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Hello this is Tom from Gain Innovation Till Now, I explained Drop watcher through 3 Youtube.

It isn't our common subject But from today, I wanna explain our common interest.

It is UV Printer.

1st subject, What will the next UV Printer model after 2020 ? Yes, it is very interesting topic and not easy ! Of course the people has different opinion and maybe I'm wrong Anytime I'm willing to discuss it.

Please send the message First I'm going to check product history from the beginning till now and second What major player have been doing? And Who is main player at now? For main player how they look the current the market and their difficulty.

To overcome Their difficulty, what are they doing ? So study main player's movement, we can get our answer next UV Printer Model.

UV Printer start from conveyor belt which can print RTR and Flatbed.

Then dedicated flatbed.

Because, Dedicated flatbed, image quality is better than conveyor belt.

after that, RTR UV Printer.

people wanna replace solvent RTR because the environment issue.

2015 The LED is come 2020 All UV is gone LED become the normal 2015 I wanna emphasize one thing most of the people doesn't believe LED can be replaced UV ink because the weak adhesion and other Functionality isn't like UV Ink.

But the limitation of technology is overcome Once new technology is done, then it is never back to the old technology Let me check the major player All those company is a really big and huge company at the time Vutec, fujifilm and Roland, they choose the China as their OEM or ODM partner And they are still good.

Scitex, Colorspan and Nur.

it is also major company and huge company Suddenly HP brought those three company.

At that time, it is really big issue.

And people were talking and wondering how the sign market is going After this huge M&A OCE has more than 50 market share for the dedicated flatbed because nobody reach their image quality But Canon brought this OCE company Durst is the technology No.

1 company Instead of choosing other partner, they are keep going by themselves And All those huge company now left signage.

Left signage doesn't mean that they close their company HP and Durst now became the major and No.

1 company on the Inkjet Label Market Agfa, they choose Dilli as their OEM Partner.

And brought the Gani innovation, Jet i.

But now, they are looking for the new OEM partner in China or Korea Mimaki is similar to the Durst.

They only focus on the signage market, But Unfortunately, I heard that.

They have some difficulty in in 2019 then, many people were left Sum up.

The first group with China, they are still good and the second group, even if huge company, without China partner, they were left the signage.

And third group they are stand on important crossroad.

With China partner or Left signage So, let's check the China player.

what they're doing 2005.

several company they start launch their product on overseas market, but due to their image quality product stability, customer service issue They're left overseas market after three years Instead of overseas market, they start focusing on the domestic market Through the domestic market, product quality become better Even the company growing a lot because the China market itself is huge Then 2015, After ten years, they push overseas market again Only 5 years later, they became the main player With their brand or OEM brand, 90% UV Printer is produced in China at now So we checked the product history.

what major player has been doing.

Who is the main player at now.

it is China so China there are so many UV Printer manufactur and they compete each other to survive on domestic market Through this hard competition China became the fast growing and the advanced market for the UV Printer area.

So we had admit that product and market trend start from China and spread all over the world if we study China market what they are doing, we can get our answer about the next UV Printer model.

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