Jeep Wrangler Axial 3" 6-LED Cube Light – Flood Beam (1987-2019 YJ, TJ, JK & JL) Review & Install


What's up, guys.

Ryan here from extremeterrain and today I'llbe reviewing and installing the Axial 3-inch 6 LED Cube Lights with Flood Beam.

This is for the Jeep owner that's just lookingfor a very affordable option to give them some additional lighting for those nighttimedrives.

It's perfect for those of you that like toventure out after dark whether you're just driving down the back road or you're hittingthose trails, as these 3-inch lights, while relatively small, pack a very powerful punch.

Now, these lights are small enough so youcan basically mount them anywhere you have a good spot and they're powerful enough toget you through even the darkest of drives.

Now, these are LED lights.

Each one of these lights has 6 LEDs.

These are 4-watt Cree LEDs with a high intensity.

They're gonna produce a very bright whitelight that is close to 6000 Kelvin.

Now, housing is made from durable aluminum.

They have an acrylic lens.

This is all gonna steal that up really nicelyand it's gonna keep those internals very safe.

The housing is finished off with a black powdercoating.

It's gonna add to that aggressive styling.

It's also gonna protect that aluminum fromcorrosion.

Now, these lights have an IP rating of 67, making them waterproof, dirt, and dustproof and allowing you to submerge them up to 1meter for up to 30 minutes.

Now, these lights are completely bolt-on.

They come with their own hardware and bracketsto install.

And of course, these lights are sold individuallyand by themselves.

So, if you're looking to wire them up youwill need to get a harness and a switch, but we have plenty of options to choose from onour website.

Now, currently, these lights are coming inright around $35 on our website, making them a very affordable option and very reasonablyprice when compared to other options of the same design.

Now, as far as the installation goes, I'mgonna give this a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter as you can get thislight installed in under an hour just using basic hand tools.

Now, with that being said, let's hop intothe install.

Tools we use for this install: 3/8 drive ratchet, 5-millimeter Allen.

So, before we get started with this installationI wanna say one of the nice things about this light is it comes with its own little bracket.

This bracket is gonna attach to the light.

Since it has a hole in the bottom and comeswith hardware, you can pretty much bolt it to any flat surface that has a hole in itor if you have an aftermarket bumper that has light tips.

Now, for this particular installation, we'regonna be installing it on our light brackets here which don't utilize this bracket.

So, we don't need it.

So, with that being said, we're gonna installsome of the hardware in this light and we're gonna get this light bolted onto this mount.

So, using the hardware provided we have somenuts that we need to drop down into these lights.

You have these little captured seats, that'sgonna hold the nuts in place while we thread the bolts that they provide us with throughthe outside.

So, as you can see down here, well most likelyyou can see down here, we got that nut situated in there.

It's gonna have flange on it.

We want that to face towards the outside ofthe light.

We're gonna try to keep that in place whilewe get the other side in.

These are pretty tricky to do, so you couldprobably use a magnet that would help you get these in and out.

So, what we wanna do is we want to get thebracket in between this nut and this outside flange.

So, we're gonna try to do that while we getthis on to the bracket and then we'll get these bolts installed without dropping thesenuts out of it.

So then, whether you're using aftermarketbrackets like this or if you're using the brackets that come with it, you need to slidethose in between the nuts and that outside flange.

And then, once we get that in we're gonnapush our little Allen head bolts that they gave us in through the outside and we're gonnaget this thing tightened up.

Get these started, then we'll go get a wrenchand we'll tighten these down.

Now to tighten up these little Allen headedbolts we're gonna use a 5-millimeter Allen key.

I'm just gonna go ahead and snug these up.

So, that's gonna cover the installation ofthe light.

Now, this light, they just come as individuallights and they have this little pigtail.

So, you'll need to get a harness and a switch.

We offer many options on the website and youcould check those out.

For this particular install, I'm gonna wirethis thing up really briefly just to show you what this looks like when it's on.

So, we got this whole thing wired up, so I'mgonna show you what it looks like.

So, that's gonna wrap it up for my reviewand installation.

For more videos and products like this, checkus out at extremeterrain.



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