Jeep Wrangler Delta Classic 7" LED Headlight Kit (1997-2006 TJ) Review & Install

This headlight kit is for those of you whoare looking for some additional performance out of the headlights on your TJ.

Today we're gonna talk through the installationof this headlight kit, which is a very simple one out of three wrench install.

This is going to be a plug and play kit thatwill bolt directly onto your jeep, so very easy install that you can get done in lessthan an hour, but we'll talk more about the installation in just a second.

Now, the factory seal beam lights can be placedwith a higher quality seal beam headlight, but you're still not going to get quite thesame performance that you would out of a reflector housing with a bulb in my experience.

So upgrading from a seal beam to an H4 reflectorhousing with a good, high quality H4 bulb is going to give you a lot more performancethan you're used to seeing.

And if you're already going to a housing anda bulb setup instead of the sealed beam, you have the opportunity to go with an LED bulb.

The bulbs that come with this kit are goingto give you that.



a different color temperature that LED tends to give you, a little bit moreof a bright white light, a little bit less yellow and dingy.

And with the reflector housings that thiskit comes with, you are going to be able to control all of that light, giving you a nicewide and deep beam pattern without scattering the light into the eyes of oncoming traffic.

Now, what Delta is really good at is puttingtogether kits like this of parts that will work really well together.

However, you can get a kit that you have toput together yourself, pick your reflector housings, pick your LED bulbs for less moneythan this one.

So, if you're looking for the convenienceof a one-stop shop, everything comes in the box, you know it's gonna work together, infact they already put the bulbs in the housings for you, then this is going to be an option, but just know that you are going to pay a little bit of a premium for that.

If you are willing to do a little bit of theleg work and put the kit together yourself, you can save yourself a few dollars.

So what you're getting in this kit, as I saidbefore, are two H4 reflector housings.

These ones from Delta have a glass prismaticlens, which again is going to help give you that controlled beam pattern and not scatterlight into the eyes of oncoming traffic.

Of course, the bulbs that come in this light, and that's really all that it is, is an LED bulb inset inside of a housing.

These bulbs that come are a Cree LED bulb.

They put out around 1, 900 lumens per bulb.

Of course, they have a high beam and a lowbeam.

There are a series of diodes on each one ofthose bulbs, some will be on during the low beam, the additional ones kick on during thehigh beam.

As I said at the top of this video, theseare going to be very, very easy to install.

Simple one out of three wrench install thatyou can get done in less than an hour.

And the reason for that is that a headlightis a wear item.

So right out of the factory, Jeep made thefactory seal beam headlights very easy to remove because eventually they're gonna burnout or wear out and you're gonna have to replace them.

And that's essentially all you're doing toinstall this kit, you're taking out that seal beam light and you're putting in this housingwith the bulb installed in the back of it.

So all you're going to need to do is removethe retention rings that are holding those seal beam headlights into the headlight bucketsby removing the Torx bolts that are holding the rings in place.

Once you have that ring removed, the factoryheadlight will just come right out.

You can unplug it from the harness, plug inyour new light bulb into the harness, place the new housing inside of the headlight bucket, and replace that retention ring with the Torx bolts that you took out.

Now, even though these are a well-built lightthat have a controlled light pattern, any time you change your lights, you are goingto want to make sure that they're still aimed properly.

You're not gonna scatter a lot of light here, but they might be aimed a little bit higher than those seal beam lights that you had.

So it's always a good idea to aim your headlightswhenever you're changing them out.

There are a couple of aiming screws on yourfactory TJ that you'll be able to use to get these aimed properly.

Then you have a couple different options fromfollowing an online aiming guide or marking where your currently headlights are, if youlike where they're currently aimed, mark them on a wall with a piece of tape, replace themwith these ones, see where the light hits.

If it's a little high or low, go ahead andmake that adjustment.

As far as tools that you're going to needto get these installed, just some Torx bits to remove those headlight retention rings.

And that's it.

This is a very easy install.

Delta has a few different headlight kits forthe TJ and for some other models of Wrangler, and they're all very consistently a qualityhousing with a quality light source put together in one box that makes it a very easy on-stopshop for you.

As I said before, you are going to pay a littlebit of a premium for that ease and convenience.

If you wanted to go out there and just finda quality H4 housing and a quality LED bulb, you're going to get something that works justas well, if not better, than this setup and you're gonna be able to save yourself arounda hundred dollars.

So again, if you're up for doing the leg work, you can save a little bit of money.

If you're in for the convenience and you havea little bit of a higher budget, this is going to be a good option.

So if you're looking for some more performanceout of the headlights on your TJ, you wanna get away from that factory style seal beambulb and go with a reflector housing and you really like the idea of having a LED lightsource, this is going to be a very convenient set up that's easy to install.

So that's my review of the Delta Classic 7-inchLED headlight kit, fitting all 1997 to 2006 TJs, that you can find at extremeterrain.



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