Jeep Wrangler Deegan 38 by KC 50 Inch LED Light Bar; Spot/Fog Combo Review & Install

Hey, guys.

So, today we're checking out the Deegan 38by KC HiLiTES 50-inch Single Row LED Light Bar fitting all-year Wranglers.

So, if you're in search of some additionallighting on your Wrangler, whether you want that for some extra visibility on dark backroads or dark trails or you're just looking for a boost in style on your Jeep, this optionby Deegan 38 and KC HiLiTES is going to be a good choice to take a look at.

Now, this is also gonna be for the Jeep ownerwho's looking for that auxiliary lighting to match any other LEDs that they alreadyhave on their Wrangler or just to enhance that OEM lighting.

This kit is going to include just the lightbar itself, but it is going to be pretty impressive for that single row featuring 30 Cree LEDlights that are going to be high-intensity Cree LEDs making for a very bright light andit's also going to have an 8-degree spot and a 90-degree fog beam.

Now, that is going to switch it up from, again, the traditional spot and spread beam that we usually see with light bars.

Now, that eight-degree spot is going to giveyou the distance in your lighting, it's gonna shine it far down the road and that fog isgoing to be a little bit more spread out in comparison to the spot, giving you all ofthat peripheral visibility that you need when you're driving your Jeep.

Now, the light bar itself is going to be verydurable with an aluminum housing, a clear hardened lens, and it's also going to havean IP67 rating.

That means it's gonna be dust and waterproof, ensuring that it's gonna last a very long time when it's mounted up to your Jeep.

So, you don't have to worry about dust fromthe trail or rain getting inside the housing and hurting those LEDs.

Now, with all that being said, this is gonnabe put at a pretty average price point for a light bar at roughly $400, but in my personalopinion, I think with KC HiLiTES as the main brand as well as Deegan 38 that that's putat a very good price point.

Now, in comparison to some other choices, usually, there are a couple of other options when it comes to light bars with that traditionaldual-row light bar like I mentioned before, and then you're also going to have curvedoptions that are gonna be a little bit more expensive because of the different design.

Now, if we are taking a look at some moreexpensive options, you're usually gonna see some choices that are going to either includebrackets and or additional lighting and then on the other hand the lesser expensive optionsare just going to be the more basic setup and they may not come with the wiring harnessincluded like this kit does.

Now, I really like that out of this kit.

It makes it plug and play, very easy to install, and user-friendly.

So, this kit really comes with it all exceptfor those mounting brackets.

But that leaves it open to what you wannado at with your personal style and your Wrangler.

Now, speaking of install, this is going tobe a one out of three making it very easy to get this installed.

You're gonna need a couple of basic hand toolsand probably about an hour's worth of your time.

So, speaking of that install, let's jump intothat now.

The tools that I used for my install werean impact wrench, an 11-millimeter deep socket, a T40 and T30 Torx socket, a 3/16-inch, anda 6-millimeter Allen socket, 1/4-inch drive ratchet, and a flathead screwdriver.

So, to kick off this install, I would recommendto have brackets pre-installed.

Now, these are the Raxiom 50-inch LED lightbar mounting brackets, but it will depend on what your Wrangler that you have.

We're working on the TJ today.

So, then our next step, what I did was grabbedthe button head bolts, the Allen head bolts, and I put a flat washer and a lock washerand threaded it in a couple of threads on either side because these will have to slideinto the mount.

Now, yours on your Wrangler might be a littlebit different, but this is how it's gonna be on ours.

So, it also may be a little bit helpful tohave a friend on the other side.

And we're gonna put that flat washer in frontof the bracket.

And then once that's in place, what we cando is tighten this up in the direction that we want it pointing.

Want it pointing down a little bit, not enoughto where it's gonna hit on the hood.

That looks good.

Then we can grab our Allen key and tightenthat down.

So, what I'm gonna do now is take a 6-millimeterAllen socket and just tighten that up.

Now, you also do wanna make sure that you'retightening it up evenly.

So, I'm gonna hit it couple times on thisside, then we'll go to the other side and do the same thing.

All right.

So, now that our light bar is mounted up, now we can route our wiring harness.

All right.

So, what we're gonna do next is pop our hoodso we can access our battery and the firewall to run our switch.

So, we have our main connector here, thisis gonna plug into our wiring harness.

And now this step is gonna depend on yourmodel Wrangler or what you have mounted up in this area.

What I'm gonna try to do is actually routethis wire and tuck it underneath our cowl area here.

Now, we can't actually tuck all of the wire, but we can hide some of it just to get it to our engine bay.

So, I'm gonna take a T15 Torx bit and removethis screw so it lifts up our cowl.

So, I was gonna lift it up just enough sowe can get this tucked through here.

We can actually take out this bolt and routethis behind our bracket here.

So, the tool that you use may depend on yourhardware.

I'm gonna use a 3/16-inch Allen socket andjust loosen up this bracket here.

I'm gonna take out this bolt.

So, we aren't able to fully tuck it but weare able to get it out of the way just a little bit.

Now, there is gonna be a little bit of exposedwire here.

Now there's a number of things you can dowith this.

What I would recommend is actually a cowlcover right here.

You can just go ahead and mount that over.

That's really just going to be for the TJowners out there.

For the JK and JL owners, you will be ableto have a little bit of space in here to route that wire underneath the cowl into the enginebay area.

So, what I'm doing now is just taking theswitch part of our wiring harness, it's gonna be the three spade connectors, and we're gonnaput it over to the driver side.

So, I'm just gonna run this over here.

Now, we are gonna clean up the wiring.

I just wanna make sure that it's in positionso we know where it's going to go once everything is plugged down.

So, this is actually gonna go through thisgrommet, so we're gonna need a couple of inches more of that wire.

I'm just gonna tuck this here for the timebeing and work on the passenger side.

What we can do now is hook our leads up tothe battery.

So, our negative is going to go to our negativeterminal and the red is gonna go to our positive terminal.

We're gonna start with our positive terminal.

Using an 11-millimeter socket, I'm just gonnatake off the accessory nut.

Once that's off, we can connect this lead, put the nut back on, tighten it down with that 11-millimeter socket.

And then the same for our negative terminal, same 11-millimeter socket.

So, once our leads to the battery are connected, then what we can do is grab our plug for our light.

We can line this up with the two connectors.

Then we can take our collar, thread that on.

That is gonna protect the wire and the leadsfrom any corrosion or water.

Then what we can do is clean up our wiringa little bit.

So, obviously, we have a lot of excess wiring, so we're gonna bunch this up and find a good spot for it.

I recommend to take some zip ties and tiethis up somewhere.

We do have a lot of room in this engine bay, so I'm just going to tie this up right now, stick it right next to the fuse box.

Now, obviously, I'm gonna secure that downin just a second, but now we're gonna go focus on the switch over on the driver side.

So, what I did was actually disconnected theswitch part.

So, there is a disconnect there.

This is going to make it a little bit easierto put this through the firewall instead of the three leads here.

I'm gonna put this aside.

Now, on the TJ, there's a grommet and allthe other models this is going to be in roughly the same position right next to the brakemaster cylinder here.

So, you're usually gonna have a grommet whereyou can pass through to the driver side.

I'm just going to take a flathead and pushthis grommet out and back.

And then what I'm gonna do is just pry onthat and send our plug on through.

Then once that's through, we can go into thecab area.

So, once it's passed through that grommet, you should see it up on the driver side footwell to the left.

Should be near the clutch pedal or the brakepedal here.

So, now we can plug in the other side of ourswitch wire.

All right.

Once you hear it click, then we can plug inour switch.

So, once our wire is connected to the wirethat we brought through the firewall, we do need to connect our switch.

Now, we're gonna have three prongs.

There's gonna be a small label on each prong:one, two, and three.

Now, our first one is gonna be white, thatis going to be our power or our supply.

Our second one is going to be blue, that'sgonna be our load.

And then our third one is going to be blackand that's going to be our ground.

So, once all of those are on there, then youcan test this.

So, our light is on, I can see it up thereand the light on our 12-volt switch is on.

Now, we can run our wire up on our interiorbecause we are not going to mount it in our interior.

Now, you can also do that.

This will be able to mount in the interior.

If you wanna drill a hole, there are littleprongs there to keep this switch in place.

We're not gonna do that because I don't wannadrill into our interior for demonstration, but we are just going to run this up and tuckit behind our interior up here.

So, what I'm gonna do is just take off thisside of the interior.

So, I'm gonna use a T30 Torx, remove thesetwo bolts right here.

Peel this back.

So, it's just gonna consist of some wire tucking.

And then when you find a good spot for yourswitch, just gonna have it mounted up right there.

Now, this is just because I don't wanna drilla hole in our interior.

However, you can mount it up right here.

You could also mount it on the trim rightnext to your steering wheel.

So, that is going to depend on what you wannado with your Wrangler, but I'm just going to remount this up.

And then last but not least, we can closeup our hood and test out our lights.

So, that's gonna wrap it up for my reviewand install.

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