How to: Install Toyota Pickup Truck LED Headlights – 4Runner & Tacoma too!

Welcome back to the 6th Gear Garage! Today I upgrade my Toyota’s headlights fromthis… to This! Let’s start off with a look at the factoryheadlights.

They’re a sealed beam design, which wasstandard on trucks, and most cars, in 1985.

When the light burned out or cracked, youthrew away the whole light assembly and replaced it with another.

That seems crazy today.

Because now we only have to replace just the bulb.

Before I remove the old headlights, let’sgo for a drive down a dark country road, to see how bright they are.

So these are the low beams (oops) and these are the high beams.

They spread the light out further ahead, but there’snot as much road lit up right in front of me I used to think these were alright.

Now, neither high or low beam looks brightcompared to my TSX.

I’m kind of spoiled because the TSX hasexcellent headlights, HID projectors.

Here’s one last look at the beam patternon the garage door.

Hi BeamLow beam HiLow You can see what I described earlier aboutthe highs spreading the light further ahead, but not actually being any brighter, or putting out additional light.

Alright let’s see the new LED headlightsfrom TRUCKMALL.

Oh they look even better in person.

Very well packaged I might add.

I like this style because the design isn’toverly complex or too busy.

There are some with like 15 small LEDs insideand to me, it looks too modern and busy to be on the front of an old truck.

There’s the back.

And this plugs right into the factory harness.

There’s an extra pigtail as well, in caseyou have to swap the low beam and ground wire on some vehicles.

I’ll put a link to these headlights downin the description.

To the Garage! First I need to take off the front grill.

There are little clips that go all the wayacross that hold it on.

I just need to push the top part of the clipthat goes through the grill up and it releases.

And the same thing along the bottom.

A couple of screws too.

On the bottom ones, I used a long flatheadto push on the clips.

With the grill out of the way… I now have full access to the headlight andthe metal trim ring that holds it in place, which is held on by 4 tiny phillips head screws.

Oh yeah, I’m in Ohio, so this bottom oneis completely rusted.

I let it soak with some penetrant lube.

Now If I can grab the outer edge of the screwhead with some vise grips I can hopefully break it loose by giving ita twist back and forth.

eh There we go, that’s a tight grip.


Now it’s turning.

The rusty screw head is too stripped for thescrewdriver.

I have to turn it all the way out with thevise grips.

Got it! Thanks, Ohio.

I’m going to go in the engine bay…and just unplug this headlight from behind.

Now I can remove the metal trim ring.

When the 4 screws are removed from the trimring, the headlight can just fall right out.

So watch they don’t fall on the concrete.

So this is a pretty old sealed beam headlight… I might call it vintage! It’s all glass.

You can still buy these today but I thinkthey’re all plastic now.

I’ll clean these up and hang on to em… In case I ever want to make the truck periodcorrect.

You guys know I like old stuff.

Might as well clean this up a little.

I have the new LED light here.

And the type goes up on the top, so it readsright side up.

These say they’re DOT approved by the way.

The new light plugs right into the factoryharness It actually fits pretty tight in there.

I’m just going to press it in there fornow instead of screwing in that trim ring.

Hmmm Nothing.

Well there is an extra adapter harness includedfor this situation.

So this allows me to switch the low beam wirewith the ground wire.


Let’s try this out.

So it plugs right in to the plug on the headlight.

Then I run these spade connectors into theToyota plug, but I’m swapping the low and the ground wire.

So after swapping, I have the black one ontop and the white on the right.

The red stays on the left.

There we go! That’s weird, they completely turn off when I switch to the high beam.

So it’s either Low beams or nothing.

So they all come on with the low beam, butthe projector on the bottom is supposed to only come on with the high beam, in additionto the other lights.

But they all turn off on High beam.

I mean… It’s bright but I can’t drive around withhigh beams on all the time.

Ok so I contacted TRUCKMALL and told themthe issue I had with the lights, and that the adapter harness didn’t work properly.

And It turns out that Toyotas have some kindof funky wiring.

They said some Toyotas use a double negativeheadlight wiring.

I never knew that.

So Kudos to their tech support.

They sent me a link to a harness that willcorrect that.

It’s a H4 Headlight harness with relaysfor Toyota Pickups and Tacomas.

It was 17 bucks.

I’ll put a link to this in the descriptionas well.

There are no instructions with it, but it’spretty simple.

You’ve got your double relays.

There’s a positive wire with an inline 30amp fuse.

This goes to the battery.

This goes to the passenger side headlightplug.

It plugs right in to the factory harness toknow when you turn the lights on.

Then it’s wired to another plug for thenew headlight.

Then there’s a long one that goes over tothe driver’s side for that headlight.

And there are grounds on these as well.

So I’m just going to set this up quick tomake sure it all works.

If you weren’t sure this was made in China…here you go.

The circuit has already got the function ofinsurance.

I’m good to go! Alright I just threw this in for now.

Positive on the battery.


Tucked the wire around the battery here.

There’s the plug that goes into the factoryharness for the signal.

And now I have the new plug.

And the ground wire.

I just ran it right up here and put it onthis fender bolt.

The long one goes all the way over to thedriver side.

And then I have that one grounded as wellAnd the factory harness plug is not used anymore, so I can just tape that up and tuck it away.

Let’s try this one more time! There we goAnd it works! I have high beams and low beams So I just watched that last clip and saw thislight wasn’t working.

It was just a dirty ground so I cleaned itand now… Success! And the high beams… These are bright! It updates the look of the truck, but in agood way.

They look pretty good when they’re off too.

Not too busy, ya know? And it really matches the rest of the blackpieces as well.

You know, there was a bit of trial and erroron this project.

But I’ll leave all the bloopers in the videoto show how I fixed them.

I’ll do a road test later tonight.

Alright it’s time for the first night test.

Wow Oh wow! Sorry neighbors! Those high beams are no joke! I’m back on the same dark road I used forthe before test.

And the difference is amazing.

These have to be like 5 times brighter thanthe old headlights.

There’s the high beams.

Now I’m back on low beams.

I should have done this years ago.

Even the outsides of the road are lit up well.

Here’s the garage door test for a before/aftercomparison.

These have a nice cut-off line, where thesealed beam headlights had some glare.

There’s the high beams.

That additional projector makes a good differencein adding more light.

And I can see a lot more detail off to thesides.

Well That’s it for today.

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