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market and they are gorgeous when I saw these even yesterday even just on our website it was like oh my gosh you have two different options you can have a top mount or a bottom mount but it actually has this beautiful flickering realistic glow and it kind of it gives you the look of like a real flame they fit in any standard socket and today available $34.

95 and as I just mentioned they fit in any standard light socket they are extremely energy efficient they use just five watts of power you can use them indoors you can do them outdoors and by the way when you look it'll be hard to realize this but 96 LED bulbs that give this this incredible beautiful realistic look and my pleasure to welcome my fabulous guest Rebecca oh there she is she's coming on in hi miss they are so beautiful let me jump over here they're so beautiful you know it's funny I said I saw them yesterday online and I thought gosh it's a beautiful but to see it in person and when you even look at just the bulb itself if you look at the way the bulb is cut and it's actually cut with like pyramid facets that run throughout and you can notice that it flashes randomly so basically it gets lighter and it gets dimmer and the whole point of that obviously again is to literally mimic a flame so the lens itself is like a polycarbonate lens I love that it's in like a pineapple design because as we know the pineapple the signature of a pineapple is it's very welcoming so but you can put these absolutely anywhere and you can put them like in any standard socket so you can use them outside but guess what you can also turn around and use them indoors your home as well they're beautiful absolutely stunning I've had my note on my garage for a while now and I fall in love with them more and more every single day every time I Drive up into my driveway I have a huge smile my neighbors are like what is this on your garage and I've been so excited for this debut because the technology behind this bulb absolutely amazing yes inside I'm going to show you this this is the pineapple lens that Bobbi was talking about this is going to refract the light even more so if you don't have a lampshade you're gonna want to use this this is what you're gonna want to use but if you do have a lampshade this is the light inside here there are 96 LEDs 96 LEDs and not only do they flash in a sequence but the full LED goes up and down so it dances like a flame it's gorgeous and I love that I can use them anywhere oh by the way 3 flexpay up $11.

65 so do they get warm no no just they're not they don't stay completely cool to the touch but if I wrap my hand right around it and it doesn't hurt that whatsoever good good good good this is a bottom oh no I want to tell you what you're gonna be choosing so if you are screwing it works an all typical standard light socket okay you screw the light down into the MA mount right you're gonna have a bottom mount but the one liked by you here how you screw it like a into the blue socket right it's a top mount which you can see maybe so you're not it means down into the socket right Mountain right so that that just makes a decision on your purchase so how long will they last oh my goodness the story behind this is great domine not just your typical a typical LED light lasts about 30, 000 this is going to last I did the math if you were to run it about eight hours a day every single day of the year this will last you about thirteen years thirteen decade you've sold many times in fact I want to tell you the story though the owner the guy behind this oh yeah tell me I love this story he is actually the owner of one of the biggest high-end gas lamp companies in the country but people were coming to him they loved his product but they said I can't swing that I can't call you know pay the thousands of dollars across to run the gas out to wherever you want to have the gas lamp so he spent years literally years perfecting it so it looked like his own product is interesting can do that it really would you really look at it and look at the design you can really appreciate again the value here at $34.

95 and I love it because I personally just think it has a wonderful old wool feel Savannah so exactly and you know it was so funny because we were just talking about this with Peter and I was saying that I just read an article not that long ago that said that lighting was the fastest way really to you know change them but also to just inspire a more inviting environment so with this I love it because then you also have basically it looks like a pineapple and the pineapple is you know the light I think it looks like it's dancing now if you have indoors I also have one indoors and it bounces out the walls so at night you just relax you're turning all the lights and it's just like a flickering flame it is absolutely stunning and it doesn't take as much electricity literally five watts is all that the sips so that's a great point I kind of worry about your electric bill so you're not you are not dealing with the gas smell yes the open flow open flame exactly unbelievable cost of installing a gas lamp yeah all you're doing is screwing a light bulb into a socket isn't that only all you're doing whether you want to create an outdoor living area where after a long day of work or a crazy commute that you're sipping on maybe a Long Island iced tea and just enjoying the house and I'm telling you you're right it will take that room where you just have that basic light bulb and boom immediately change the look of it so the only decision we have to make then is whether you want a bottom mount or a top mount that is that's all it's so simple and the bottom I will tell you is definitely the most limited this is brand-new and also this is the only airing of this today and that was so much fun actually wheeling this in and seeing everybody's reaction they were stopping us in the hall because it is something that will just make you stop in your tracks and you're thinking is that a real flame a lot of us are taking and wanting to do something with our front yards so we have that really beautiful curb appeal and if you hired a landscaper they're gonna tell you to do one of two things spring color second biggest thing bring light and not just lightly why don't you bring a light that nobody in your neighborhood is going to have I remember we I go on walks every night that's how I get my exercise and there are a couple homes in the neighborhood that have gas lamps and I would walk by them and think I want that so badly I love that look I want that didn't think it was possible thousands of dollars got to run a line out to your garage area and have that carriage lighting with the gas lamps this is just simply screwing in a light bulb SEC I know it takes seconds and by the way it's interesting when you look at it cuz it looks like glass but it's actually a polycarbonate so so easy to take care of it I think we should dim the lights again in a moment because I think that's when you can really appreciate the overall charm and warmth and beauty that this light can give this bulb can give you and we have only a little over three minutes if you want again the bottom mount the bottom mount is far and away the most popular but look at it look at the slicker I mean and as we said it's designed you can see how it actually even almost like arm brace from like a lighter light or a stronger light to a dimmer light so it looks like so much technology behind that is there are 96 LEDs like I said but not only do those LEDs flash in a sequence they go up and down the entire LED light so it dances just like a real flame that's the difference the technology is outstanding it is it look and I know it's funny because my brother-in-law has a very long driveway and had also looked into getting gas lights and forget it particularly you had the key has like 10 lamppost on each side it's like there's no way so you want to create that same look because honestly just look look at your television screen right now it's so realistic and love it I love the idea outdoors but I also really love it in the indoor lamps so you're not limited to using these just outdoors you use them outdoors you can use them indoors and it's basically about three inches in height it's six inches in height three inches wide three six inches long and the reason if you're saying why does it matter if I have a top mount or a bottom mount the technology is so new and so amazing that it will reverse the flame so if you've got you know that's cool that's why it's important or to get a real gas lamp flame and it wouldn't look like it was coming from the blade because that comes from the base so this mimic it mimics that so it actually is like it's coming from a source room you know and it's not just the installation that's expensive when you're talking about a gas lamp fixture right right it's having to actually pay for that gas month after month after month this is an LED light that just sips the energy five watts that's it and like I said and what do you do you just like oh yeah just like this okay I'm gonna put it in something that has a lampshade you're gonna just simply turn turn and take the pineapple lens off and then you're gonna screw this in but if you have a clear fixture and you really want to see those dancing flames you're just gonna put it in and you tighten it up and just like that it's likely to get that's it that's it it seemed easy easy easy and it's very very very energy efficient very Energy's great five watts so you're not it you know it's sipping that energy and it's something you can enjoy for over a decade I mean think about it over a decade you can pull into your driveway see that beautiful carriage lamps with those flickering flames and talk about wow factor yes creating a grand entrance into your home even the porch definitely above Europe you know we have one porch light that there's no fixture there it's stunning there well that's another point you're saving a lot of money instead of going out and spending a fortune on the fixture right yeah and all you have to do again you pick top mount or bottom mount and our only airing today 3495 thank you so much oh that's a beautiful thing I do not go anywhere because we have more great values coming up for everyone next we're gonna help you kind of water all those beautiful plants that you'll be buying in our next hour stay tuned [Music].

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