Install LED Floodlight – Simple!

hey folks I'm Dennis thanks for watchingmy video I've got this raggedy old light fixture on the outside of our house thatI need to replace not only is it old but I need something out here that gives alittle bit more light so I bought one of these Lepower LED floodlight fixturesI'll replace this old one with this one let's get started the first thing youwant to do before working on any electrical circuit is de-energized acircuit so you determine which breaker is on the circuit that you're working onand then trip that breaker if you have other people in the house or anythinglike that you might want to put a piece of tape over it or shut the breaker boxdoor and put a piece of tape over it you know do not open it's written on itsomething like that the next thing that you want to do is to energize thecircuit of the switch even though the breakers off and then look at the lightand make sure that the light is off it is so now we know that we've got thecircuit completely energized the other thing that you may want to do is flipthe switch off and put a piece of masking tape over it just again to besafe in case somebody energizes your circuit breaker.

that's no guarantee thatyou won't get power to the circuit though so you always want to make surethat your breaker is going to stay locked out.

now most all of your lightfixtures are going to have either a couple of knobs or like a couple ofscrews right here that you got to take off to get the fixture out this one ispretty old well fortunately for me they're not rusted if they're rusted youmight have to take a pair of pliers to them if you want to salvage your bulband now's a good time to before you take the fixture off is a good time to takethe bulb out too because a little jostling around sometimes will break thefilament if if they're not rusted a lot of these things are hex nuts and so ifyou're especially if you're salvaging the fixture you can put a socket or awrench on these acorn nuts and save them not scratch them up thisfixture so rusted and in bad shape as you can see I'm not trying to salvage itusually you're gonna find three wire nuts the hotneutral in the ground which is what I've got here so that's goodsome people re using wire nuts I would not recommend it I would use new onesbecause what happens to them particularly in an exterior light is theplastic gets kind of old and brittle now we know that we have gotten the poweroff of this circuit the final check that you can make when you're working on acircuit like this is if you have a multimeter before you disconnectanything check your wires, your AC wiring, your white and your black wire checkfor any voltage on there all right so that fixtures off now I've got my wiring I'll probably have to do something here with the mounts we'll seelet's open up this LEpower fixture and see what we've gotwarranty card, instructions what I'm really interested in is what the whatthe mount itself looks like so there's the gasket a lot of these fixtures willgive you wire nuts oh yeah there are three little wire nuts in here and somescrews so here's the fixture itself I got it because it's got three kind ofseparate elements to it and I want to be able to point these the way I want themto kind of light up an area now we'll see how bright it is after dark tonightand I'll show you that on a video the way this mounts is it's sealed inthe back so you've got your you know black goes to black white goes to whitegreen is ground so it'll go to either green or bare depending on your wiringmost of the time your house wiring your ground wire is going to be bare copperso your green will go to that one and then the way this mounts is with justone screw through here so I'll verify that in the instructions but that lookslike that's how we're gonna mount on this particular model I've gotthere's a what they call a dusk-to-dawn sensor and apparently makes it come onat dusk and turn off at dawn if you don't want that you just place that capover it and then it just works with your switch so that's how I'm gonna installmine I don't really want it to just come on by itself didn't really snap down allthat well it might stick a little bit of just a little bit of silicon or some onthere to keep it from blowing off but I don't like that at which it would snapon there better so we'll see I'll decide that later but anyway that's gonna go onthere and then in this little bag they do give you four wire nuts there's twoeach of a shorter and a longer screw that's about I don't know half inchscrew maybe and about a one-inch screw those are for mounting the bar to thejunction box and then this is for mounting though this is for the centerhole mount the long screw that's probably a about a two inch group that'sto mount the the light to the wall they don't really say in the instructions butthat little there's a little silicon rubber gasket I'm gonna use that for themounting screw to keep water from getting inside the box so I'm gonna usethat here as a as a sealing washer on that on that long mounting screw becausethis is the bracket for the original fixture so I'm gonna take these out inmy particular case this is like an external vinyl box so we're going tomount I'm gonna have to get my wire nuts downinside of here because there won't be any room on the outside to get themwhich is fine I can tuck all that in thereand then I'm gonna mount this like so the gasket will go so Center all that upnow if you've got like if your wirings been used already if you've got enoughwire there too to just clip it off and start over that's what I would do if youdon't then just straighten it out best you can without destroying theinsulation you know like so you can kind of get it straight and everything but ifyou got enough there I would probably just clip it back a lot of times you canpull some slack out you know that kind of thing I'm kind of halfway in betweenhere so I'm gonna I'm gonna do a little both I'm gonna straighten it out andthen I'm gonna clip it off and clean it up so I wanna I'm just gonna cut that back to touch now some installations what you're goingto have is you're going to have like a round electrical box out here and if youif you do that there's going to be at least two maybe four threaded holes foryour screws and in that case you're going to use these fine threaded screwsthat come with the fixture because that's what they're that's what thoseholes are going to take their standard pretty standard on your boxes in thisparticular case this is like an external vinyl box so I've never actually dealtwith one of these but the way they've got it and had it installed is they'vegot the bracket just screwed into the vinyl and its really thick I'm justgonna take a couple of short course thread screws and attach it like that hold that up out of the way so I'm justgonna just to kind of keep them away I'm gonna take the gasket and I'm gonna putI want the sticky side to the wall so I'm going to I'm gonna go ahead andthread my thread it through my wires on the fixture that way it's kind of out ofmy way and I can I can place it when I'm donethis way and go ahead and get my wires done and tuck them and then place thisand get the thing mounted so you're gonna do white to white black to blackand green the ground I'm not going to use the wire nuts that they gave me I'mgoing to use these just because usually those wire nuts that come with thingsare kind of iffy so what you do is you take these are almostoff fixtures you're going to have a have flexible wire they're gonna havestranded wire and most your house wiring is solid wiring so so what you do is youtake take your wires and line them up and you know you've got the power offyou don't have to worry about getting zappedbut line them up and then get it's easier to twist the stranded one aroundthe solid one and then take your wire nut and it's got there's like a know youcan see that on the inside there's metal and it's like a kind of a spring or likea threaded insert as what it is so you just put that on the wires make surethat both the wires go inside that metal part and then you twist it turn itclockwise to tighten it on and you'll feel when it if you're if you're holdingon to the if you're holding on to both wires you'll feel when it's got a biteon both of them because it'll start twisting them together back up herebehind the nut and that's a good thing that's what you want so then the samething with the grounding with the ground wire you know figure out how to get allthis tucked up in there ideal it's like any other electrical box you kind ofwant you kind of want grounding neutral to go to one side and you kind of wantthe black to go the other side best you can manage that just because it's never bad practice to have themseparated in the box so there we go now I got all that tucked I don't haveanything directly under here because I know I'm going to drive a screw intohere now that'll get that securely mountedthen this gaskets got a hole in it that's for the center mounting hole andthis is adhesive back paper so you want to pull that off like so get that stuck on there with the center hole andthen it's got a notch for the bracket get that stuff down that'll help sealthat up and you're sucking the wires up in there so then you just line your fixture up onthat gasket take your take your long screw with thatlittle silicon washer on it get in there you need a phillips screwdriver and thenyou know right before you get it good and tight make sure that you got itlined up straight the way you want it that's nice and solid and then I can aimthese lights the way I want them so the thing that I like about this light isthat you can take these wings and you can't just send the way you want they'llturn up and down the whole thing of turned however you want it check it outI'm gonna go turn the power back on turn the breaker on and then try and makesure to work and then I'll show you after dark what the light looks likeI'll check it out after dark but I'm I think I'm gonna be extremely happy withthat and I'm gonna try to show you how well this thing lights up the area it'sit's about dark thirty so that's obviously with the light off here's whatit on that's a pretty good area this will light up all the way out to thetree lines that's probably out to the edge of these trees right here that'sabout forty yeah it might be fifty feet and the lights lighting up those treeseasily to the naked eye I'll leave a link in the description below on whereto buy this light if you have any questions about how to install thislight or one like it just leave me your question in the comments below and I'lldo my best to answer them to help you out please like my video and subscribeto my channel I appreciate your watching and hope seeyou back soon thank you and God bless you.

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