Lampada da lavoro ricaricabile Parkside. Lidl. PAAS A1. Powerbank. Faro a led anti urto. USB 29,99 €

good morning guys.

I'm Riccardo.

welcome to my lab.

today I will do umboxing and a fast one presentation of the lamp from work of parkside.

it is a lamp thatIt is intended for use in cars, in the workshop, in the garage.

It has a LED lightintegrated of the COB type.

It has four functions.

Fouroperating mode.

so the 100% brightness, at 50%, the signal of SOS and the red flash.

this works as wellas a powerbank.

has a 3.

7 battery 6000 mA volts.

a duration ofoperation at maximum power (I must find it, because I had read it and notI find it more) this is nice of the direct, boys.

has an operating durationof about 6 hours, at maximum power.

and 3 hours and something with the modesavings.

then 3.

5, About 6.

5 hours.

1500 lumensof brightness.

I remove the packaging .



these direct, to methey come to mind like that, all of a sudden.

and then I always find myself like this .



withthis emotion of the live.

But I like it.

then this is the spotlight.

The body is in metal, quite robust.

and these are gods shockproof tires.

here there are godsmagnets to be able to stick to the various scaffolding, in other words, where we are working, to be able to guarantee that it is addressed towards us.

and then to the handle thatago, both from support to make it stay in feet, which also by handle forhook it somewhere.

I turn it on immediately.

behind it there is a little button.

In the meantime, I do not have youcalled the code.

I wrote the code in the description, but not veI said it aloud.

the PAAS A1 model.

come on from here.

this is the light that emits.

I shouldturn off the light as well in the room, so I move .





this is the light that makes the most of.

it's bright enough, as you can see.

then this is the reduced brightness.

the flashing.

and the red flash.

what an atmosphere .



I almost keep doing it live like this.

then I turn on these lightsand also the others.


at the back it has a flap, that opens and closes.

but it does not do one click .



it's pressure, maybe just becauseit is hermetic.

one has a rubber.

(in chat) there was a greeting from someone I have not seen thank you for the greeting and replacement.

here is the input “input” forto be able to recharge it and here, instead there is the usb output to transform the laour lamp in powerbank.

There is the key for checking the level ofbattery charge.

by pressing this the LED will light upcorresponding to the amount of remaining battery.

I'll show youalso the powerbank function.

then I have to unplug, because themobile phone for now is powered by the powerbank then I remove the other, I connect itto the usb socket, the cable, then the I enter the cell phone.

and go incharge .



you saw my daughter hehe.

then, a attimino.

so you can see how it is.

I had preparedall but in the meantime it has stalled.

putting the usb cable in thelamp and in the mobile phone, it goes into office.


there is little to say about an objectsuch.

so we have already seen that the emitted brightness is enough.

usthe test would have to be done an external environment .



I thought about itgood to do it, because I wanted to do it Better possible.

but then the detectorof brightness of the mobile phone fits at brightness it detects when it frames, then, then regulates its exposure and it goes to alter the effect that it haslamp.

so I prefer to describe it to you I.

I tell you that it has a bundlequite bright, circular, not adjustable.

(from the chat) hello Massimo.

Hi Gianfranco.

in conclusion.



sure if we need to light up areas wider, maybe the beam can be onelittle bit more.

as you see it is round.

But I'm very muchclose.


what to say? on a lamp there is not muchto say.

surely it is very comfortable made of having this powerbankfrom 6000 mA (from the chat Hello Stefano, Hello Easter), always at hand inbuilding site.

the body sincerely I imagined it in plastic.

instead it is inmetal.


Enough I've finished.

you thank you guys.

the direct ones are always, as I said several times, difficult to handle.

because there is a risk ofmake some mistakes and keep to be able to make mistakes, causeother errors.

so I prefer to reduce them.

guys, I salute you.

see you next time.

hello from Riccardo.


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