How to do settings of MCCB for veriable ranages new 2017

[Music] today we are going to see how to do settings of NCCP ratings in here we have us some lot of settings and the knobs on here but we don’t know how to set these other things now I am going to teach how to take how to setting these are the thing these are the terms what are the things of this earth terms just one in here we don’t see for any clear of image that’s why I take for very clear image in here just see first one is first one this one and this one is current rating that means if you behave it you take 4 8 9 ampere MCC being here we are going to change the save not ampere up to 500 200 up to $2 will be going to change but we don’t know we don’t want for 200 inches suppose we want for 630 or 700 ranges you won’t be going to change this this range so how do we do this one and see here in in bottom side we see zeros and then offset we have a sum lot of numbering this numbering we are going to do some mathematical calculation to set the eight in ampere for example a DCM TCB i am take for 800 ampere if you are going to choose for now first knob on second nap and third enough you’re going to take in upside and another two lamp it go to take in downside let’s add these three things and zero point four and zero point eight and zero point two this one is zero point this is one 0.

14 so this you can go and add these three things 0.

14 so again you go into add zero point four zero point four and zero point one four is zero point five four so in here zero point five four so 0.

54 means a in two and total current that means the trip incarnata number so 50 for passage of the total current we are going to sit in here this like this you’re going to set up to Edna Dampier suppose you take a all the knobs in upper side you take all the all the knobs in upper side you are choose for a 10 amperes suppose you take for lost lost to a novice in upset you take 480 passenger from that means zero point you take a lost tune-up is up and another three nurses in down say 0.

32 and 0.

16 is you cannot 0.

4 and 0.

5 then 0.

4 we can add how much you got 0.

9 so so you choose for 90 percentage of the current then this current I when this current achoo this mcdv tripping time that means the tripping time also we can easy setting here there’s other things we are given two here for two nerves in in upside three seconds and two knots in wannabes up on up is made the six seconds one of is down and another one is made in the 12 second up to 16 seconds here will be available this is for current rating shifting then the in here instantaneous current setting that means if you have if you use for motor sometimes more motor starting term is current is higher so in we are going to set the instantaneous current a instantaneous current we are going to set for up to 10 times of the full load current that means 10 times are tight endured etna Dampier in 10 times we had set in upper down not so we are going to set the 10 types of and then another another thing in here we have a seconds how how much time this standby this incident is current density we cannot trip that means if you 0.

1 second the MCC B will be stay stable stable without trip this is working suppose above the 0.

1 second vs 18 here this is going to trip this is the thing here we are said then here we are going to sit for neutral this one this one is neutral neutral on of terminals also have a ribbon here then neutral person aged 50 and wondered 100 person is on here we have available in de here then another one things in ground fault this one is ground fault personage first one is ground ball current personage will be available in for one ten percentage sorry ten percent will be available here then there is a time all savile being here for last one is ground fault this one is for instantaneous current this one is for tripping current forever tripping car and this one is for programming and testing this one for neutral so so this one far we are differently used for a special special current wrench that means we use for another one ELT at leakage test so that time we use for this one and that’s unhappy guys if you have any doubts please come on here thank you very much [Music] you.

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