LED 수리해서 고치면 수명다할때까지 쓴다 led repair #led등 #led납땜 #led전구 #ledrepair

If you look here, If you look at one of the detailed elements, it's like this.

There's something that doesn't.

And then if you look here, you'll see that it's completely black.

I'm seeing things.

This is an LED in the bathroom.

If you look here, the ballast's inside and you can see it's outside.

He's got 220vrk over here, through the stabilizers, We're going to check how much voltage is coming here, and we're going to see that it's broken, as we can see with our eyes.

So I'm going to try to fix this.

Hello, we're Manmul IOT.

I'll be home again today.

I'm trying to fix it again because my bathroom back is broken.

So just by looking at the color, I checked them all with my own eyes.

I don't think that's a big deal.

You can do it with your own eyes, and you can see that it's burnt black like this So, let's have a look at electricity.

I'll put it in electricity isI'm going to click on the crocodile to see if it's coming in or not.

Let's do this.

He's not coming in.

Let's try again.

It's not coming in.

in the shadow of one Now, let's check where it's broken.

First of all, it's a long tester.

The voltage's different.

If you look at it like this, you'll know it's on.

It's a number.

The only way to stabilize is to show that there's no problem.

But check it out.

Let's see.

This tester is a little bit more dangerous.

You put a direct current here on v, and you measure a direct current flow outlet here.

I put it in here, and I'll get the electricity.

I need to check to see if there's any voltage coming out or not to see if the stabiliser is broken.

We can make sure he doesn't.

I'll take a look at the black tester.

It's about 314 pounds.

The first electricity comes from the voltage.

Which means it's not under load, so it's getting more electricity.

So the only way to check is to check with a tester, and then you can check with a tester.

You can put it in the diode check box and check if it's broken or not.

Come in.

So I'm going to take a picture of this.

I'll take every single one of them.

I think there's something wrong with that.

I can't even see this part.

I could use a stick, but I think the resistance is a little too high.

I'll check this part first.

This part isn't coming in.

Not even this part.

And, you know, if you don't have a tester, you're like this.

If you don't sell it to the radio station, you can use it with tape.

It is possible.

I'm going to try this.

It's possible.

Make it.


one at a time.

with a check It's definitely not working.

Let's check it out or check it out.

Uh, it's coming in.

And this one's coming in, and now, in conclusionThis is one bad thing.

And here's the plus.

The red one is positive.

That's why it's positive.

a positive red lineYou know that, and now you're gonna have to tell me Oh, I'm in now.

I went out and came in.

You're out.

That's how it works.

I'm sorry.

It's over there.

I'm sorry.

It's better to separate this.

It's better to wear something new.

AndI'm gonna put this in a show.

You can connect the yogi and yogi with a line like this, but since it's a series, there's a total of 40 different things, but the voltage is different.

With this authorization, the life expectancy of the id is gradually decreasing.

So we're going to have to figure out the same voltage.

So if you're going to ask me to you, We're gonna have to use a way to put it here.

It's a long lifespan using a method of putting it on.

Now, I'm gonna need you to do some soldering.

It's hard to drop it, so I'm gonna put enough lead over here, so it's easier to tie it.

I'll put you in lead.

I'll separate you.

It's falling off like this.

This plate's separated, so we can just do it.

And the middle part of it is that he's got a fever.

The terminal that acts as the heat shield, it looks like it's this strong, It's a requirement heat shield.

If the id is still in the system, it's going to heat up, so it's going to play a role in the LED.

I'm doing it.

Don't do it.

After that.

If you look here, if you look closely, Can you see? In detail If you look closely, there is a wide area and a narrow area.

It's a plus.

And the way to find out is that the long side is plus.

I'll just have to get you through.

I want you to put some lead on this.

I'll give you lead.

I hope you have a positive and negative view.

I'll try to fix it.


That's why I'll try it.

All right, let's go ahead.

Now, let's turn on that electricity.

How much is it in case of kitchen or bathroom? But it's actually very expensive in the living room, so it's too much to throw away.

Now we can see what's coming in.

They're all in.

This can check to be able to come and see.

If we do this now.

You go to high luminance led is go to the jeonpasa, general and this is led There are LED from the track that can be light50 won per 100 won is so general led In this way this goes 300 won.

300 won and 300 won If you use it, it's better, it's lighter, it's less filial, it's better.

I'll give it a try.

It's been fixed very clearlyat this rate of 300 won Conveniently, at home.

I've shown you how to repair it.

And the best way to do this is without this tester, without a taster.

Thus As such, you can buy a battery frame for 500 won.

So you can use it like this, but if you're in a hurry at home, you can't even use it.

How do you connect the battery? Let's do it.

I'm going to connect it like this, and then I'm going to connect two places with this wire, and then I'm going to tape it like this way It's a plus.

Plus, it's minus here.

I'm going to do this on the plus line, and then I'm going to do this.

(-) Connect and use it like a tester.

Even without a tester.

in a convenient way You can use it.

out of 40 If only one of the 40 failed, I have to throw out one disadvantage of 'red' etc.

So, it is really bright and convenient.

There is a downside to this.

There's a downside.

I mean, if you're going to explain it in a nutshell, Ac 220 came in.

through the ballastConnect to this This is how it works.

Here's the connection.

That's the plus.

That's 40 of them.

That's 40 of them.

Like this.

But if one of them is destroyed in the middle, If you break one to the middle, it's an open circuit, and the whole thing doesn't light up.

And this is what happens when you look at my traffic lights and my car lights.

I don't know if you've looked at it carefully, but if you stay like this, If you look closely at the traffic lights, there's a bunch of idled.

But sometimes only one is broken and only two are destroyed.

Even if you come inIt's coming in.

Even if we're broken, the LED's come on.

The part of this circuit design is broken like this, and if we get to this point, it's going to be a problem.

So I made this as cheap as I could, and I ended up connecting it in series.

But if we connect the lights in series, they won't all come in.

This is how the electricity is applied, so there's a ballast, and when there's a ballast, each LED's are connected in parallel like this.

in a row That's how it's wired up.

So It's expensive, so it's hard to use it for home use.

I've come to choose a circuit.

It's so convenient to use it when it's repaired.

And if you look at this video, make sure you do it once.

in person to It's not that expensive with a lotIf you buy one, you'll spend your whole life.

Lead and then battery cap or battery are used a lot in the I hope you'll try to save it.

Thank you.

It was allmuliot.

I'm done with it.

I'll take a look.

Now we've fixed it perfectly.

It's completely repaired.


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