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joining me now Jeff Weaver senior adviser to the Bernie Sanders campaign she says follow the rules what do you say well we do want to follow the rules I think you know the question Andrea that was posed to the senator and what you have to ask yourself is

somebody goes in with a delegate lead and a substantial delegate lead you know should the person who got 25% of the vote be the one who gets picked by party insiders I don't think so I think it'll cause a lot of disruption in the party frankly and I

think a lot of the grassroots folks who no matter who they supported will be very disappointed to see somebody who got 10 or 15 or 20 percent of the vote picked as the nominee over somebody who say got 45% on the vote except that those were the rules

that were agreed to and a lot of the so-called reforms were at the suggestion of people were loyal to senator Sanders and felt that he had been cheated last time well short I was on that Commission that did some rules changes that particular rule that the current super-delegates

set up was a compromise that came out after that but the original proposal was to have super-delegates proportionate to this totals in their states and that was actually what senator Sanders advocated for last time in this process there you'll see he appeared a number of times saying that

the super-delegates should vote the way their states voted now senator Sanders clearly taken by surprise I think the Sanders campaign as we all were by the Buddha judge and Clovis are dropping out Harry Reid this cluster of endorsements endorsements for Joe Biden and senator Sanders has criticized it

as the establishment ganging up on him senator klobuchar was asked about that by Savannah Guthrie today on the Today Show and at the mayor and better O'Rourke and myself is establishment I look at us as new leaders for the party fresh faces for the party and we're basically

saying we've got to win here and that's why we're supporting Joe Biden does he have a point that better or or can people who to judge are not they quote establishment no no look Andrea being young does not make you not part of the establishment it's about the

ideas that you hold and you know people judge and Amy Klobuchar and Ventura work frankly all three of them no disrespect to them but they all articulated the same same old the Joe Biden is articulating I mean except for their age in many ways they were indistinguishable from

Joe Biden which is why a number of them had trouble getting attraction in this race so it's not a surprise that they would support him and in fact they do support the same old ideas that led to the election of Donald Trump you know we tried this last

time you know the the moderates wanted the establishment wanted a moderate candidate they got their moderate candidate and you know we got we got Donald Trump and we're heading down that same path again if we nominate Joe Biden look the truth of matter is is that we've got

to get the blue wall built back up that's Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in order to win this election in the general that's where all the actions gonna be and the truth that matters Joe Biden's record on trade you know he voted for every job gutting trade agreement in

that region and folks are gonna remember that now Jeff what about Elizabeth Warren she seems to be you know not getting out in fact she's going to tonight be in Michigan which doesn't vote until March 10th that's a signal that she's staying in does that hurt hurt senator

Sanders since they share a lot of the same views the same supporters and would it be would he be better off if she would get outs and she doesn't have enough delegates to give her a clear path to the nomination well you know we have never encouraged anybody

to get out of this race you know Bloomberg had a memo about that a Biden was pushing people out you know Bernie Sanders has always said whoever wants to run should run and let's have the voters decide that's that's how it should work and one other point that

senator Sanders has made is that she is inspiring a new cohort of voters that this is an inspiration and emotional response that his base is expanding the numbers don't prove that at least from Iowa New Hampshire there aren't more people voting in the new in New Hampshire when

more people voted they tended to be from areas that boot a judge and boot and Club wish I were bringing in not from Sanders areas well I think if you look at Nevada for instance Andrea which was you know the first much more diverse State on this process

the turnout among Latinos was phenomenal Bernie Sanders won Latinos overwhelmingly there ran competitively with african-americans I know we didn't do as well in South Carolina but you know there's a media narrative that you know treats sort of all voters is the same everywhere and that's just not the

case you know the sort of commodification of black voters by the media saying you know black voters in South Carolina this matter where the rural or urban or college educated or blue-collar or men or women you know I you know the media does that a lot and I

think that what we saw last time and what we're gonna see again is that you know black voters just like white voters are different in different parts of the country what is a good night look for you tonight do you what do you expect or hope for well

we hope to come out of out of here with a delegate lead on the Super Tuesday I think that's a very important last time we were in a delegate deficit which was very difficult to dig out of you know I know you had Dan balls on your last

segment saying the upcoming states are harder for us that in fact that's not true you know we're gonna be going into the industrial Midwest we're going to Ohio we're gonna go to Illinois we're gonna go to Michigan and those states gonna be very good for senator Sanders because

senator Sanders has stood by the workers in those states his entire career while joe biden was voting to send their jobs overseas and do you have any concerns that barack obama that the former president is pulling strings behind the scenes no look I you know President Obama with

great respect for him he has stayed out of the race and we appreciate that and we're just gonna run our campaign thank you very much Jeff Weaver good luck for you out on the campaign trail and we will check in with you after we get the votes kind

of may be a while before we have it all founded for the delegates Thanks and coming up hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just

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