LED Grow Lights Boost Cannabis Quality and Yields at Silver State Relief

My name is Sonny Newman and I'm the owner of Silver State Cultivation, Silver State Relief, here in Sparks, Nevada.

A few yearsback when a good friend of mine Brian Sandoval, the governor of the state of Nevada, decidedthat he was going to sign cannabis to be legal for medical purposes, I decided that I wasgoing to throw my hat in the ring and put together our application, submit it to thestate of Nevada and this is what has happened two and a half years later.

Currently, I have 158, 000 square feet of grow facility.

We've built our first phase of eight phas es out.

It's about 15, 000 square feetand our intentions are to fill this entire 158, 000 square feet with propagation and flowerrooms.

We are growing 100% of the flower that we sell at Silver State Relief.

Our currentdemands are about 5 lbs per day.

So somewhere around 150 lbs a month and we're keeping upwith that demand using the LumiGrow lights here at Silver State Cultivation.

We're seeing the results we're getting outof the LED.

We're ditching the HPS lights as fast as we possibly can; replenishing themwith the LumiGrow LED lights.

We've done harvest of just HPS rooms, LED rooms, hybrid roomsusing both HPS and LED rooms and the yields are pretty close to being the same acrossthe board in all the rooms.

But we are noticing that the quality of the flower coming outof the LED rooms is way superior than the quality of flowers coming out of just theHPS rooms.

Currently we're using the LumiGrow 650s, the high-voltage version.

They require about 550 watts.

So right there is a 45% savings just in the power alone of running the lights.

Our THC levels are higher than anyone in the state.

Our terpene levels in our flower are higher than anyone in the state and our numbers atour dispensary are proof that we are doing something right and it's incredible.

In the beginning, our consultant and someof the pros that we had been talking to said that the cannabis consumers out there, whetherit be medical or on a recreational level, they're not ready for LED and that they can tell the difference of the flower by looking at it.

That has not been the case whatsoever.

We have never had one person come through our facility of over 5, 000 customers a monthwe're currently doing, that has said you guys are growing this product with LED or HPS.

There's never been a comment.

We've been open for almost 9 months now.

My name is Daniel Hopper.

I'm the cultivationmanager here at Silver State Relief.

I got my Ph.


here at the University of Nevada- Reno in plant biochemistry.

Here at Silver State Relief we use a lot ofLumiGrow Pro 650 lights in both the vegetative stage and the flowering stage and we've hadgreat success with both.

We've really shown here, in particular, that you can grow incrediblyhealthy, incredibly vigorous plants at any stage, even cutting.

We have some rooms that are full LED thatare just dedicated to LED rooms.

And we have some rooms that are checkerboard with halfand half LED and HPS.

Now that allowed us in the design phase to go with lower tonnageon our HVAC.

Just to give you an example, we have forty LED lights and we're using a10-ton unit to control the heat load with those lights and the burners and all thatsort of stuff.

In comparison, we probably would have needed at least a 20-ton unit with the same number of high-pressure sodium lights.

That's one of the big questions that everyoneasks when they come in – what are your yields like? How do the yields compare to traditionalhigh-pressure sodium? And obviously yields is going to depend a lot on the strain andthings like that, but we've been able to do some comparisons between the full-LED andthe full-HPS and the yields are either identical or greater in the LED rooms.

Which is nicebecause we're getting the same exact yield with about half of the wattage.

Another thing that we have noticed as wellis that the terpene and cannabinoid profiles are higher in the full-LED compared to thefull-HPS rooms.

We've done a number of strains under both conditions and pretty consistently, we've found that we get better numbers yield wise and also with cannabinoid and terpeneprofiles under full-LEDs.

In 5 to 10 years, I wouldn't be surprisedif it's mainly LED.

It is funny because you start to look at some of the high-pressuresodium ballasts that are coming out and I've even seen some that recommend putting an HPSnext to a halide because they are finding that you can get a little more blue from thehalide and you'll still get some red from your HPS.

They're even starting to see thefact that you want a lot of red and a lot of blue.

It's so much easier with LED to getthose spectrum of light.

And as far as LED goes, I would highly recommend LumiGrow formultiple reasons.

It's not just the lights, it's the entire support team at LumiGrow.

It's the research team, that's turning out all this awesome research that is going tobe available to any LumiGrow user.

It's going to help bring cannabis out of theshadows, more or less.

You know, there's some actual really good research going on that'snot only going to help cannabis but really any plant.

The more we understand about plantsand how certain processes in the plants are working; it's typically pretty applicableto all plants.


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