Jeep Wrangler Hella ValueFit LED Cubes (1987-2017 YJ, TJ, JK) Review & Install

I'm Ryan from exremeterrain.

com, and thisis my review and installation of the Hella ValueFit 4 LED Cube in flood pattern, fittingall 1987 and up Wranglers.

These are also available in a couple of differentbeam patterns so you can get the right light for your purpose.

Today we're gonna talk through the installationof these lights which is a very simple one out of three wrench installation.

This comes with a complete wire and harness, so even if you don't have a lot of experience with automotive wiring, you can get theselights installed in about an hour, but we'll talk more about the installation in just asecond.

The Hella ValueFit line is for those of youwho want a Hella light.

You know the lineage of Hella, you know they'vebeen around for a long time and they make a really high-quality piece, but you don'thave the need or the want for their top quality premium product.

This is going to be as it says right in thename, a little bit more of a value product, so you're going to get a little bit of lesslight output, you're going to get a little bit of a more scattered beam pattern, you'renot going to get as high of a quality of components used in the construction of these lights orof this harness, however you still are getting a Hella light.

So if that's what you're interested in, thisis going to be a good spot to go.

These lights are going to come in right aroundthe same price as some of the other brands that are out there, and the light output andquality are going to be comparable.

So again, if you want a Hella light but youdon't have the need or the want for that premium top quality line, that's where this comesin.

These lights are going to be a die-cast aluminumhousing with a polycarbonate lens.

As it says in the name, these have four LEDsper light and they're gonna put out around 600 lumens, which is plenty for what mostof us are using our lights for.

As we said before, this is a flood pattern, so I would recommend this for up on your roof rack for a reverse light or something downlow on the bumper, a flood pattern isn't always the best choice for an A-pillar mount lightbecause you can get a lot of light dancing off the hood and back into your eyes again.

However, for those areas where you want aton of scattered light, that's where these are going to fit in.

As I said before, these do come with a completewiring harness, so that harness is going to have your fuse, your relay, and your switch.

To get a little bit further into that installation, again, it is a one out of three wrench install and it will only take about an hour to complete.

The first step is going to be actually mountingthe lights, and if you're mounting these on a light mount tab or any bracket designedfor a single post light, it's going to be as simple as bolting it on.

If you don't have a bracket or a tab thatyou're mounting these on, you may end up having to drill a hole.

Either way you can use the included hardwareto get these bolted down.

Once that's done, it's really just a matterof stretching out your wiring harness.

There are going to be a couple of leads onthe harness that have to go to the lights themselves, there's going to be a positiveand a negative that go to your battery, and as I mentioned, you are going to have to pullone wire through the firewall and that's going to be your switch wire that you can mountanywhere on your dashboard.

Once you have all of the wires pulled, it'sjust a matter of making all of your connections at the batteries and at the lights and testingthem out.

This is going to be very simple even if youdon't have a lot of experience with automotive wiring because of the harness that's included.

A pair of these lights goes for around $120, including the wiring harness, and in my opinion, that's not a bad price.

There are going to be some other lights outthere that are going to be right around the same price, give or take a few dollars, someof those don't include the wiring harness like these ones do and you're still gettinga Hella light even though this is their value brand.

Sometimes when you jump down in cost a lot, you get some off brand no-name light, you're gonna end up with one of your four LEDs burnedout in no time or a bunch of condensation behind the lens.

You're not going to have to worry about thoseissues with these lights and they're going to be a good middle-of-the-road price whilestill getting a quality light.

So if you're looking to add some auxiliarylighting onto your Jeep, you want a floodlight that isn't a premium price premium light, but something that's a little bit more of a workhorse in the middle of the price rangebut still quality, I think this is going to be a really good place to look.

So that's my review of the Hella ValueFit4 LED Cube Light, fitting all 1987 and up Wranglers, that you can find right here atextremeterrain.



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