How Red LED Light Therapy changed my skin!!! LED facial review.

hi guys welcome to my channel ten yearsyounger today we're going to be looking at LED light therapy and by the end ofthis video you will understand what it is and what it can do for you so LEDlight therapy isn't new and it has been known by several different names whichare posted on the screen now over the years so in the late 1990s NASA foundthat LED light enables plants to grow in space with atotal lack of sunlight and it does that by increasing the energy carryingmolecules found in the cells which is called ATP so when you enable a cell tohave more energy they function more efficiently they rejuvenate themselvesand they repair damage.

So athletes and people with injuries started using thisto heal faster but they also realized there were cosmetic improvements to theskin.

there've be many unfounded claims such as it cures acne and depressionover the years and that has led to some controversy but there have also beenover a thousand studies over the last twenty years which have confirmed thatLED light therapy helps rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, cold sores, alopeciaand it promotes wound healing and tissue repair but what we're concerned withtoday is a 2014 study which I'll link below, which showed that it improves skincomplexion, builds collagen and helps to mend sun damage that means firmer, tighter skin with reduced wrinkles .

This illustrates a cross section of skin andhow each color of visible light is a different wavelength, each wavelengthpenetrates our skin to various depths and has different effects on the skinnote we're not talking about UV light – light therapy is not like a Sun bed, youcan't get burnt and LED doesn't heat, in fact there are no side effects ordowntime to light therapy but you shouldn't use it if you have lupus or ifyou're taking any medication which makes you sensitive to light.

Light energy isabsorbed by the skin and converted into intracellular energy, each wavelength orcolour has a different photochemical reaction and produces different resultsin the skin.

So this is the machine that I bought from a company called Mychwayin China, which I've used a couple of times.

Thereason I like Mychway is that they make professional salon products as well ashome use products so it's good, its sturdy and, you know, they've got thetechnology.

So this is bigger than I thought to be honest I didn't think itwas this big but as you can see you've got three LED panels underneath and youput this over your head , you lay underneath this, or you could treat thebacks of your hands or your arm whatever but you don't need to move a devicearound your face which is an advantage because you can buy handheld devicesthat you have to kind of run over your face and your neck that takes muchlonger to treat obviously your face and your neck and also you need to keepreplacing the batteries or you know it will cut out halfway through because youneed to charge up with the USB so this is plugged into your electric source andit won't cut out so you turn it on in the back here and then you've got thetime it goes up to an hour but generally I've been using this 15 minutes in morningthen 15 minutes in the evening that sounds like a long time but at themoment the world's on lock down so I have time to do stuff like this and Ithink maybe you know in normal times maybe five minutes in the morning fiveminutes in the evening ten minutes a day wherever you can fit into your routinethe more you use this the longer you use this then the better the results will beso you select the color so like I said there's different wavelengths which eachhave different effects on the skin for example red, you choose the timeso say 15 minutes, it starts, these panels light up and you lay underneath it -it'sbad for your eyes so it comes with these protective goggles and I did note in theinstructions they've got, they actually show this being used with cotton wool padsunderneath I don't know whether this is to protect your skin because the plasticsometimes and the elastic sometimes leaves marks or whether it's to givefurther protection to your eyes but I've just been using with these padsunderneath so like I said there's these four colors and the great thing is thatyou can combine two colors in the same session so if you've got acne and you'reconcerned about aging you can select two colors so that's how this workspretty solid piece of kit and you can relax underneath it you know you canmeditate or sleep it's a great option for lazy people!So my viewers can get this for a special price of $120 and that includes shipping, I'm going to put all the links below I'm going to use this for a few weeks andthen I'm going to report back with my review! So here I am two weeks into usingthe device, this actually coincides with the start of the hay fever season so myeyes and my neck are quite irritated and itchy and a little bit swollen so I'mgoing to use the red, which is anti-aging, and I'm also going to use yellow whichis to calm the swelling and redness so red, yellow, start, and you adjust yourgoggles so the cotton ball is stopping them for marking your skin and that's it.

Then you just chill out here for 10minutes so you can listen to an audiobook, you can listen to somemeditation music, or learn something, just relax and, like I say, it doesn't get hot, it doesn't burn, so it's quite comfortable the other thing I've beendoing is after I do my face and my neck I just do red light on my hands I put myhands and my forearms underneath because our hands are exposed to the Sun so justto help with you know boosting the collagen on the back of my hands as wellso I'd do that for maybe 2 or 3 minutes after I've done my face and that's bothin the morning and the evening if you're enjoying this video please don't forgetto subscribe and hit the bell below I'd also love to know if you've used LEDlight therapy and what results you had please comment below.

so this is me onemonth later after using the LED machine for 15 minutes in the morning and 15minutes in the evening every single day so I did try to take some before andafter images but to be honest it was difficult to see any change on thephotos because it's very subtle so if I just zoom in a little bit here there isa glow to my skin and my skin does look more refined so what it is you've givenmore energy to the skin cells and they've plumped up and they'rereflecting light better than before so as we age our skin tends to absorb lightbut not reflect it so this does give you a nice luminous youthful glow so inthat way it's great it doesn't get rid of any lines or wrinkles so if you'reexpecting you know a facelift or all your lines are going to disappear itdoesn't it works in a very subtle way but there's definitely a result therethe other thing is that I used the yellow light because I had hay fever andthat makes my face and my eyes and my neck itchy and red and irritated so itreally helped with that inflammation and it calmed the skin down so I candefinitely recommend the yellow light.

If you use blue light for acne for exampleand it totally obliterated your acne and that redness that'd be a great dramaticeffect but the red light is not like that it's not dramatic.

So I'd recommendthis particular machine for a couple of reasons firstly when you compare it withother machines on the market for home use you've got handheld ones which youhave to spend time running over each area of your face and your neck, whichwould take longer, you've got lamps which would you'd sitin front of and it would treat the front of your you know face and your neck thenyou'd have to kind of adjust it to do the sides and the back or whatever andyou've also got LED masks which are plastic masks that just stick on yourface but they don't treat your neck.

Compared to those, this covers a biggersurface area of skin in one go so it's more efficient, the other thing I likeabout it is that you can combine two colors so it doesn't just have to be redyou can combine red and green or red and yellow whatever you want and also what Ilike is that for me I got into a kind of routine where I'd use this before bedfor 15 minutes and it forces you to stop what you're doing you have to put on thegoggles go into this cocoon and it's kind of like a ritual that really kindof relaxed me every night so you may find that I don't know try and see whatyou think I hope this video has been helpful if you do try LED light pleaselet me know how it goes below and thank you very much for watching have a greatday!.

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