LED minis from McKee's Micromancy & Morology on Etsy – Campfire and Walls of Fire & Ice

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Hello and welcome back to the Gallant Goblin! I'm Theo.

So we review a whole bunch of productsfrom big companies like Wizkids, Paizo, and Wizards of the Coast, but there are a wholebunch of small family-owned businesses out there that make great minis and RPG supplements.

Today I wanted to highlight just one of them.

These little figures here are fromMcKee’s Micromancy and Morology which is run by Josh, Elizabeth, and Jack McKee from the Pacific Northwest, accordingto their shop description anyway.

You can find their store on Etsy and at thelink in the description of the video below.

They supported the Lost Odyssey D&D event lastyear in Los Angeles benefiting the Autism Society which is how we ended up with these figures.

Let’s take a closer look at them andsee what else they have to offer.

First we have a wall of ice withan embedded flickering LED.

These are great for a wall of ice spellor just for decorating your ice caverns.

They sell them individually for $5.

95 [USD] a piece.

They're pretty gorgeous.

They’re about 50mm by 25mm andrepresent a 10 foot tall wall of ice, which is the height of the ice panelcreated by the wall of ice spell.

They’re powered by a CR1632 coincell battery, which is included.

All of their LED products are powered bythe same battery, which is always included.

The wall is 3D printed at 50 microns in a translucentresin and the base is printed at 0.

2mm in black PLA.

Next is their illuminated wall of fire, which is alsoproduced at 50 microns in translucent resin.

These are sold as a set of four pieces that fit togetherto form a cohesive 20 foot long wall of fire.

They’re sold for $19.

95 [USD] though youcan get them in sets of two as well.

The left and right pieces are unique, but the middle pieces are the same.

You reverse one of them so they fittogether and don’t look repetitive.

Each segment is 25mm by 25mm, representing a 5 foot wall of fire.

Finally we have a little LED campfiremeasuring 28mm x 28mm x 17.


It’s 3D printed in black Hatchbox PLA.

There’s a very simple little switch on the bottomof all these figures to turn them off and on.

Flickering campfire minis are extremely niceto have for most any tabletop RPG game.

This little fella will run you $9.

95 [USD].

Most of these models are also available unpainted at alower price point if you prefer to do that work yourself.

They also have quite a few otherinteresting items in their store.

For your inn or tavern setups, they have littletavern tables with embedded LED lanterns and a variety of swappable tabletops, a set of chairs to go with it, and a tavern feast table with two LED lanterns.

They also have a flaming spherespell effect with an LED, a cool LED flameskull mini for those ofyou who weren’t happy with the one that came in the Descent Into Avernus set, and an alchemist’s table with an LED.

They also have the fire walls in green and blue.

And they have a little LED torch marker.

You can place your little mini on top of that to trackwhich of your characters has a light source when the group heads into that dark cavern.

Looking through their Instagram page, it seems like they’ve got some other littlegoodies available occasionally as well.

They have a nice overall variety of minis.

Personally, I might go back and pick up thattavern furniture and the flameskull mini.

If you’re looking for some unique minisand scatter terrain for your battle maps, Etsy is a great place to find some uniqueitems that’ll really set your game apart, plus it’s always great to support smallfamily-run businesses when you can.

Again, check the links in the description below to checkout McKee’s Micromancy and Morology for yourself.

Let me know in the comments section downbelow what you think of these little minis and if you’ve found any great Etsy or independentstores that we should all check out.

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