LED Upgrade Reverse Light Bulb on Jaguar XF

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps today I'm going to share with you my Jaguar it's XF model andI'm going to change that reverse light to LED light and once I'm going to changeit you going to like it so let's get startedthese are the bulb H16

I'm going to use it's 5202 and these are really nicelooking light and it's going to be real nice and bright at nighttime and I'mgoing to list the part number under the description please check it out in caseif you want to upgrade your Jaguar at this moment this is

how the reverse light look once I'm going to install the LED light is going to look really decentthis is the LED light has been replaced and it's really bright this one is stillOEM light that one is much much brighter WowI love it this is the original OEM bulb

which we have taken out and this is whatwe are replacing with to open these if you got a proper tool then it's easierto take it out but what if as a DIY you don't have anything what I have done itI get the fork I just break one and

I make it my own tool so it's easy to openfrom the carpet so we're going to pop this open one here looks like this itcomes off second one is right here that's how easy on the rubber lift thatup at all let's lift this much now if we look

at behind the carpet one two andthree I'm going to loose these just like thisonce it's loose them these are really easy to come out unless you havea bigger socket you put it on and you can use a ratchet so I'm going to takeall these three not then we're

going to take out the taillight assembly once wetake out the three nut we're going to push this one outside if you look athere right here when I'm going to push it look at the light will start comingout so now the whole assembly the taillight assembly comes outit's a

good idea that you open this by pressing it so you press this one thenyou pull it out and this is the light which we need to replace so on this onewe're going to press from here and once I'm going to squeeze it in so once I'mgoing to squeeze

me so this is how it comes out this is one you need to pressin and you take out this one this comes out once this one comes out then we'regoing to press it again and this one comes out so when we take it out if younotice that gasket

get pushed out so just push it back and if you notice this isorientation you have to be careful on two tabs on this side on one tab on thisside and if you look it on the socket the same thing one two and one on thisside so that's where

it's gonna lock in that's only one way it goes in but ifyou try to push it in on the other side see you heard the snap lock chain inorder to lock it we need to put this one in and when you put it in it slides inthe grooves

and it locks in same orientation on the bulb itself if youlook at one cut here and two cuts on this one one two and then the lockingmechanism right here which locks in here in here so on this one 2 cut one cut onthis side so I'm going to

put it in another one like this and then youneed to press it in that's all you put it in as you seenicely fit in and now I'm going to put this one in and it will snap in I'mgoing to turn it on and see if the lights are

workingyou know bad light then you don't have to open it again it's working as you seen the light isworking now we're going to button up so I'm going to put these nut back andwe're going to tighten it and then I'm going to put the carpet back I'm goingto

put these push pins in and that's it that's how we do it I'm going to showyou the LED light performance we're going to start the car and we're goingto use reverse light and you will be very amazed to look at this such abright light Wow there is no

world for it and if I canshow it to you on my driveway let me go to the side this is the back of mydriveway and that's only the reverse lights are on you can see my both HUMMERsitting in a driveway and it's very clear that's the reverse light

I hopeyou're going to like it and if you like it least like share and subscribeEasy Steps this is a perfect upgrade 10 out of 10thank you for watching and I'm going to see you soon with another DIY video BYE BYE

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