LED Lighting Evolved! | SS3 LED Pod by Diode Dynamics

Hi, Paul with Diode Dynamics.

And today, I'm excited to introduce our newest product, the SS3 LED Pod.

Now, as you can tell, this is a 3" pod-style light, like you might have seen before.

Some people call them "cubes".

We've been checking those out for a long time.

There's a lot of powerful, well-built lights on the market, but they all use older technology for their optics, like reflectors or simple projector lenses.

These just aren't too efficient at focusing all the light where you want it.

Our Stage Series lineup uses exclusive TIR optics, which are a newer and more expensive design that can capture much more of the light and focus it to the road.

The key to this is a custom designed large TIR optic.

This collects and focuses all of the light forward very efficiently.

From there, instead of having another external lens, we've molded certain lens patterns directly into the lens surface.

This prevents the normal efficiency loss you see with an outside lens.

When you shine light through any type of glass or plastic, you're going to lose up to 10% of that light just from it shining through.

Instead, by putting it as part of this lens, we pick up some efficiency there as well.

Now we power these optics using the newest technology in electronics as well.

Of course, full copper, direct-solder circuit boards.

High intensity emitters, like the type you'd find on factory lighting.

That's because they're designed specifically to work with these optics and come together to produce the most efficiency possible.

All that comes together, so we can offer four different optics, with two different power levels: our Sport power level and then the Pro power level.

The first two you probably heard of before: spot and flood.

Now a lot of companies offer those, but the SS3 performs at a much higher level.

Now when we talk performance at Diode Dynamics, we're going to focus on candela ratings.

That's directional light output and it's how factory headlights and the tail lights are rated.

It's how anything is rated, where you want light shining in a specific direction.

You've probably seen a lot of lumen ratings, but lumen ratings are just for omni-directional output, like you'd find in bulbs at Home Depot.

You want light shining all directions.

In this case, since we're shining light in a specific direction, we're going to be talking candela.

In that sense, our spotlight is shining 50% more intensity than any other option on the market.

At 151, 000 candela, it's double the intensity of the maximum high beam output of a single headlight.

That's a huge amount of light if you need to see far, far in the distance.

Our flood beam pattern has been designed to take all that focused light and then spread it very evenly with custom designed front optics.

This provides a 60° x 60° spread.

Perfect for driving at low speeds or around the worksite.

Now the last two optics are SAE road legal options, depending on your state and local laws.

The first is an SAE J581 driving light, or auxiliary high beam.

It's basically a spotlight that's been carefully spread out a little bit to serve as a supplementary high beam light.

If you're looking to add lighting to your vehicle to see down the road, the driving light is a fantastic upgrade to supplement your high beams in anysituation.

And again, depending on your state laws, is road legal to use as an extra high beam or commercial vehicles.

Finally, our SAE J583 pattern is going to provide a road legal fog light output.

Now that actually meets the F3 newer standard, which is the only one on the market meeting that standard.

It has to be much more focused, much wider, much more intense to meet that standard.

At 11, 000 candela, we're coming in right below the legal maximum for a fog lamp while providing a 70° wide pattern.

It's just a few degrees tall, to really spread out light, provide foreground for inclement weather, or to supplement your main beams.

Now if you're doing more of a factorystyle install, or you just want to keep things easy, we also offer brackets to fit more than 100 vehicle applications like the WRX, with the round bezel to fill in and look nice and clean.

You've got Jeep, F150, Silverado, Colorado, Tacoma, Tundra, all kinds of different applications thatyou can use to directly replace your factory fog lights.

Whether you want to go with that SAE fog pattern, or you want to add a lot more punch with the SAE driving.

These kits are easy to install, and come with plug-and-play wire connectors to connect right to your factory system.

They have nice molded brackets that are very heavy duty to match the factory fitment exactly.

If you have more of a commercial or industrial application, you should check out the flush mount option, which has a standard mounting pattern.

Comes with a drilling template and gaskets and hardware as well.

Again, full stainless.

All four beam patterns are available in a 6000K cool white color, which matches most factory LED lighting or a nice selective yellow, which is a golden color to really give a distinct look on the road or off road.

The SS3 is a full aluminum construction with a durable black powder coat.

It also has full stainless steel hardware throughout, including the universal mounting bracket which ships with all standard kits.

You can use this to mount just about anywhere.

It also has a breather patch on the back and that'll prevent any moisture buildup, as well as a custom molded Deutsche DT-style plug.

That's the industry standard, so you can connect just about any harness to this light and it does come with a pigtail as well.

As you can see, we've designed these for just about any use.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your fog lights, or add a lot of light for off roading or industrial use.

We're excited to have engineered and designed these completely in-house and we'll be building them right here in St.

Louis, Missouri.

You can find these lights online at DiodeDynamics.

com or use our dealer locator to find them at a dealer near you.

Thanks for watching.


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