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Last time I showed you how to fix it, I bought a lead in the market and repaired it.

I'll let you know because some of you are telling me it's broken in less than a few hours.

Most common LEDs have the same voltage as forward bolts.


2V to 3.

5 Volts.

If you look here, If you look on the site, you'll find that there's a specialization here.

It's a selling place.

I'm going to choose a high-light LED I'll take a look at the five pies.

It's a datasheet.

I'll look at the data sheet.

It's 2.

2 volts.


8 volts at forward vlotage rk3.


So what we usually do is we don't know what we're doing.

What we did was get out of the 125v stabiliser, and this is 33.


78v per unit.

Normally, the LED was 3.

5 volts, Maxim.

Oh, it's broken.

That's why it's breaking.

So I looked at the data sheet and I decided to select LEDs.

If you look on this site, Go to the site and choose high-pitched.

Choose five pies.

If you look at it this second time, I'll take a look at the data sheet.

Forward valtage high.

mA for example.

This is four volts.

What you want is to have a normal 20 mA high voltage of 3.

8 volts.

It means you have to use the product.

How to apply LEDs as a soldering method: I'm going to choose this LED.

You can use it.

There are parts like this.

I'll extract the ind from the substrate.

I'll float it and try to repair it.

Hello, this is Manmuliot.

on the fly It's a little easier to use.

If you look in the middle of this, if you look closely, If you look closely, you'll see this part.

It's the part that's used to heat the LED when it's hot, and it's soldering in the middle.

But it's just a lynchpin.

We can't do mid-term soldering.

Take off the element.

I'll take a look at the back and explain it again.

And now this is a sensor light, so there's a receiver and the back is like this.

It's just like a regular sensor light.

From the LED panel that you throw away.

Let's see.

When you extract one, you can heat it with a lighter.

It's a method of extracting the lighter by heating it up.

Or you can get it on the back of your home iron and add it to it.

It's falling.

That's how you use it.

Let's just fly it on the lighter.

Now, this is how it fell.

So here we are.

If you look here, it's polarized.

It'll be a plus You have to be positive.

It's in the middle of this.

If she has a fever, she needs to warm up this part.

We need to solder in the middle of this to make a break, but there's not a lot of soldering in the middle.

That's why we're doing this.

I'll let you know.

Now, I'll put in some electricity.

Voltage is You can use a tester, but you can use a Tesseract in your home.

I'll check the batteries.

Oh, this part is broken.

I got the bottom line.

It's broken.

I'll try to remove the pharynx.

If you have two puppies, I'm gonna need them.

It'll be comfortable if we do this together.

I'll be able to extrapolate.

In this case, it's convenient to extract it with a little lead attached.


The only way to remove it is to have a connection.

Lead will be removed.

I'm just trying to attach the old device.

I'll give you the know-how.

The right side is positive.

the length of a series of three times I'm gonna put some lead on it.

Because you have to heat it up in the middle.

I'm soldering here.

If you press this button and heat it up here, it'll transfer heat all the way to the Yes, thank you.

I'm soldering the side.

Now try the tester again.

I'll give you a green light.


It's off when you have time.

It's gone.

It's done.

Like this today.

The price of the sensor lamp is not very high, How to Solve Element I've learned how to use these connections to solder This is the best way.

The way to save today is allmuliot.

Thank you.


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