Instalar iluminación LED en nuestra PS3 Slim

hello what such welcome fellow friendsagain to I am here of turn after this small stop had toto reasons of work is acting a absent times but already has gone back and eatit goes being usual want to command the greeting to all the subscribers of thechannel also to the new subscribers to which invited to that join to thechannel youtube to be able to receive notifications of new tutorialesleave comments ask etcetera also how no without forgetting us ofcommand the greeting to our sponsor no centerwell going back to what is the subject of the tutorial been only go to do isteach us to do a better aesthetic in our playstation 3 slim couldsay that this is the second part in a tutorial that went up some months backwardswhere teachs to do what is one improvement in the system of ventilation thatit is what see in the image which did an orifice of 80.

000metres placed a metallic clay of the be possible a filter of carbonbut well it would be optional in this occasion touches him to the aestheticswhich go to achieve light the orifice of entrance of airthe entrance of the disks and also the connections went if no tenés it itentrance and afterwards at all central in the that it is the entrance of the disks and theconnections usb also comments a thing when it works with voltageit is necessary to have a lot of a lot of care because any small errorit could repercutir in a grave problem even remain us without console and thatit have evidence that to have a lot of care because we do not go us to domanagers of at all here the responsibility recae on theperson that manipulates the machine this case youvery said this as at all we go to hold the things that are necessaryfirst clear is an aunt goes him to be possible that feed of 12 voltsalso it could also it could use the one who is of 5 voltsbut clear the points of 5 volts they are much more hid necessarythat there is much more work if we use the one of 12 volts is so simple eatuse the commission of the fan and simple to locate and goes us to savea lot of work afterwards also it goes to be necessaryuse what is wire this case I I recommend grappin that is this that seein the image and if you do not have of east type of meat as something that was endand what narrower better because afterwards to the hour to manipulate whatit install it goes to be much easier well that more does fault alsoa gun of hot silicone or plastic melted that you see it in theimage if you do not have of this as you canuse adhesive strip of double expensive and calls as insulating strip what happensin the insulating strip if the console heats a lot cangive the case that despegue and could do some short some damage in theinterior of the machine but well this already it would be an ours decisionin this case I with me recommend plastic melted hot silicone thatmore as I think that already is everything to the following would be to remove what isit covers it upper of our machine I already have dreamed it is so simple eatcity of the peace upwards but good for those that do not have clear eastpoint as here up the corner upper rightI go to leave a link where want a tutorial where taught how canopen it disassemble what is one playstation 3 slim with one have alreadyhere it is what is covers it of the console go to see as it is theimage also is necessary to comment one important thing because of the differentmodels of playstation 3 slim that system it can give the case that find twotypes of interiors see in the image that this belongs to the model 120 gigas250 and I think that the 320 also and afterwards we go to find this another that is the one of160 gigas that can see that for the moment the fan already is smaller andafterwards this sheet also changes of colour this is a cromado the another is agrey a bit clear in this model the thing goes to change a lot because it is necessarydo more work due to the fact that this piece of plastic is so togetherhit what is covers it upper that when we put you read it looking toup automatically it cancels what is the illuminationtherefore it is necessary to do it of form distinctwe had to do three ofició with a taladro 3 here three here and put thethat it is the group of led looking to asia then the light would give the gaps of thethat it is the fan this on the one hand and afterwards here the samewe had to españa is to do a small hole here and put italso invested and like this the light it would see inside what is electthis on the one hand if we have of this model as thething changes a lot due to the fact that here we can see as if it was a reliefmore or less a centimetre then the modules of led couldput in surface because of what is the relief of a centimetre so much theexpected as in this said this as we go to go preparing thethat they are the four groups of leds then we go to leave to a side whatthey are the consoles for the moment now what go to do will beprepare what are the groups of led that as you can see as in this throwsit goes in groups of three sets that is to say here we can cut here here herecontinuously to the end we do not go to do four as we go tocut now to prepare them we go to put them a poquito of tin for afterwards already we have them preparedand now yes that go to begin to position what are the groups of ledto position it that they are the groups of we go it to do of the following formwill have to the discovered what is the adhesive strip that are used to to bring thestar led and go to put them in this position do not put it here ace the laws [Music] well as we already have it has positionedthree groups of led now it would be missing the most difficultalso I want to comment a thing important is to take it into account whenyou have to join the groups to give us account that they always go signalled witha more or less that is to say positive and negative is very important not investingwhat is the polarity because we could damage surely the led or even theconsole this have it very in account here you will be able to it does not see in the image less amayas and continuously is as we are one chain do not have positionedthese three groups of led I recommend put them a drop of hot siliconeespecially in case it gives the case that it arrives to despegar what is the one of his sonthat has 3of this form already had them assimilatedwell we go with the reader desconectamos now we would remove these three screws [Music]these two of here below depending the reader that have as it was to the case thatany of the screws changes the position but well remove covers itupper metallic is it difficult no have upwards first here and now yes good ashaving the reader of the following form now we have to do a smallorifice in this this piece of here have a taladro also it is convenient as tryseparate the top for no case that the taladro traspase as it noticedthat the inferior part we raise a poquito are nowit is we give it I already know it know the smalldiscount that say been able to to remain like this but if we already go to fix what is thegroup of lens but first is necessary to put the wire because as this has investedwe do not go to have ease to solder then the first go to put like this more or less we measure by where we gothere of the wire but if we want already we can fix whatit is it throws it people the wired up the one who have a lot of careno that they do not stick and I tripped with this piece of here that is to say go tocarry it precisely with this side like this we go to leave the wired up of suchway that do not disturb with this piece now the following will be to solder thelast group of let's important remember which is the positive by thenegative I have left them in such a way that the shortest is negative and the morelong is positive so we go to go putting the wire hisplace and well now it touches to close whatselectoras the [Music] already we have to go placing everything in hisplace now we go with the most delicate partit is the one who go to have to cut more that cut go to say litigate a bitthe insulator of the wire here we have three black colours grey andbrown the brown is the positive and the black innegative we take a for wires and remove him apoquito the insulator without arriving to cut what is the wire go us with theblack and the now go him to add a poquito odd already we have and well already finally it isjoin what is the last extreme of the groups of led in what it is the one of thewired up of the fan to tibú with the black and the positive with the muzzle we want it now what go to doit is to isolate what is the welding can use integral and used siliconehot is faster [Music] well already we have it everything now go togo closing neither will do it with a beautiful ciao install us have cleaned himalso a poquito the bank and well one so important thing for the peoplethat had installed a late inside the reader take into account that theguardapolvos that have in the frontal it is necessary to remove it because because it cancels bycomplete what is the illumination and no you concern you by this because at allit can be that a pelín more than dust that is not minimum if you do not concern youthus towers removing this go to see an effect very very well but afterwards alreadyit is not the one who more also in the first minute since we did did oneentrance of air and put him a filter of coal that is this covers that havehere that occurs that the filter of carbon also costs a lot itthat it is the exit of light does us one proof but is that it is not really noit sees almost but what go to use this case will be this type of coversapart from being much more beautiful by the logo that have put of the dragonalso we have substituted what is the filter of carbon by a rejilla veryfine which does not go to obstruct hardly it that it is the step and go to do what isthe proof we have to be much better sosaid this go to begin to mount the console and now already touch and do whatit is the proof of the illumination leds and at all of light so we go to them[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well as we already have seen the effect thatit does the illumination led in ours console imagine also that you have youdie explains of this small touch special that gave him as I always dothat what has done is recortar what they are the letters of ps3 the rejilla to theequal that in the entrance of air and afterwards him put also a piece to throw himbut in this case of blue colour so that like this it differentiates a poquito to the restof illumination and good with this create that already is everything expect that it serve you ofhelp to the tutorial or at least that you it have liked and if it is like this as alreadyyou know to give us the air likes me that it is not absolutely at all and fromhere already only it remains to sack and I eat always I say a greeting and will see us veryprompt in the next tutorial until prompt [Music]until the sight baby.

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