How to Be Led by the Spirit Pt. 2 – Episode 4

this program is brought to you by the partners and Friends of Creflo Dollar ministries coming up next on changing your world your soul is in between your spirit and your body it's the cockpit of life it is where the piloting takes place if you do not renew your

mind then that will determine whether you lean more towards your body rather than leaning more towards your spirit the word is spirit and life you won't ever step into the will of God for your life unless you know how important it is to daily renew your mind renew

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to the 20/20 grace Life conference seats are limited so register today [Music] [Music] a Christian that does not give birth to the fruit of love must examine what his root is oh yeah well I'm a Christian and there is no fruit of love we houston houston we got

a problem that's the hallmark of a Christian that we're constantly developing in that follow after charity and love number one so that's number one number two desire spiritual gifts there are spiritual gifts that have been made available for each of us so that we can use them to

be a blessing for everybody else the gifts are not for us they're for somebody else all right but rather he said follow up charity desire spiritual gifts but rather that you may prophesy a word of prophecy now in the Old Covenant the prophecy had a different meaning I

mean there was there was prophecy was used to guide people in the New Covenant the Holy Spirit is your guide and the New Covenant prophecy is used for exhortation for confirmation it's it's not you don't need prophecy to do what it did in the Old Testament because you

have the Holy Spirit to lead and to guide you okay now in verse 2 for he that speaketh so he's talking about prophesying he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men but unto God so he's talking about he that speaking in tongues right it's not

a tongue that you know it's an unknown tongue you speak not unto you speak not unto men but God for no man understandeth him howbeit in the spirit in the spirit he speaks what in the spirit he speaks mysteries now look at verse two in the amplified bible

verse 2 in the amplified bible man i remember when i first got saved i got so turned on to this i thought man this is just superhero stuff right here man he says for one who speaks in an unknown tongue speaks not to men but to God for

no one understands or catches his meaning because in the Holy Spirit he utters secret truths and hidden things I know watch this so when you speak in tongues you're uttering hidden truths and you're speaking secret troops and hidden things things that are hidden from the comprehension of your

mind things that are hidden from your understanding but when I speak in tongues I'm speaking those secret truths and I'm speaking those hidden things glory bit now that's what I know now I may not have the interpretation right away but I know when I speak in tongues I'm

saying some good stuff and that's what fires me up I'm saying some good stuff he says I'm speaking hidden things that are not obvious to my understanding all right verse 3 but he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification exhortation and comfort all right now if I prophesy

to you I'm gonna prophesy to your understanding thus saith the Lord you know you have come to the place where you have understood this and understood that but I'm about to do some amazing things in your life saith the Lord you understood every word I said okay but

I can also prophesy rebel historically neuroblasts o'clock Ororo Busha did you understand what I said so I still prophesize but you didn't understand what I said so Paul's getting ready to set order in the church and says now there's no such thing I don't want no prophesying going

on to the church if people can't understand it is there by following the saying I so we move on so he says prophecy is for edification exhortation and Comfort edification building you up exhorting you and to add comfort so I shouldn't be prophesying something to you that's gonna

add fear so somebody comes up here said let's say that the Lord you'll be dead by 12 o'clock say that ain't even God get out of here that's not God God is not gonna prophesy something to you that's gonna produce fear it's gonna produce what comfort comfort and

I see it over over again people call themselves prophets and they're prophesying fear that's not comfort that's not comfort all right verse 4 he that speaketh in an unknown tongue now who gets edified certainly you don't if i if i prophesy to you in tongues you don't understand

it so you can't be built up or edified but check this out he that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifies who you are edify yourself you are when I speak in tongues I am building myself up I am building myself up spiritually I'm building up myself in my

soul I'm building myself up in my physical body do you not understand that speaking in tongues is almost like a multivitamin to your flesh and it's peace to your soul and it stirs you up in your spirit so you when you speak in tongues you are being edified

but it says but he that prophesied and until your understanding edifies the church no church person is built up if somebody is speaking where you can't understand now here's the funny thing about it there's some preachers that don't speak in tongues and I still don't understand what they

seem [Music] and all you're getting get what get understanding all right look verse 5 I would that you all SPECT with tongues now here's Paul this is Paul I would that you were all speaking tongues but rather that you prophesize know over the year years people took this

and said see Paul said prophesying is greater than tongues that's not what he said he said I would rather when you're speaking to people I would rather that you will prophesy unto them rather than speaking in tongues unto them where they don't understand it but not follow it

how long what he says for greater is he that prophesies then he that speaketh with tongue except he interpret that the church may receive edifying so he says the issue is not whether speaking in tongues is less impactful then then prophesy and he says and I the word

impacts probably wrong one he's not talking about which one is greater he is saying understanding and edification is the objective so if you prophesy they need to understand you and if you speak in tongues to them you need to give them interpretation so they need to understand you

the objective is they need to understand you okay so if you're gonna prophesied it and cut your church in in tongues you need to follow up with an interpretation you can't just get up in a church unless you're talking to God but if I come on here and

I and I look at you and say Robbo please step outside and then go on to me all right let's just praise the Lord you can't do that cuz this is a bit like what are we saying he says don't do that because without understanding and without being

built up it's a waste so he says now I would I would rather you speak with understanding so that the hearer can be built up than you trying to be spiritually deep and speak in tongues with no interpretation and cause confusion okay verse six now brethren if I

come unto you speaking with tongues what shall i profit you except I shall speak to you either by revelation or by knowledge or by prophesying or by doctrine verse next verse and even things without life giving sound whether pipe or harp except they give a distinction in the

sounds how shall it be known what is piped heart if pipe and heart had the same sound there would be no distinction to know whether it was pipe or harp because it sounds the same 8 for if the trumpet gives an uncertain sound somebody says without moving to

you to trumpet and knee blows the trumpet in it sounds like this if it gives an uncertain sound who shall prepare himself to the battle oh I blew the trumpet but it what didn't sound like a trumpet next verse so likewise ye except you uttered by the tongue

words easy to be understood how shall it be known what is spoken for you shall speak into the air 10 there are it may be so many kinds of voices in the world and none of them is without signification 11 therefore I know not the meaning of the

voice I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian and he that speaketh shall be unto me a barbarian so if I must say something in you and you don't know what I'm Tom I come to you and I say yesterday please don't eat my goose Elliot ah

and you say okay all right all right look what he says even so you for as much as you are zealous of spiritual gifts seek that you may Excel to the edifying of the church the gifts are for the church tongues is for the church main objective edify

seek to edify verse 13 wherefore let him that speaketh in an unknown tongue pray that he may interpret if I spent a certain amount of time praying in tongues one of the final things I'm gonna say before I get up is Lord give me the interpretation and understanding

of what I've been praying about and if he chooses to do so I'm open to it some of the time you might not get an interpretation because it might cause problems it might cause fear if you knew where you were going and what you were gonna do it

might not be a good idea to let you know what you praying for but you gave birth to something that's awesome and you built yourself up in your most holy faith look at this first 14 months we're good and finish this for if I pray in an unknown

Tom what what now man is a a spirit right he possesses of what a soul right and he lives in a what physical body all right you are not your body you are a spirit being you are not your soul you are spirit being religion has used the

word spirit and soul interchangeably as if they're the same oh lord save my soul so they're really talking about their spirit you are a spirit being you have a soul you are a spirit being you have a soul you don't have a spirit you are a spirit you

possess a soul you live in a physical body now if you read the Bible understanding the anatomy of a man then you reach certain scriptures like in 3rd John where it says that you know the spirit part of you cannot sin because it's already born-again and it's like

God and it's sealed with with the Holy Spirit of promise but if you don't know that you will go around thinking wait a minute that can't be possible you are spirit beings say I am a spirit being I have a soul my soul is my mind my will

and my emotions my soul is where my thinker my filler and my chooser reside that's my soul that's my soul that's the partner your soul is in between your spirit and your body it's the cockpit of life it is where the piloting takes place if you do not

renew your mind then that will determine whether you lean more towards your body rather than leaning more towards your spirit the word is spirit and life you won't ever step into the will of God for your life unless you know how important it is to daily renew your

mind and everything you come up with ask yourself what does the word have to say about this renewing the mind is so vitally important so he says for I pray for if I pray in an unknown tongue my spirit prays so my spirit by the holy spirit prays

now what happens when your born-again spirit prays by the Holy Spirit you are praying a perfect prayer what you can pray a perfect prayer when you're praying in tongues because your spirit man is perfect when you got born again your body didn't get mourning in your soul didn't

get born again when you got born again or the only part of you that that was impacted by that decision was your spirit the old man passed away and the new creation came in that part of you that's born again is your spirit man your spirit man is

perfect it is just like God your spirit man is is-is-is heaven ready the rest of the time you're renewing your mind to get your mind your will your emotions to line up with that perfect part see the word is spirit so your spirit man already connects with the

Word of God and if you can use the word of God to renew your soul then your soul and your spirit comes together and they will make your body fall in line but I can pray a perfect prayer how by praying in the Holy Ghost I don't want

to risk just praying in English I want to spend time praying perfect prayers how many y'all ready to print some perfect class somebody says I don't know if I'm ready yet you keep living this year you'll be ready I guarantee you by the end of this year you're

gonna be real ready to pray on time by the end of this year we can't hardly you ain't we hardly be talking this in in English hey babe out you're doing a bull's-eye how about shut up because when hell break loose real good you're gonna know how to

pray in tongues there is a there is a there is a spirit of apathy that I am battling in the church right now I see it and all it does is it just stirs me up I won't let it win I am gonna get your attention I'm gonna

snatch you out of apathy snatch you out of the pit of hell snatch you out of whatever deception you're in whenever I feel the Holy Spirit giving me a word for somebody I say it anyway I want to stir them up I want to let them know the

Holy Ghost knows what's going on and I just delivered a message to you the gifts of the Spirit is what's gonna shake things up in these last days not just this is the way we come to church not just you know this is our son anymore and incoming

the church is when you come up somebody and I'll gift starts working you start prophets on to them you start giving a word of knowledge you start you start giving a word of wisdom you you start doing that it'll wake them up like how you know that I

don't but the Holy Ghost does hallelujah I prayed that the gifts of the Spirit would start operating in your life night never before and use it with your children using what your children praise God prophesied to and praise the Lord see what the Lord say Shawn what you

saw some happens when they realize or mumming them no God amen praise God for I if I print an unknown tongue forgive me for getting excited but we have the advantage don't look at the world and think they have the advantage we have the advantage amen if I

pray in an unknown tongue my spirit prays but my understanding is unfruitful verse 15 when is it then I'll pray with the spirit I'll pray with the spirit and I'll pray with the understanding also all right so I what does it mean when he says pray with the

spirit or a pray in the spirit or praying the Holy Ghost what does that mean praying in tongues praying in tongues but I'll pray to understand it also was it was heat on my praying and your in your you're articulate language he says I'll sing with the spirit

there you go you can sing in the spirit you ever been in church on some Sunday morning we go we get to singing in the spirit hole a time I see Carrie I'll I'm I saw today up a awesome song awesome song what's them Awards they give for

music they did if they knew what was going on that deal war dead everything a grandma play there by my seat court I doubt if they knew the words and every night ain't got against us interpretation of those words and we write a pretty song out of it

see quartermaster la la la la la or when I'm I'm I'm I'm believing God for praise leaders that are praying the Holy Ghost and start writing music from the interpretation of the songs that they begin to sing in the spirit I'll order about Sunday la la la la

la la ya la la la la la me order alright what are you doing I'm singing in the spirit I love right now I'm singing and understanding cause you understand what I'm saying right now sign me up for the Christians you believe write my name on the road

I've been changed since Jesus lived in me you understand that but he talks about singing in the spirit and singing with the understanding that means that's not been taught in churches a lot when most people hear singing in the spirit they're thinking oh I'm spiritual and I'm singing

that ain't what singing in the spirit is oh let one of us come from one of them churches yeah it doesn't have to be mysterious it doesn't have to be spooky but some people just make it spook you got some spooky pookas in the church understand y'all know

what I'm talking I just spook at people you know hey how you doing and you looking like for real are you pretending not to shake their hand in it I'm like turn my hand loose not turn my hand low because the Bible says that the Spirit of the

Prophet is subject to the Prophet ain't none of this out-of-control stuff the Holy Ghost made me do that you stand up in the middle of message that's sad guard no no ain't nobody goes there ain't no didn't only go sit Joseph that ain't the Holy Ghost spirit of

prophecy so when I told me to say that listening is the pastor if he want some said he'll say it to me yourself else win now this is what I was getting too else wind thou I so seen in the spirit is is what singing singing singing with

the understanding is what ok praying in the spirit is what praying would understand it is I watch this now else when bow shall bless with the spirit how shall he that occupied the room of the unlearned say amen at the giving of thanks seeing he understandeth not what

thou sayeth all right so we're talking about thanking and blessing God with the spirit he didn't say something was wrong with it he was saying to take note of who's in the room who's in the room so if you got a bunch of Baptists and Methodists doing Thanksgiving

that would not be the time when grandmama asked you to bless the food that is not rose a plethora but that ain't it that ain't the time you don't scared everybody they thinks something is so wrong with you nobody in the room is going to be blessed at

the giving of thanks they don't know that no who's in the room there have been times where people in the room have all been born-again Christians filled with the Holy Spirit and we will bless the food and then we take some time and give God thanks and tongues

we could do that everybody in the room knew what was going on and if you go around the world and bend some of the places that I've been in I told you the first meal I had overseas was looking at me and at that time I didn't care

who was in a room I started with sermon I went to this church in it was outdoors I'm I'm introduced and I'm coming up to the to the podium this was maybe 20 years ago 20-some years ago and all of a sudden these people start barking sound like

hyenas and animals you know I go up there and you know I ain't got none in me knows why ma'am and I said I had to catch mice I said what what what what's going on the pastor replied they're interceding I said that a intercession brother I said

that ain't intercession it's the most demonic thing I've ever seen and I stood up and I rebuked the whole congregation and I said shut up I said that ain't God I said Satan I rebuke you this is a perversion of tongues and it brings attention to self and

I said you stop it right now there's nowhere in the Bible it was languages I'll show it to you in the book of Acts they had several different ethnic groups in the city at the time and they heard them speak in their language they heard uh I think

Galilean speaking in their language there were no barking it sounded like animals and at that time everywhere I would go overseas if somebody would do that and I have to pause and and say that is not God like man are you tired of going through the motions and

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