LED 방등 교체 방법/초보자도 쉽게 도전!/천천히 따라해 보세요(셀프 조명 인테리어)

Hello, Real Life Housewife 9 Dan Hoo mom.

Today I'm going to try to replace a really simple room light.

In the previous video, I posted a method to install lighting in a place without wires.

However, it is really simpler to replace the lights we will explain today.

So even beginners will be able to do enough.

Honestly, the price of the product is very low, but if you entrust the replacement of the light, the labor cost is very expensive.

So, such a simple light replacement is self-sufficient.

So I think you can try it yourself.

Then shall we start slowly one by one? First, turn off the room light switch.

For safety, please turn off all breakers first.

And remove the existing room lighting.

I will remove the bulb first for safety.

Then turn the nut to remove it.

When removing the room light, separate it from the main wire coming out from the ceiling.

If you push the connector and pull it out like this, it will come out.

If it is wrapped with black wire tape, remove the tape and then separate the wire.

Then shall we take out the new LED light? I chose the most basic design with a clean feel.

Take out the LED lamp and look at the back.

Then there is the clasp.

Remove this part by sliding it to the side.

And after making the inside of the light visible, Then turn the bracket that connects the ceiling and remove it.

Place the accessories on one side so as not to forget them.

This is the bracket that connects the ceiling.

Now you can install it.

If the already installed bracket fits the new lighting, you can just use it.

However, if you need to remove and reinstall the existing bracket like this .



You can check the solid wood inside the ceiling and install it on the hard side as much as possible.

Now straighten the curved line.

The connector part of the ceiling main line is also pulled out by pressing and pulling it as before.

Now install the new bracket.

You can also install the ceiling wire through this bracket hole.

But then it can be a little inconvenient, so I'll just install it separately on the side.

When fixing with a screw on the bracket, simply fix it to this small circular hole and install it.

Now, install this ceiling main wire by inserting it into the center hole of the light.

At this time, align the part to fix the butterfly nut so that it fits in both holes, and fix it with the nut.

When installing, you need to align the center of the light from the ceiling, so fix it slightly.

Then, push the length slightly so that the ceiling main wire fits into the connector.

And when it's the right length, just plug it into the connector.

The connector can be plugged into two wires anywhere regardless of the plus or minus position.

In this case, just like when removing the wire, press the connector and insert it.

Push the copper part of the wire so that it cannot be seen.

Now only the finish is left.

After aligning the lighting position to the ceiling center, Tighten the butterfly nut that was fixed slightly before.

Also, before putting the lid on, you should test whether it is well connected.

Please put all the breakers that were first unloaded again.

And when you turn on the room light switch .



It's installed properly.

Now, if the test has been completed normally, please cover the lid.

Now, you can push the latch part you saw earlier to the side to catch it.

Push it so that it catches the light lid.

But I rather had a hard hanging this.

When the lid is properly positioned, all four latches are locked.

Make sure the lid is positioned correctly.

Now it's really complete! how is it? It's that simple.

Many people think it's electricity, so it feels difficult, scared so I don't think to try it.

However, such a simple lighting replacement can be done without difficulty if you follow the safety rules.

Then I'll finish today's video.

I will come back with another tip next time.

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