Jeep Wrangler Delta Headlight LED Conversion Kit – H13 (2007-2018 JK) Review & Install

This Delta H13 LED Headlight Conversion Kitis for those of you that have a 2007 and up JK that are looking to swap out your factoryheadlight bulbs, leaving your factory headlight housing for an LED bulb that's going to producea lot more light, a much brighter light, and just generally giving you a better drivingexperience at night.

A lot of you know that right out of the factory, the JKs don't have great headlights, unless of course you have a brand new 2017 with thefactory LED lights.

So, going with an upgrade like this is goingto be at the top of a lot of your lists.

This is going to be a kit that installs prettyeasily onto your Jeep.

Now, Jeep did make it so that you have topull the grille off and pull the headlight housings out in order to change the bulb, so you are going to have to go through that process.

But still, a simple one out of three wrenchinstall that you'll be able to get done in less than an hour, and we will talk a littlebit more about that in just a second.

There are going to be a couple of differentstyles of LED replacement bulbs out there on the market.

Most of them will be similar to this set up, where they will come with an external driver that will plug directly into that factorywired harness, and the driver plugs into a new LED bulb.

This bulb, however, has a little bit differentcooling style than a lot of the other ones on the market.

Now, heat is going to be the enemy to reallyany light, but especially to an LED light.

So this is going to have a rather large aluminumheat sink on the back side of it.

But it also has an external fan that's designedto blow air directly onto that heat sink.

So you do have an additional moving piecewith this setup.

It's going to cool well, however, you do havethat additional moving piece.

So, if you're somebody who goes off-road alot, you're constantly getting water, and mud and other junk thrown up inside of yourengine bay, that could clog up this fan and cause you some issues.

However, if you're somebody that stays onthe road, then this won't be too much of a problem for you.

One thing that I do like about this bulb setupis that there is one very large LED on one side, and one on the other side, and theyare mounted in different locations on this bulb.

And what that is for, is so that when youhave the high beam on, you're going to be lighting up one side of your bulb.

When you have the low beam on, you're goingto lighting up the other side.

So it's actually going to change not onlythe brightness of the light, but also the beam pattern, which is really what you wantwhen you're switching from low beam to high beam and back again.

So, as far as the diodes on the bulb go themselves, I think they're positioned appropriately.

I think you're going to get a lot of lightout of this setup.

However, again, if you're somebody who doesa lot of wheeling, you might wanna shy away from this because of the moving pieces ofhaving that external fan.

This kit is designed to directly replace thefactory H13 bulbs that you have in your Jeep, right off of the assembly line.

So, the factory bulbs are gonna give a quarterturn and pop right out.

You can unplug them from the wiring harness.

Easily give a quarter turn to attach intothe back of your headlight housing, plug them into the driver, the driver plugs directlyinto the wiring harness.

There's no cutting.

There's no splicing.

So, the install again, is very, very easy.

I already mentioned that they do have a reallynice setup for low beam and high beam to change the beam pattern as well as the brightness.

So, overall a pretty nice setup there.

You are gonna get around 3, 000 lumens fromthis set of headlight bulbs, which is going to be considerably more than the factory incandescentbulbs that come in your JK.

So, like I said, one out of three wrenchesfor this installation.

You do have to do a little bit of disassemblyto the front of your Jeep, but that's not because of these bulbs specifically, that'sjust how Jeep designed the Wrangler.

So, the first step is going to be removingyour plastic clips across the top of your grille.

Then giving the grille a pull to completelyremove it from the Jeep.

Then you can remove a couple of screws thatare holding your headlight retention rings in place.

Remove the rings that will allow the wholeheadlight to come out, then you can disconnect the bulb from the wiring harness completely.

You'll give that bulb a quarter turn to removeit from the housing.

After that, you can attach a new bulb intothe back of the housing by giving it a quarter turn.

And you're gonna wanna do a little bit ofthe wiring now, before you have that headlight completely connected back into the headlightbucket with that retention ring, just because you're gonna have to fish a couple of wires.

So, you're gonna wanna make sure that thetwo wires on the back of the bulb, one for the actual light, one for the fan, go throughthe back of your headlight bucket, so that you can connect them to the driver itself.

Once you have that done, then you can go aheadand reassemble the rest of the headlight section.

You can put your grille back on.

You're completely done on the outside of theJeep.

So, from there, you're going to plug yourdriver into your headlight.

Again, you're gonna have two plugs, one forthe fan and one for the light, and then your driver also plugs directly into that factoryH13 wiring harness.

So, as I mentioned before, everything is gonnabe plug and play.

You don't have to do any sort of splicingor any sort of cutting to get this installed.

Now, you are going to want to mount that driversecurely somewhere, so it's not just flopping and rattling around on the interior of yourengine bay.

You can use a couple of screws.

You can use some cream adhesive, whateveryou wanna do, but once you have this secured, this whole install is going to be finished.

These bulbs are gonna come in at right around$185, which is going to be a little bit more expensive than some of the other LED bulbson the market, however, it's also going to be less than a full LED projector headlight.

Now, in the realm of changing your headlights, and you can go with a brighter halogen bulb.

You can go up to an LED bulb, like you havehere, or you can go to a full projector LED housing.

That's going to be the brightest and havethe best beam pattern.

Also being the most expensive.

This is going to be somewhere in the middle, definitely less expensive than that, but more expensive than a replacement halogen bulb.

If you're looking at this compared to someof the LED bulbs out there, it's going to be competitively priced.

Some are going to be a little bit more.

Some are going to be a little bit less, butthese ones are going to be very, very bright.

So, as long as you're okay with these havingthe additional moving piece of an external cooling fan, you're somebody who doesn't doa ton of wheeling, isn't too worried about that fan getting clogged up with any sortof mud or off-road debris, then I think this is going to be a very bright option for thecost.

So, if you're looking for a very bright LEDreplacement bulb for your factory headlight housing, I recommend taking a look at thisversion from Delta, and you can find it right here at extremeterrain.



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