How To Replace | Upgrade Turn Signal Light Bulbs To LED for X164 Mercedes GL550

Hello everyone please welcome and join me in Easy Steps today I'm going to share with you myMercedes GL 550 model and I'm going to replace turn signal lights and I'm goingto replace it with LEDs and those from Alla lighting ALLA lightingvery easy and simple process to change to

change turn signal lights without wasting any time let's get started I have received the product and the lights I am going touse from Alla Lighting's I will provide the link undermy description please check it out in case if you want to replace it onMercedes GL 550 the turn

signal light these are LED lights and there arereally nice light I will show you the comparison at night times OEM lightversus LED light once you going to see it you going to say wow I like it this isthe left side look at how bright signal light look and

if we look it on thisside and this is the original OEM bulb that bulb you can see it OEM light andthis is LED bulb so nice and bright so if we look it from far the original onright side and the left side is LED now the question will

be do I am going toget an error on my Mercedes dash screen the answer will be no Alla lighting provided these turn signal lights error free they have built in canbus driver you donot need any extra resistor to add with your lighting let's open the trunk these are

the original OEM bulb theseled bright lights these are perfect lights so this is the right side looksyou need a flathead screwdriver you turn it and it opens up this is the latch youopen it then you pull it up so once you open it you will see the lighting

backthere what do you need to do this is the cable you press it from the side edgesthis is the connector the way it works you press this side and this side press itlike this once you press it it opens it now you see this latch one on this

sideone this side grab with the both thumb and finger you press it inside and youdo it it opens up then you pull this back so once you pull it then you rotateit like this then slowly nicely you take it out this is the turn signal lightthis is the

amber color I'm going to get the LED these are small dimples you putit in and then you turn it around that's it this is the comparison this is theoriginal and that's the LED they are LED in the front and all sides we're goingto go inside you don't have

to rush it you don't want to break any other bulbso once you align it you put it in it nicely goes fit in and I don't even haveto press it you heard the snap so it locks in and the connector the one Ishow it to you that's gonna

go in there so I'm going to press the connector weheard the snap so it locks it and that's it that's how it's easy and it's simpleto change our turn signal lights and I'm going to put this one back we're goingto close it that's it on this side open

the first-aid box and this one comes outthis one has two Plastic screws you need a straight screwdriver already open oneand we're going to turn it this way and it has also indicated open close onceit's open like this then you lift up and this comes outso you seen how

it's easy and the same way I've done it to other side so theseare the original OEM bulb so this is how it's easy and a simple to change yourturn signal lights on your Mercedes GL550 it's very easy and simple process asI've shown you you don't need to remove

the whole assembly in order to changethe light bulb and this is the same way you can change their reverse light you canchange the brake light and it's so simple I hope this video going to help you outin your DIY project and if you like this video like always

like share andsubscribe easy steps thank you and have a good day Bye Bye soI'm going to turn it on and I'm going to show to you how they look really nicein the bright sunny day light as you can see they are really brighteven in the daylight

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