JESCO's LED Downlight Catalog Release

JESCO Lighting presents its newest catalogshowcasing the latest in LED Recessed Downlighting -We have expanded our original LED offering with two new product categories — LED RetrofitModules and Architectural LED Downlights – as well as updated our Residential and CommercialLED Downlight offering.

JESCO now offers a 4" and a 6" diameter, Retrofit, LED Module that works with previously installed line voltage housings using Edison-based adaptors.

These Retrofit modules allow you to easily replace all line voltage, incandescent downlightsin your space and convert them to the latest in LED, energy efficient technology withoutspecial tools or rewiring.

The Retrofit modules can be used in either Insulated Ceilings, abbreviated as IC, or Non-IC applications.

Our modules have a special feature allowingthe existing Edison base socket in your downlight to mount directly to the Retrofit module foreasy installation and to decrease the chance of wires crimping during installation.

Alsounique to our JESCO Retrofit modules, we offer a choice of 7 different trim styles & finishes– all of which are easily field-interchangeable.

These round trims are available with reflectorsor step baffles.

The LED Retrofit modules are available in 2700K and 4000K color temperatures.

They are UL listed for dry and damp locations.

Our retrofits are Lighting Facts and California'sTitle 24 rated and are currently Energy Star Pending.

Our retrofits offer a high CRI orcolor rendering index rating (90 for the 6" diameter, 2700K version).

These fixtures aredimmable with standard incandescent dimming controls.

A polycarbonate lens provides uniformlight output with lamp-like appearance.

Both Retrofit Modules are compatible with JESCO'sstandard 4" and 6" diameter, line voltage, recessed housings as well as the housingsof most of our competitors.

Our Residential & Commercial Downlights havebeen updated in this new offering.

Besides the change to more efficient LED light sources, our 4" and 6" diameter LED downlights are now available with a quick-connect cable betweenthe housing and light engine for quick and easy installation once wall finishing is completed.

All the downlights are now CSA listed for dry, damp and wet location with the use ofJESCO trims.

They are RoHS compliant, Lighting Facts and California's Title 24 rated as wellas Energy Star Pending.

LM-79 data is also available.

These LED Residential and CommercialDownlights are available in 3 ½", 4" and 6" diameter sizes in both New Constructionand Remodeling styles.

All these downlights are available in IC Airtight configurations.

The 3 ½" and 6" diameter are also available in non-IC versions.

LED light engines rangefrom 11W to 30W.

All the downlights are available in 3000k and 4000k color temperatures.

SquareBaffle trims have been added to the round reflector and round step baffle options oftrims.

These fixtures are dimmable with a low voltage, electronic control except the6" diameter/30W units which require a 0-10V dimming control.

JESCO now offers a new line of ArchitecturalLED Downlights.

These fixtures have a 120-277 input voltage and provide the performanceand savings in both energy and maintenance that designers and architects require to illuminatecommercial and institutional buildings today.

They are CSA listed for dry, damp and wetlocations with use of JESCO trims.

Multiple mounting options provide up to 5" verticaladjustments accommodating ½" EMT conduit.

Optional HBC-24 bar hanger or lathing channelsfor T-bar grid or concealed spline ceilings are available.

The housings are availablein 4", 6" and 8" diameters with a wattage range of 17.

2 to 31.


All the downlightsare available in 3000k and 4000k color temperatures.

Round trims are available in reflector, stepbaffle and self flange styles in various finishes.

These fixtures are also dimmable with a 0-10Vdimmer.

All the LED light engines go through a 72hour 'burn-in' which screens for initial product failures insuring customers receive a fullyfunctioning quality product every time.

Benefits of using JESCO LED Recessed Downlightsand Retrofits include: no UV/IR radiation damage to furniture, surfaces and cherisheditems; no mercury disposal issues; LED downlights emit much less heat which should assist inlowering air condition costs; because of our LEDs extremely long life – no annual laborcosts for lamp replacements; rebates may be available from local utility companies.

In this newest catalog release, JESCO has also included its LED Modulinear series introducedearlier this year.

Designed to integrate perfectly with modern contemporary architecture, LEDModulinear, in 1, 2, 3 & 4-light configurations, comprises of a New Construction Housing andone to four LED Light Units.

Each light unit consists of a highly energy efficient, 10WLED which is available in a 3000k or a 4000k color temperature and beam angles of 12, 25and 40 degrees.

The light unit rotates 365 degrees and tilts up to 40 degrees eliminatingdark spots and cut-off.

The trim and the light units themselves are available in a blackor white finish.

An optional lens holder for one or two lenses is available to hold dichroiccolor filters, frosted lenses, softening lenses, linear diffusers or prismatic diffusers — allproviding the ability to customize the desired look and output to meet specific lightingneeds.

The entire catalog showcases our low-energy, low maintenance, low-heat, long-life operation LED offering which provide significant savingson electricity, maintenance and re-lamping costs and A/C tonnage.

Applications for thesefixtures include: government and office buildings, shopping malls and retail stores, hospitaland health care facilities, theaters and museums, hotels and residences in areas such as entries, lobbies, corridors, hallways, conference rooms, showrooms, merchandise displays, receptionareas, guest rooms, bar and dining areas, exercise rooms, food service areas, and restrooms.

Jesco Lighting is one of the leaders of advancedlinear and display lighting, which includes shelf, cove, undercabinet, soffit, and accentlighting offering a wide range of quality products at a considerable value.

Beginningin 1998, JESCO is a pioneer in the use of LEDs for luminaires.

JESCO LED products havea proven track record in the field and we have the necessary LED product know-how.

Weprovide a wide range of energy efficient lighting options.

Our LED products are reliable, environmentallysound, mercury free and do not emit damaging UV/IR radiation.

Our product line is constantlyevolving as technology advances.

JESCO offer layout assistance and technical support forall.


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