How to Make Simple Circuit LED Cards

hi everyone I'm Emily and today we aremaking simple circuit LED cards this is great for Mother's Day or Father's Dayor really any occasion that requires cards.

for this one you need some paper, scissors regular tape, like scotch tape, coppertape a watch battery and an LED and some markers to decorate your cards.

firstlet's go over a basic circuit diagram of what we're creating today.

so this is thebasic circuit diagram.

this is showing our watch battery here this is going tobe our copper tape and this little symbol represents our LED.

now copper isa great conductor because of the nature of the copper atom.

In the copper atomone in its 29 electrons can easily move between copper atoms meaning and a pieceof copper like this there are free-flowing electrons goingeverywhere.

this is like a sea of electrons and because electrons caneasily move through it it makes it a good conductor.

because electrons arenegatively charged they're going to move from the negative end of our batterybecause like charges repel away from the negative end of the battery towards thepositive end of the battery because opposite charges attract know that weknow that we can go over how we are going to make our cards today.

there aretwo types of cards I'm going to show you how to make.

this cute one where you justpress it and it lights up just like so and this one where you fold it over hereand you just press and it lights up like that.

we'll start with this one you cansee that when you open it and it's unfolded this is an open circuit righthere this is an open circuit where our LED is not lit up as soon as we flipthis over we close the circuit and the light lights so the first thing you wantto do is design your card.

take your piece of paper and fold it in half andthen figure out where you want your LED to be.

this is a really fun project forkids especially it is involves a lot of thought and planning and a bit ofengineering right because we had to realize that we wanted our LEDright there before we designed our circuit on the other side.

next designthe front of your card I'm going to go ahead and use that same lava stylecartoon that I did before.

then you're going to want to figure outwhere you want to put your LED.

I'm going to put mine right at the center ofthat volcano if you want your LED to pop through like we did here just go aheadand take your LED and put a hole through your card just like so.

now you have thathole you can kind of take out the LED so we don't lose it.

the next thing you wantto do is just fold your corner over to see where we're going to complete ourcircuits where it's folded over that's where we're going to put our watchbattery right there so for now I'm just going to draw a circle where the watchbattery is going to be then from the watch battery I'm going to draw where Iwant my copper tape to ultimately connect to our LED go ahead and flipthat corner just to test out to make sure that copper tape is going to touchyour watch battery.

now that we have that lined out there are four important thingsto remember when we're making LED cards the first thing is that an LED onlyworks in one direction – the longer leg of the LED is for the positive terminal andthe shorter leg is for the negative terminal so when we put it on a watchbattery the opposite way – if we put the positive to the negative and theshort end to the positive it doesn't work right? it doesn't light up, but whenyou put the longer edge on the positive side of the battery and the shorter edgeto the negative side it works.

so when you set this up make sure the longer legis touching the copper tape that is ultimately touching the positive side ofyour battery.

The second thing to remember is that our copper tape onlyworks on this side on the other side it's sticky and that sticky glueinterferes with its conductivity meaning don't put your copper tape over yourcopper tape, it just it won't connect it won't work.

The third thing to rememberis to not take completely over our watch battery because again the tape gets inthe way of the coppers conductivity and it won't make a full connection, wewon't have a closed circuit.

And the fourth thing to remember is that our LEDneeds to be in full contact with our copper tape so make sure it's tapedreally really good measure out your copper tape to see how much you're goingto need remember because the sticky side of the copper tape is not conductive youdon't want to put copper tape on top of itself you want to just bend one pieceof copper tape like so.

the important part here is make sure that these twopieces don't touch.

once you have your copper tape down then go ahead and tapedown your battery and then go ahead and thread through your LED.

make sure thelong leg touches the copper tape that's on the positive side of the battery andthe shorter leg is on the negative side.

now tape this down really well and justlike that we have our LED card! And then if you wanted to make a card like thiswhich is a little bit cleaner all you have to do is basically we're creatingthe exact same circuit that we did before but we're putting it all on thispage.

it exists as an open circuit and then you put a piece of copper tape onthis page so that when you close it you are closing the circuit by touching thiscopper tape to this edge of the battery just like so.

And that's how you make asimple circuit LED card :).

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