How to Install 2013-2019 Honda Accord Interior LEDs | Diode Dynamics

all right Jake with dynamics today in the garage we're going to take you through the simple installation steps for our LED map vanity dome and trunk lights on my 2013 Honda Accord this is one of the most inexpensive easiest upgrades you can do for the mädchen accord and

only requires basic hand tools let's get started to get started with the installation of our LED map lights we're actually going to pry off these plastic covers using a small plastic trim removal tool now to get these covers off you're actually going to reach towards the front in

the corner so if it'll actually pry in with that little tool and once we have the front loose we can do the same at the back and then we'll set that cover to the side now if these bulbs are on recently remember these are halogen bulbs so they

will get hot you might need to use gloves so remove the stock bulb and then we'll plug in our HP 5 LED diode Dynamix replacement and while we still have that plastic cover off go ahead and test for function then we simply slip that plastic cover back on

then we repeat the same steps on the passenger side map light to finalize our installation all right to get started with the installation of our LED vanity light bulbs we're gonna pull off these two plastic covers now we recommend using either a pick tool a plastic trim removal

tool or a small flat-head screwdriver you're going to insert it from the bottom where there's a small hook tab and then there's two placement tabs on either side at the top of this plastic lens if you don't pull the lens straight out you can actually break the two

plastic placement tabs up here on the top now when it comes to removing the actual bulb we would strongly recommend using something nonmetallic like a plastic trim removal tool to get the bulb out with the stock bulb out we simply slide it in our diode in damaged LED

replacement now these are polar sensitive so as you can see when we inserted the bulb it did not light up which is not a big deal we simply take our plastic trim removal tool and then reinstall the bulb it lights up once we've flipped it 180 degrees then

simply slip our cover back on we're going to go ahead and use our trim removal tool to get that bottom tab back in then repeat the same steps on the left side [Music] with our vanity lights installed on the driver's side we'll move over to the passenger side

and redo everything we just did and that'll wrap up our vanity light installation now to get started with the installation of our LED dome lights we're gonna use that same plastic trim removal tool that we used on the map and vanity lights to get this plastic cover off

now there's no obvious opening for the plastic to removal tool on this vanity light cover so from the back we recommend simply working either this plastic from a movable tool or a flathead screwdriver in between the trim piece and that plastic lens and then that plastic lens will

pop right out once you have the plastic lens out of the way simply reach in grab that stock halogen bulb and remove it now again if this bulb has been on you're gonna want to be wearing gloves or use a tool to remove it because these bulbs get

hot then with our stock incandescent bulb out of the way we'll install our hp-5 LED upgrade then with the cover still off go ahead and test for function make sure it lights up properly if it doesn't light up right away don't worry about it simply pull the bulb

out flip it 180 degrees and reinstall it then you'll simply slip that plastic cover on we recommend inserting it from the back first and then push the front straight up into the roof and it'll click into place and that's all there is to it to upgrade our trunk

light you'll simply reach in using a plastic trim removal tool if you don't have one of these tools you can also use a flathead screwdriver now we're gonna reach in on the right side so the passenger side of the vehicle now we're gonna pry very gently against this

housing and that will release the housing from the trunk now this bulb is gonna be hot so be careful you might need to wear gloves in case the bulbs been on for a while so up here on the top of the housing there's a little gray tab you

can actually depress that and that will disconnect the bulb from the electrical supply so the bulb will start cooling off and then again using gloves if need be you can remove the factory halogen bulb and slide in your dad I know mix LED replacement then with our new

trunk light bulb installed I'll reconnect it to that factory harness now lit up right away if it doesn't light up it's not a big deal simply remove the bulb flip the connection 180 degrees and then reinstall it now that we know that it's functioning properly we can reinstall

this housing back into the trunk lid and that's all there is to it now you can see with my car here the LED bulbs that we've installed here today make a massive difference not only and how modern the interior of this car looks but with the amount of

light output we have available at night for more information on our LED map dome vanity and trunk lights click the links below or use our dealer locator tool to find a dealer near you thanks for watching [Music]

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