yeah well today you're going to have youlisten to a selection of songs from a band that many people consider to be oneof the greatest bands of all time really okay well we'll put that to thetest so this is going to be Led Zeppelin I imagine them being kind

of like a bitslow because it doesn't sound as hard as Iron Maiden definitely not the greatestband of all time if they're good for their genre I can't like name theirsongs off the top of my head but I know I've heard of them yes I love this badbut that

place it is called all the time thank you so much I already like it yesI love this song I like this guitar alright this isactually better than the other I have no idea what they said at thefirst bit it sounds like I need oak meals I know I

just doesn't get to me it's a kind of weird but I like themelody of the music I just like their beats oh yeah the singer has like this highrat Raschi voice that I really like i'm not– it's not this folly i like tosee here the guitar so far

so good i liked it it was really catchythe lyrics are kind of weird it's like you need your cool a fool eh I'm notfooling it's usually a genre that I usually I'm just okay with that this isactually good I just want to like dance oh no this might

definitely hurt I knowthis song I think I've heard this song before my sense about what kind of feels like retracts me sickmy little brother loved this song it sounds like Egypt out in the eighties so good my dad's gonna hate me but oh nojust kind of sounds like

a bunch of voice cracks what what are theyscreaming about I've always wondered that this is something happening what ishappening is it Thor Ragnarok and I heard the song so much I remember it oh yeah definitely I've heard the song Ifeel like I'm at a song it's slow it's

like a slow dance this is really submitslow I like it sure this is rock she's behind the stairwaythis is something I feel like fall asleep to this song is just reallyboring kinda sounds like a song that yeah it would be at a wedding this one'sa favorite one so

far I can wake up it's a lot more mellow which I reallylike okay this is good it's more peaceful so far in these songsI'm trying to understand them cuz but they're mumbling they're good they kindof stand out they're kind of just like different I like that the instruments

inthe back it's really it's like something really nice to hear just don't like realinstruments and music oh no I like real music according to my dad this is theonly one that I actually like like I'm not sweating right now it's a party gonna make you screw updoing was

a guitar solo anything make you sweat I'm gonna make it work blackdog right yeah oh my god my dad loves his song and I love this songit sounds the same from the others it's okay he just does all feel like Iwant to just like get up dance that's

like their best song the guitar the Band the rhythm is just really good this part makes me think of like technoI've never heard this one I've never heard this there now it's back to rockit's not easy so far actually I don't really like this him that much so

farbut I really like the instruments it sounds like they were playing this in abarn it's like there's two voices I've never heard this show it's amazingdrums and like guitar sounds kind of like the Beatles while yeah that one was good too the otherones were like more like entertaining

and wanna make you dance this one didn'treally make me dance it's something like you know dance well something you can golike this too so I feel like it's kind of like a timeless something somethinganyone could enjoy I know when it came out it came out in the 90s

one hippieswilling what he was running the sixties what am I talking aboutlanguage was like disco I feel like I really just heard this on the radiothat's like rock and roll he said he wouldn't let the Sun beatdown on my face and he's an old-time traveller in space he's

speaking SpanishI can volunteer say what'd he say that all actually like understand the lyrics this part sounds good I do like it really nice a little I kind of liked it extinct alot more than the other one all right I'm happy this is over definitely like this like

there feellike they're they're fun like rock danceable feel so let's that was one ofthe best-selling bands in history with record sales somewhere between 200 and300 million copies sold Wow listening to their music today do you think thatpeople were right when they say that they're one of the greatest

bands of alltime for sure like no no no no it's not at all they are like the second placeactually third Beatles than twenty one pilots that's my orders like melot's butI wouldn't think they are the biggest rock band yes they are cuz it's a reallynice band the melody

is really good I would they do bring something like umdifferent – like – music good each song has a different melody basically and itmakes it more enjoyable instead of just going basically an exact same soundtrackto finally do you think that Led Zeppelin is something that you and yourfriends

will listen to or do you like more recent music better I like freesoon music more I don't think me and my friends would listen to it hello yeah Ilike recent stuff rap it's just like more popular at least in the UnitedStates my friends and I love listen to

you sometimes oh yes the other musicthey got like we are voice effects so tools kind of depends I like recentmusic for what it is but if you said hey we're going to listen to some rock I'dsay well okay let's listen to Led Zeppelin thanks for watching anotherepisode of

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