How to Install and Pair LED Bluetooth Downlight Speakers |

Congratulations on your new 6SL wireless speakerdownlight from Lithonia Lighting.

We hope you're excited to begin enjoying thiseasy and efficient way to enhance your space using lighting and music.

We're going to take you through the basicsteps for pairing and installing the 6SL.

Before we get started, please note that acomplete list of installation instructions and other information can be found in theinstruction manual along with your unit.

We recommend reviewing this material for adetailed understanding of the 6SL and its components.

Okay, let's get started.

Our first step is activating the battery.

To begin, remove the protective tab from thebattery cover on the back of the speaker.

Confirm the orange connector of the powerplug is connected to the fixture's mating orange connector and plug it in to a standard120 Volt outlet.

The unit will turn on automatically and youwill hear and audible four tone low to high chime.

[four tone low-high chime] The pair button will start blinking green.

This indicates the speaker battery has beenactivated.

Let's hold the on/off button until you hearan audible four tone high to low chime to turn off the speaker.

[four tone high-low chime] Remove the power plug from the electricaloutlet and disconnect the plug from the fixture.

The next step is pairing the master unit.

We want to complete this step before we installthe unit to ensure a successful audio connection.

First, we want to confirm that this unit isin master mode by ensuring the S/M switch is toggled toward M here on the back of thespeaker.

Let's hold the on/off button for two secondsuntil we hear a chime like this.

[three tone low-high chime] The pair button will blink green and the S/Mindicator light will blink blue here under the speaker grill.

We now know that we're in master mode andready to pair.

Place your bluetooth enabled device in searchmode and select Down Light Speaker from the menu.

Successful pairing is indicated with a beepsound like this.

[beep] Now go ahead and play some music from yourdevice to ensure connection.

The 6SL is able to pair up to 8 units fora stereo quality sound experience.

Lets pair another unit to the master we justactivated.

The setup begins the same way as before.

Instead of toggling the S/M switch to M, I'mgoing to make sure it's on S for satellite.

I'm going to turn the unit on the same wayand listen for my chime.

[chime] Now, my pair button is illuminated green andgiving a beep sound.

[beep] The S/M indicator light is now also illuminatedgreen indicating that the unit is paired in satellite mode.

Now with the master unit playing music, pressthe pair button on the satellite unit until it makes a beep sound and starts quickly flashinggreen.

Then, separately press and hold the pair buttonon the master unit.

The satellite unit will make a beep soundconfirming it's paired with the master unit.

The music should now come from both units.

This may take up to 20 seconds.

The pair button on both units will illuminateto a solid green and will remain like this as long as the units are paired.

Pretty easy and you can repeat this processfor up to seven more satellite units.

Now that we have paired our unit, let's preparefor installation.

First we want to double check that our inputpower is 120 Volts, 60 hertz and our supply wires are rated for at least 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

We're also going to make sure that the poweris disconnected by turning off the circuit breaker or removing the appropriate fuse.

Now, we're going to select the wiring method.

If you're using the LED connector, just plugthe orange connector from the fixture into the mating LED connector inside the housing here.

If you'd like to use the E26 socket adapter, just screw the adapter into the base socket inside the housing.

Now we're ready to install the unit.

Squeeze the legs of each torsion spring togetherand seat them inside the torsion brackets of the housing.

Release the springs and gently push the moduleinto the housing until its flush with the ceiling.

You can repeat these steps for each additionalunit.

Just make sure all satellite units are within60 feet of the master unit.

To start enjoying music, wake the master unitfrom sleep mode by flipping the light switch or dimmer.

Once we hear the audible chime and see theS/M indicator light blinking blue, we can reconnect the device to the master unit.

Once connected, you're ready to start enjoyingthe 6SL.

Charging the battery is as simple as turningthe light fixture on.

The charging indicator light will illuminate red, indicating it's receiving power and charging.

A full charge takes about 4 hours and oncecharged, the unit is good for 6 hours of music with the lights off.

Well, that's it, and remember, a full listof instructions, tips and other information can be found in your manual.

We hope you enjoy your 6SL wireless speakerdownlight from Lithonia Lighting.

Thanks for watching.


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