LED Bluetooth Speaker Light Bulb "PlayBulb" Review – Energy Saving & Mood Lighting!

today a wireless Bluetooth speaker system led at half price hi I'm the YouTube deal guy Matt granite and I'm interning me and we've tested a lot of LEDs we know we've tested a lot of Bluetooth speakers and don't go with LEDs we've tested a lot of Bluetooth speakers we've done both and today they come together whether you know me from your local TV station or USA Today or you just know Amy because she's amazing and she makes this channel better as do all of the people who are subscribed this which you can control from your Android or Apple iPad or iPhone led with total control and awesome sounding speakers all built in there's one of the coolest products I think we've ever tested yeah I was long hesitant because we tested so many Bluetooth speakers and all been top of the line so I was like how good is a light bulb gonna be but it was really good I was surprised and this deal which is more than half price today located right under this video screen which we're gonna give you a full demo of which you can click the show more button under this video to reveal before we get to this deal you're not yet subscribed Click the SUBSCRIBE button you see on your screen and you'll be signed up for all of Matt's awesome and if you turn your notifications on we have massive giveaways at the end of the week you can win all of the hottest items I've tested over the course of the past month now this Z edge Bluetooth 4.

0 speaker LED night light system changes colors works with iPhone iPad Android we're gonna give you a full demo in a moment but aside from it being such a good price today the sound out of the 60 watt light bulb equivalent with a twenty thousand dollar lifespan is amazing so here I am in the Z edge app I have a bunch of different modes that control this light that's the reading lighting grass land ocean there's there's so many different options and you can even just pick a color with it too we bring on the romance show us romance it's really not even that roomy I don't really think that's a romantic but I mean whatever whatever bullets your vote I figure throw amazing I think it's lovely so I'm actually gonna play music now for you pretty cool you can stream music Pandora Spotify and for all of us that can't afford those really nice speaker systems in our home yeah I don't have that nor do i I want it plug play and go compared to an incandescent light bulb that's equivalent not a huge difference in the size and also weight wise not a big difference either which is even more surprising considering there's a speaker in here if you're worried about supporting some type of ceiling light with this there is nothing to worry about this is lightweight and ready to go installation was very easy screwed in just like a regular light bulb and you cannot just like you would do a regular Bluetooth speaker awesome I am so you know I try to not buy all of my deals because I will go broke I am so buying a bunch of these maybe it'll it'll be like surround sound that would be amazing if you've got like six I mean I love the way you think that's why we keep you here for those of you that are interested this is a limited time deal grab located right under this video screen click the show more tab under the video screen see you can get the link to this deal thank you so much for watching for free stuff Click the SUBSCRIBE button you see on your screen right now you'll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals to turn on your alerts you're gonna see a wheel beside the subscribe button on a mobile device it looks like this click the Box turn on your channel alerts that will ensure you're emailed every time I upload a huge deal and remember you wanna buy any item I feature there's a link right under this video window click the show more tab and every link I have for every deal is there you go you are awesome thank you so much for watching.

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