those and became the Indians and so we try to bring them as part of the biblical we will make them part of the biblical stuff now that didn't fit

because the date wouldn't fit so then they started fabricating these dates that this had to have happened later weathers had to have happen after Noah's Flood all that stuff you know so it has to everything has to fit so that in their religion and philosophy kind of the

global thing and under that various branches and Vedas can be one of those that to the idea so that way we could have you can say that that's a distorted version then there's another debate okay if this the religious part of the Vedas is sort of to be

explained in that way then do me do we accept it as our cousins that they are our cousins do we do we accept it that they're not our cousins were they superior to us were the interior again many demons taking different sides many Germans taking different sides on

the relationship of the spiritual side of the Vedas and Christianity many of them and one of them was that basically when our ancestors took the Vedas to India from Germany along the way it got corrupted and distorted and so now what those guys got is that religion is

not a valid one but originally it was Christianity but then that wouldn't fit because Jesus these dates are not older than made us how can you make that happen so this gymnastics was going on this gymnastics was going on and then so what because what the Germans wanted

and what they wanted to reject was two different things what they wanted to accept was languages ours and the beauty and the poetry and the science and the mathematics everything that is useful is ours but the really anything religious why is that contradicts Christianity is somebody else contaminated

so now with these these parameters for research whoever is funding that research with these parameters you've got to come up with a solution so every German coming up with Theory after Theory and in breaking India I've given you a list of several of these as there was this

Frederic Schlegel Augustus Schlegel many of these people were the Hegel was there involved in this game of interpreting India visa vie Germany so this is a hundred-year story that goes on and it's got distortion of the distortion built-in so this habit of taking what works symbols language you

know words here and there to create a kind of a portfolio of your own greatness and your own great narrative is the project to build Germany from the early 1800s to the early 1900s early mid 1900s that has been Germany's nation-building project you have to understand that

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