JESCO WW2 LED Wall Washer and Flood Light Intro

JESCO Lighting presents its new WW2 OutdoorWall Washers and Flood Lights.

The all new WW2 series is the next generationof our UL listed/IP65 rated outdoor wall washer series engineered with increased performance, efficacy, light output and more options of control.

One of the main innovations of the WW2 seriesis that these fixtures are line voltage — ready to mount with 59″ power cords, plug in andturn on.

No additional power supplies or accessoriesneeded removing the complications out of systems requiring multiple components.

The fixtures are complete and install easily.

The other new advancement is that each wallwasher fixture has an onboard controller which allows for independent selection of 7 colors, 5 color changing effects, and step dimming for either RGB or white static colors.

This onboard controller also allows for Master/Slavecontrol of up to 30 wall washer fixtures (or 180ft) connected in series.

Again, no accessories needed for simple colorcontrol.

For more advanced lighting programming andfor selection of specific colors, these fixtures easily allow for an optional DMX control.

Both these advancements make installationsimple and quick.

They also provide for a significant cost savingsdue to little or no accessories required and lower installation charges.

Each fixture features rigid construction, long-life LEDs and impact and heat resistant tempered glass.

All the wall washers offer adjustable mountinghardware, marked with angle indicators and locking mechanisms allowing for adjustmentof the light output to specific angles.

The WW2S fixture specifically features adjustablemounting hardware that can be placed almost anywhere along the back of the fixture.

The WW2 wall washers are available in varioussizes with choices of light output in Warm White, Neutral White and RGB color changingas well as WNC (an onboard choice of Warm/Neutral/Cool White) and Cool White.

The fixtures require a minimum set back froma wall to allow for an even graze of light upon multi-storied buildings.

The fixtures come in various lengths — the13″ WW2B, the 13″ WW2T, the 6″ and 8″ diameter WW2R, the 18″, 24″, 36″, 48″ and 49″ WW2S.

The WW2F flood is available in 5 widths of5″, 7″, 12″, 13″, and 24″.

The WW2B, WW2S and WW2T wall washers can bespecified with optional Glare Shields to frame the light output and to shield the view ofthe lit LEDs.

The ultra-bright WW2F flood lights incorporatea LED chip-on-board design providing a single light source with no scalloping of light output.

The flood lights also accept a universal inputof 100v to 277v.

The WW2F flood lights are available in a WarmWhite and Neutral White light output.

High-Output LEDs yield some of the highestefficacy in the industry.

The fixtures have an L70 rated lifespan of50, 000 hours, offer a 3 year warranty, are mercury free and do not emit UV or IR radiationprotecting nearby items from fading and discoloration.

The light output of wall washers and floodlights meet or beat similar fixtures in the market at a price to fit any budget.

WW2 Series wall washers and flood lights canbe used outdoors or indoors.

Applications include stores, restaurants andnightclubs effect lighting on interior/exteriors walls, columns and curtains; indoor/outdoorsculptures; concert stage lighting (mounted on standard clamps); retail windows and showroombackgrounds; highlighting and color splashing of high-rise structural details; light residential, restaurant and hotel facades for decorative and security purposes; lighting of parks toimprove safety and evening enjoyment; building entries and lobbies; color changing on buildingfacades for branding, color coding and holiday decorations.

Installation is easy.

Decide on your mounting location keeping inmind that these fixtures are not submersible.

Using the appropriate means for your specificapplication, attach the bracket to your structure.

Note, for the WW2S wall washer, the mountingbracket can be positioned and then locked anywhere along the back of the fixture.

Next, plug the three-conductor plug into yourapplication appropriate power source.

Lastly, use the onboard controller to selectthe X value – either a static color or a color changing effect; and the Y value – the brightnesslevel value 1-9 for static colors or transition speed value 1-9 for programs 8-C.

Lastly, position the fixture at the desired angle and lock it into place.

If connecting multiple fixtures together, use one of JESCOs outdoor/wet location connecting cables for longer runs.

For outdoor applications, please rememberto close off any open cables with our waterproof endcaps.

If using a DMX controller, select an appropriateconnecting cable to connect from the fixture to the controller as well as any additionalsplitters and/or amplifiers.

Note: amplifiers are required for runs over30 fixtures or 180ft.

The WW2F flood light connects to a power sourceusing a three-conductor plug for the 10, 20 and 50W versions and is hard wired into anoutlet box for the 100W and 150W versions.

No other connections are needed since theflood lights do not dim or link for longer runs.

Jesco Lighting is one of the leaders of advancedlinear and display lighting, which includes shelf, cove, undercabinet, soffit, and accentlighting offering a wide range of quality products at a considerable value.

Beginning in 1998, JESCO is a pioneer in theuse of LEDs for luminaires.

JESCO LED products have a proven track recordin the field and we have the necessary LED product know-how.

We provide a wide range of energy efficientlighting options.

Our LED products are reliable, environmentallysound, mercury free and do not emit damaging UV/IR radiation.

Our product line is constantly evolving astechnology advances.

JESCO offer layout assistance and technicalsupport for all.


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