Indoor/Outdoor Laser Light with 16color LED Floodlight

but I can tell you that Alice does some serious traveling and I'm not talking just around you know Neverland I mean she is everywhere okay right you're such a tease this is such this is like the trailer now I have to see this I I'm n Wonderland not

Neverland okay but in the movie she travels and she travels and she travels and the lighting effects well the special effects in the movie I hope that they're nominated and win an award because Disney did such a magnificent job at this movie I was like I dropped my

popcorn is in middle of the movie yesterday I've never heard that I was sitting in a pile of popcorn okay this we've sold over a quarter a million laser lights and so in our partnership with Disney our collaboration with Disney I should say the indoor outdoor lighting laser

light LED combo it's gonna blow your mind 7995 listen it's free shipping for the event and when you see what this does to illuminate your house for any holiday or just the middle of summer it's on three flex payments for on the HSN card okay Tim Wilkins tell

us how this works I've never been done before so we brought back the green laser we added a spinning vortex effect okay and then we added sixteen different led floodlights that you have to choose from and the ability to use the laser spinning the different effects and the

floodlights flashing on and on doing everything you wanted to do making you're indoors or you're outdoors really really cool we're gonna show you how it looks in just a minute but I want to show you how easy it is to operate as always we've got the remote control

which we've updated as well which is RFID which would give you the same great range from the inside of your comfort of your home as all of our other great lasers now you've got the ability again to change the colors back and forth from the sixteen different choices

a flash mode you can spin up the speed up the spinning of the vortex or slow down the spinning of the vortex make it auto changing colors and of course change the colors to just LED without the spinning lasers and then of course it's just like our others

you've got a six hour or eight hour timer over here here's your eight hour feature so you don't have to go outside and change these you've made your garage or the front of your house the wreath anything cool just like the magic of the movie and let's face

it there's nothing more magical than Disney period but look at this now this is we're gonna as we bring our lights down in the studio you'll see and you'll also see on the side of the house that this effect unlike just a laser that stands still has movement

yes can be changed in size it can be changed in dimension it can move it can be stationary and here you can see look at this beautiful cool tree stump when we shot this this is too cool I don't even know where that's coming from that is so

neat okay now you can change the effect you can speed up the vortex you can add color to it let's add some I'm changing all kinds of things yes there it is now Oh see look at this spiral there and let's add the different effects look how cool

it's let's get another remote it's such a unique in a dramatic effect that were broadcasting on a tree on the backyard on the fence on the garage door on just the front of the house now you can actually slow this down almost to a stop at any pattern

will see that slowing down so this is so much fun kids parties I was talking the other night about the different kids parties every girl has a magical five parties the princess party the Alice party and Alice now is one of the one of the cherished princesses one

of the church she's not a princess but for some reason she's in there with the other princesses uh-huh you need this for your parties for your daughters and granddaughters and then it can be that night light that makes the room magical after that and then you can take

it outside for the different seasons another cool thing we've added in the past a tripod to put it inside has been an upsell this comes with a base that screws onto the bottom for indoors and it comes with the metal stake for outside as well you know what

in all of our efforts to show you how these work and what they're going to illuminate onto your home I'm gonna say that we've never done anything with the integration of LED and laser combined and what it does for you is it gives you this burn of light

with the effect of the laser kind of surrounding it what kind of gives you an illusion of like a universe almost as though you're looking into the universe did you see that's red did you see that look as it was spinning right circle and then the different colors

of LEDs it's cycling through them we've got it set to do that but you could pick that magic color for you your team colors Halloween again for Christmas you've got the green laser and you can put the red LED behind it and you've got that spinning you can

aim that right at your wreath or right at your garage door and just get that to be so magical it's you know what excitement doesn't matter which color you choose you get them all okay and it's one fixture you get a light staking system you get the stand

so that you can either like if you want to mount it to let's say the rail outside the banister around of a deck area now listen there are fewer than 800 of these when when Tim Wilkinson and I launched the laser light the original laser light that we

brought you to HSN they exploded we could we didn't get have enough to get through noon okay see this is an only one that we've ever done that has LED and laser combined now here it is again cycling through with this 16 different LED colors you have to

choose from and look how beautiful and it's cycling through the different patterns of the vortex and you have the ability of speeding this up I can speed this vortex up and when it comes back to a new more neutral color or if I want to slow this down

to almost static you see that's slowing down how cool that is and then speed that back up all this can be done from inside your warm house during the cold months if you're doing this for Halloween or for Christmas or different holidays or around the cold seasons but

this is the party light this is the one adults and kids parties that's gonna make it fun get a couple of these these interact with our existing lasers if you want to put the yellow and the red and green dots all over your house and it has the

Gort the the vortex look at that look at that okay look at how brilliant that LED is as well and the farther you get back we've got this shot on a little area but the farther you get back from your door or your walls that you're shining the

bigger that pattern the more brilliant that pattern gets that's the beauty of laser and we're showing you a little demonstration over here on this trunk of the tree and and then our Whitsitt are I should say reproduce whitson garden over here behind me but I think what's nice

about it it doesn't matter what the occasion is it could be just on a warm summer's night but fourth of July think about it for a party that you're having any time of the year where you want to illuminate that area and make it special on fire smoke

and hot under $80 free shipping they're on three flexible payments and 4 flex payments will get it home for you on the HSN card for like pennies a month you know really if you think about it what a great way to illuminate your life and we only brought

in enough for the Alice Through the Looking Glass event we don't have these if we don't if we don't if we sell out now there's no more this is all there are and it's a very exciting creation that we made especially for this event and you know arts

funny our manufacturer he flew all the way in from up north just for the event today and with 800 remaining they stay cool they're energy efficient because they operate on LED and laser and they're very cool so it's not like you know a fixture it's gonna get hot

or as dangerous it all features you know very nicely sealed ul-listed cord weather resistant as well and it works to minus for up to 90 degrees but laser green lasers I do want to tell you under 55 will take a couple minutes to ramp up uh-huh but it's

laser technology it's the laser lights like we said that we've sold a quarter of a million of in the last two years and then we've added the LEDs 16 different colors the other ones you've seen around maybe eight maybe maybe ten maybe twelve sixteen and a laser that

you're getting to bring all that excitement to your gazebos your summer parties your patio tell us about the remote a little bit okay okay we want to show you because it has an automatic setting six-hour eight hour light setting tell us how that works well we've updated the

remote as well as making it a little longer range but you've got the ability to change the color to add the flash feature where the lights are gonna flash on and off over here with the plus you can speed up the vortex as it spins in the pattern

you can slow it down you Auto so that will cycle through the colors automatically and then of course the ability to turn it on and off by timer by six and eight hours and then to change just the LED look at this light look at it as we

illuminate this for you at home to show you the power of LED technology and the way it's going to illuminate whatever part of your home you have it pointed at whether you're a close faraway remember the projection system is LED and laser it's not some you know way

that we fudged on giving you the best we're giving you the best of both and how many different color options you have sixteen you're getting 16 color options nobody has that has that with a green laser as well we've never done this this is so exciting to have

both these technologies melded so that you've got that ambient light in all these different colors you can set it on one of course we're cycling through on the auto feature to give you an idea of what all these beautiful brilliant colors look like but that you can set

it on just one color get a couple light up the side of the house in just LEDs or LEDs and lasers or just lasers sixteen colors I would beg to differ too with anybody watching this show who has shopped on any other television network who has gone to

any store that has found green laser integrated with 16 LED colors I mean it just brings it alive and it makes it what a light show it's like a studio light show it is like a studio light show like you'd see at the theme parks now and I'm

sure more and more are gonna start finding ways to integrate the technology but they just haven't melded the two and now you have an opportunity through this special event to get that LED and that laser in one unit it's interesting but you know what when you think about

Disney and you think about just Disney and the years and years and years that we all grew up with whether it be the motion pictures the attraction everything about Disney it's all about fantasy it's all about magic it's all about the special effects and they are masters I

mean their Studios have been able to take Alice put her into a I can't tell you but it's a transport device and travel across time and you're gonna get to see a lot of that in the movie I would encourage you to go see it I made 27

through the in 3d and it's just gonna be it's gonna blow your mind okay you're gonna remember this moment right now that we're sharing about lighting when you see the movie you know we're gonna tell you more but you're gonna think about lighting when you see them what

else disney's known for lights when you go there the parades the night the way they light up their cities and towns and rides and events lights lasers now or a big part of it and beautiful brilliant leds those are the ways that they've done things to bring that

magic home and now you can bring that magic home to your parties your everyday to your holidays and special events to your kids parties or shine that up in the ceiling and give them something to remember when those grandkids come over when your kids are at home shine

we've got a princess bet at the house that looks like a horse-drawn carriage shine that up at the ceiling set that for a soft blue or a nice yellow and you've got a really special room for that little one what great technology remember you receive the screw down

base and the grass mounting system which it's powder coated steel so you can either mount it to a deck it's got like screw holes in the bottom of the mounting plate or you can mount it or displace it into the graph you get the remote control which lets

you very easily change it to any one of the sixteen light colors with the green laser that gives you the option at either still or motion and either pinwheel or spots I mean you have so many different options and you can put color to any one of the

options of the laser either in motion or standing still and you've got that and the other things like I said we haven't offered in the past in just a couple seconds I've changed from the metal stake which a lot of don't offer they give you a plastic stake

I've changed from the metal stake to the base mount to be able to mount this indoors anywhere just set it on a table aim it up at a wall for a party I look how I just love when you get a good shot of this vortex I'm gonna

speed this up a little I love the spinning vortex when it adds the beautiful brilliant colors like the Reds and the oranges and the yellows aha when you've got sixteen colors you really get a chance to see how beautiful that is spinning and as you're looking at that

what I've done is I position two of the spotlights towards the trunk right here the trunk of the tree and our recreated whitson garden that you can kind of see how that looks and you know what if you want to put a concentration of more than one life

together you're gonna have two different colors three different colors do mean really you could do whatever is the beauty of lighting light up either side of the house for the holidays for Halloween for special occasions light it up whether it's the LEDs or the LEDs and the vortex

and get everything going at once isn't it clever you're gonna love this because you know what lighting changes the ambience outdoors anywhere around your house back yard front yard if you're having a party having this just in the front door to let people know here's where the party

is would be great as well only presentation of the day we're gonna a short break Tim thank you so much for being here it's brand-new and it's all part of Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass stay tuned for more and our today's special with Jeffrey banks coming up

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