How to get chandelier in Dialux evo

Okay, one more question from our friends and I'm ready to sleep.

This is the message from Mr.

Riyas, he asked me how to solve this problem.

I think his evo has just crashed, so Mr.

Riyas, I am not sure what you did with your file, but it seems that the Dialux evo has now stopped working.

So, we cannot to do anything about it that's why I always suggest that, you save your file every time the pop up window asked if you save it or you did not save it last five minutes so just keep on clicking and say ok and save because yeah evo still prone to crushing another one he asked me, "Hi Nelca I have masjid project, how can I have a big chandelier.

There is a dome in the diameter 40 meters".

So amm Mr.

Riyas, if it's a chandelier I can only suggest something like, like this one, for example i have this chandelier in my villa and this chandelier is not a lighted chandelier, it's an object.

Yes its an an object.

The light that you're seeing right now, those glowing effect is coming from the down light here and also from the spill light of the cove light so it looks like it's glowing because i made this chandelier a double glass a texture and yeah metal texture and glass texture.

So, if you want to get this chandelier, you can use either Sketchup 3d warehouse or our new discovered software, the PCON planner.

this PCON planner is also connected to the to the 3D Warehouse, so just click to the 3D warehouse and then select your chandelier object.

So for example, you will type here "chandelier", you will say search and then it will give you a lot of chandelier objects so always make sure that the chandelier that you selected, so this is the Baccarat Zenith chandelier, let's see this one.

Make sure that your chandelier is less than 1mb.

Now this is 4.

2 MB, so it's a no no so let's go back and see other chandeliers here.

So I'm selecting chandeliers which are not for lighting calculation these are just for decorative purposes so for example this one this is all so big it's 4.

3 and where did I get my chandelier ok let's try other some other chandelier here and let's see ok and then if ok just make sure that the chandelier from your masjid or masjid masjid is a mosque in Arabic so if you are looking for a chandelier for masjid I'm sure it should be very decorative or actually with a crystal effect so selected properly otherwise ask the interior designer or the architect about this chandelier in 3D so you can just insert it, but you have to make sure that it is less than 1mb.

This one is, yes, huge also so it's a no no so you can just download it here press this download and then save it if you want to know how to do it just look for my other video tutorials on how to use PCON planner for creating objects or for getting objects.

Another way to get your chandelier is going to the Dial website which Dial is Dialux website and select the Lumsearch click this one Lumsearch and then there are lots of options where you can select your product for example click this one Lumsearch and it will pop up to another window and you will say for example indoor or actually you can search by keyword which is chandelier and then show the product and there are lots of chandeliers here and if you really want to show the 3d 3d object of this chandelier because it's also lighting not only just for decoration but it's also has light and unfortunately it looks like that this chandelier is only pendant lights but if you can go and select this one for example this Toshiba, I think it's the one piece of light and then you you can create the object and put it in your chandelier.

For example this the IES file if there's an IES file for this lamp, you can just place it somewhere here and maybe replace this one or leave it blank and then so it will be lighted so yeah if if if it's about chandeliers most of the chandelier manufacturers doesn't have IES file because it's difficult to create an IES file with a very complicated to the inside so yeah so thats it for now Mr.

Riyas, I hope I helped you with your problem tonight and yeah, continue learning! Goodnight.


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