How to Install a Schneider Electric RCBO Device


Welcome to SchneiderElectric Easy9 RCBO tutorial.

I’m Jia Ying and together withme, Mazliazhar Abdul Latif, senior product marketingengineer for final distribution.

Before we start, Mazli– Yes? Could it– please explain tothe audience what is RCBO.

RCBO is a device that protectsagainst electrocutions.

It consists of two componentsinto one, which is MCB and RCCB.

Its function is todetect leakage that occur within the inside the electricalsystem internally and externally.

Where does RCBO need to be installed? OK.

RCBO [INAUDIBLE] needs to beinstalled as an additional protection for the water heater.

Normally, you can find it in thebathroom, or we call it wet area.

Why do we need RCBO? OK.

Recent cases of electrocutionthat occur in Malaysia prove that ELCB integratedinside the water heater do not provide full protections.

If there is a leakage thatoccur from externally, it will not protect the personwho are using the water heater.

And plus, a 10-milliamp RCBO protectionis a requirement under Electricity Act 1994, which mean in the installationof old or new of water heater, you need to add 10 milliampRCBO as a protection.

Well, there’s a very goodinformation for you and me.

Thank you, Mazli.

You’re welcome.

Next, please stay tuned for our nexttutorial on how to install RCBO.

From this video, you will learnabout preinstallation checklist, recognize the MCB that supplyor connect to the water heater, step-by-step to replace the MCB withRCBO, correct wiring of the RCBO, test the RCBO functionalityof the installation.

Before we start with theinstallation, please make sure that the RCBO that you boughtis a 10-milliamp protections, 25 amp current rating, come with a SIRIMlabel, and also an A-type protections.

Please also ensure that youhave two type of termination on the incoming and outgoing.

Next you will need twocables for the installation.

Red is for [INAUDIBLE] installation.

Black is for neutral.

Also a proper type of screwdriverto tighten and loosen the RCBO, and finally the test pen which youuse to ensure the power availability has been cut off after youturn off the main supply.

Now we have gone throughall the checklist that needed to do the installation of RCBO.

So let’s see how we do the installationinside the distribution box.

First, open up the distributionbox that cover your MCB and RCCB inside your house.

Second, identify which MCB aresupplying to the water heater.

There is three type ofdetection that you can do.

First, you must directlycategorize or label at the cover of the distribution box.

Or it was label directly at the MCB.

Or the third way is you turnon one by one the supply which are supplying to the water heater.

Next after we identified which MCBare applying to the water heater, you turn off the MCB.

You turn off the mainsupply of the breaker.

Next for safety purpose, please use a test pen to check the poweravailability at the outgoing and at the incoming of the breaker.

Next, using a screwdriverloosen the cable of the MCB that connect to the water heater.

Then take out the MCBfrom the distribution box.

It is required to rearrangethe position of the MCB and install the RCBO to thefar-right side of the [INAUDIBLE].


Use two type of color cable toconnect to the incoming of the RCBO.

Red is for power andblack is for neutral.

After we insert the cableinto the RCBO terminal, tighten the cable to ensure itfits perfectly to the terminal.

Use the same cable thatconnect to the water heater and connect it to theoutgoing of the RCBO.

Red is for live.

And black is for neutral.

And then tighten bothtermination to ensure the cable fits perfectly to the RCBO.

Connect the earthing of water heaterto the earthing bar of the distribution box and then tighten the screws toensure it fits perfectly to the bar.

Some [INAUDIBLE] installationare sharing neutral cable.

So it is advisable to pull a newcable directly to the water heater.

Once the cable issecurely tightened, turn on the main power of the MCB, theRCBO, and finally the water heater.

Press the test button on the RCBO.

If it trips, the installation is OK.

If it’s not tripping, recheckthe cable termination– if it’s connected properly.

Now your water heater isprotected with a 10-milliamp RCBO.

Thank you, Mazli, for the tutorial.

You’re welcome.

Before we end this tutorial, pleasetake note on the following key points.

Ensure you install 10-milliampRCBO for water Heater.

Ensure you buy RCBO thatis approved and certified by Suruhanjaya Tenaga and SIRIM.

Ensure that the cable connectedto RCBO is correct termination and properly tightened.

Always test your RCBO functionalityby pressing the test button minimum four times in a year.

RCBO should be installedby qualified electricians.

Do not try to install it by yourself.

Thank you very much of your time.

And we hope this videowill help you understand on the installation of your RCBO.

And remember, Life is On.

And safety starts with you.


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