LED수리 납땜 특별한 방법 LED등 망가져도 버리지 마세요 led repair #LEDrepair #led조명 #led전구 #led등

Hello, I'm Manmul IOT.

The sensor light is not that expensive, but I'll try to fix it.

This time, I'm not buying an El-E-D, but LEDs can be short-lived because of heat-resistant problems, so I'm not buying an El-E-D.

I'm going to separate the discarded element and solder it.

With LED elements on this board, it's all plus or minus, so it's very comfortable to use.

If you look in the middle of this, if you look closely, You're gonna see too much of this.

It's the part that's used to heat up your food when you have a fever, and it's soldering in the middle.

You can't solder it with the iron.

I'll take off the element and explain it to you.

I'll take a look at the back and explain it again.

And I'll fix it.

Now, this is the LED we're throwing away.

I'll try to extract the LED by floating it.

One way to do this is to lose the lighter.

There's also an ironing method.

Right now, I'll just take a look at the lighter.

I'll try to heat it up like this for now.

It fell.

If you look here, it's polarized, and the important thing is that if El-Eddie gets a fever, she's going to have to do this.

You have to let him go.

We need to be soldering in the middle of the fire, but there's not a lot of soldering in the middle.

so I'll give you the know-how.

So you can extract it with an iron like this.

Put it on for three or four minutes, and the lead will melt slowly.

You can see it melted.

You can see it kept falling.

It falls like this.

I'll put in some electricity.

We've got a power connection to which one's broken.

It's not coming in.

So if this stabiliser is bad or if the id is bad, To check it out, we put the tester in DC, and it says (+) here, and this is ( -) here.

Let's try and see how much electrical voltage comes out.

It's barely out.

It's a sensor light.

It's not connected.

Let's leave that out.

Let's check the battery to see if the element is defective or normal.

I'll check one by one like this.

That's the part.

That's the bad part.

I got the bottom line.

This is the one thing that's bad.

So I'm going to separate this.

I'll put a little lead on it.

Got it.

There's something important here.

The horizontal part needs to be completely removed from the lead There's got to be a wire to remove the lead.

Lead is trapped between the wires, so the lead is completely removed.

Okay, that's enough.

I'm going to attach the separated element.

I'm going to stick it like this.

Because you have to attach the middle part.

I'll tell you what to do.

First of all, I'm going to check the polarity I'll give it a try.

Plus on the right.

Just stick it like this.

There's a way to solder somebody in the middle.

There's no way we're gonna be able to solder this part.

So, what do you mean, three connections? So I'm going to put some lead on it.

Because you have to make sure that you're in the middle of the body to heat it up.

I'm supposed to push it down in this position, but the slope is too.

I'll go down a little bit.

I want you to check the electrodes again in this way I'll check again.


If you press it and heat it up here, it'll transfer heat to the inside.

I'll pass it on.

Now it's perfectly pressed.

Yes, thank you.

I'll try soldering next to you.

Let's try the tester again.

Come on in.

Then it's fixed.

It's now the middle part of it.

It's working.

I'm gonna get the electricity.


We're done.

We'll be out when we have time.

It's off.

The road's gone.

Now we're done.

I'm done.

You can cut it for me I've just taught you how to save like this.

This is the best way.

It's all I've saved today.

Hi, last time.

I told you how to fix the LEDs, but this one bought a lead in the market and repaired it.

I'd like to let you know that someone told me it was broken in less than a few hours.

Most of these normal id voltages are: 3.



5 volts.

If you look here, This is what the website tells you.

It's a specialty store.

here I'm going to choose the high-lighted one.

Let's take a look at the 5mm size.

I'll see anything.

If you look here, this is the datasheet.

That's right.

If you look at the datasheet, Forward Voltage Street It's 2.

2 volts.

I'll make 2.

2 bolts and then I'll see what's normal.

Let's take a look at this.

If you look at the data sheet, it's V.

Forward Voltage is 3.

17 to 3.

8 Because 3.

78 volts per LED, the max is usually 3.


That's why it's breaking down, so I'm going to look at the data sheet and I'm going to choose the el-ID.

If you look on this site, Choose high luminance and 5 pies.

If you look at it this second time, Let's take a look at this.

I'll take a look at the data sheet.

Here we go.

Forward Voltage Go.

What you want is a normal 20 mA, 3.

8 volts, so you're gonna need this product I'm saying you had to use it.

How to apply LEDs as a soldering method: You can select this LED and use it.

Thank you.


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