Humvee Build – Installing the BRIGHTEST HMMWV LED headlights

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] how's it going everybody so in this video we're going to be installing some of these 7-inch Jeep LED headlights on the Humvee these are work because they are LEDs and LEDs are multi-voltage so usual 12-volt LEDs will also work with this 24 volt

system so in this installation all we really have to do is figure out the wiring which I already know because I've done on my other Humvee and then the back of the headlight bucket needs to be cut out for these they're like heatsink fins so pretty easy install

and really great results much much better upgrade than the the normal headlight [Music] [Music] all right so we got the headlight cover the headlight and a little bucket out a little bit rusty so is uh so there's this part to someone take all this out and we're going

to stand it down and paint it with some rust preventative paint it's come it's pretty normal for these to get a little bit rusty down here just because water might come in and it sits down here in this little this little area so a lot of times the

bottom part of the headlight buckets usually get rusty so let's do the same thing to that one and then we will get all the rest parts taken care of painted and then we'll get to fitting the headlights all right so right here is the headlight inside of the

headlight bucket so as you can see it doesn't sit flush there's a little bit of a gap you need and eliminate that gap to make it fit properly so if you turn it over you could kind of see like up here some of the metal needs to be

cut out and on this side as well it's touching up here so all I did with my other one is I just trimmed about half an inch around the whole side of the middle bucket and then it fit perfectly after that so initially I thought about trimming some

of these heat sinks some of those plastic on here but it was really hard to grind down and I didn't know how deep I could really go [Music] [Music] yeah these are pretty crusty so like I said it's pretty normal for these to get rusty water likes just

sit in this area and say we're gonna go get this cleaned up I'm gonna see if my friends sandblaster is working it is I'll go sandblast these if not then we go so use a wire wheel and sand it down myself one cool thing that I did on

the Humvee recently an early film it but uh I installed this off-road jack right on to my troop seats and actually fit perfectly in the original bolt holes for the act for the seats you can see right here I just installed some longer bolts and just put on

these little turn knobs that hold it in place so whole thing is pretty solid I'm not done I should need to cut these bolts off cut and flush but it looks pretty good [Applause] all right so now we are over here at my good friend Mark Miller shop

this is his personal shop some of you guys might have seen this place in previous videos because I've done a couple videos here before he always has something really cool going on so let's take a look and see some of his projects [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

all right so now look up pretty much all the rest taking office we're gonna take it home and paint it with some rust preventative paint and we'll throw this thing back together [Music] [Music] so here is the original one as you can see here is the cut one

cut that much out of it it now sits flush so at these lights there is little alignment tabs you can see right there and they go into the alignment part of the headlight bucket so they fit perfectly and then looking from the backside or inside little bit tricky

these all fit good looking from the backside the alignment pins are all sitting right and there is nothing hitting on the back now so I'll just deeper this paint it and should be ready to go oh my god there's a bald eagle right here where'd it go I

think it's out front there's literally a bald eagle it just landed right in the tree above me that's crazy so a bald eagle just landed in it there was two of them they landed in the tree trap there oh it's still there oh my god I thought it

flew away let me see if I can get in the front [Applause] that was crazy it looks so much bigger in person I was looking at in the screen of my camera it looked pretty small but maybe I could zoom into it and the editing software but all

right let's go paint these and maybe the bald eagles will come back and we could get a closer look at him trying to get mauled to death all right so while the paint is drying over there we're gonna work on the electrical so when that gets done drawing

we could just slap everything together and it will be done to show you some of the stuff I got for the electrical alright so here's some of the connectors I got for the Humvee they are three pin waterproof connectors I got these on Amazon here's the male end

it has a nice waterproof gasket on it and the female ends and it has little you know this little cover so you could slide the new pins in so right here is the pins you just connect these to the wires you're attaching slide one of these little waterproof

gaskets over it and there you go you got waterproof connectors [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so now I have all the connectors done on the lights you can see this for that one one goes there did you both the male ends and now we are gonna go

into the Humvee and do the same but on the female ends [Applause] [Applause] [Music] all right so now that we have all the lights wired up let's go take those buckets that we painted last night slap them on there put everything together and see how it looks [Applause]

[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right everybody thanks for watching the video I hope you found it helpful and informative if you guys have any questions comments ideas for a future video anything you want to see on the hobbies let me know down the comments section and I'll do

my best to get to it if you want to follow me on my social media my link is right here go check that out if you're pretty cool see ya guys stay tuned for the next episode over and out you

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