Legelite Smart LED Light Bulb – Full Review

what is everybody and welcome back toJoseph Harvey reviews for today's video we are going to be doing a full reviewof the legelite smart LED light bulb it is compatible with Google assist andAlexa so some key points that I'm going to be touching on in this video areprice, setup, features, where you can buy it and a few cons that I have about thisthat are not exactly related to the light bulb itself alright so let's goahead and get started I have some notes here so I don't miss the key points thatI want to hit during this video so without further ado let's get startedso price it's the number one thing what makes them different from other smartLED light bulbs well for one I believe that the legelite smart LED lightbulbs are budget-friendly as compared to like top-name brain smart light bulbsout on the market right now for one that comes to mind is Phillip Hues they runyou over $60 or more so that's just an idea there so let's get into the actualprice of these smart LED light bulbs for one pack it will run you $15.

99 a 2-packof these light bulbs will run you $28.

99 a four pack is a little bit moreexpensive that runs $57.

99 and if you don't want the multicolored ones theyhave a dusk till dawn one which is a two pack and that will run you $12.

99 so youcan do some research I've done some research but it looks like the legelite smart LED light bulbs are the cheaper alternative that are stillbudget-friendly and still deliver good quality I havelike six or seven of them throughout the house so yeah I like them so let's moveon to the second point that I want to hit for them which is setup now I dohave a video out there already on how to set up these light bulbs so I will leavea link down in the description and I will also have a link at the top you canclick on to go to the unboxing how-to and review portion of the video I didfor the setup for these light bulbs so before I go into features there isone more thing I want to add with these light bulbs they have to be connected tothe two gigahertz Wi-Fi which is two gigabytes in order for it to connect andpair now this will not work if you try to connect it to the five gigabyte Wi-Fiit will not recognize it it won't do anything you have to connect it to thetwo gigahertz Wi-Fi or two gigabyte Wi-Fi so let's move on to features nowthis part I also cover in this in the other video that I did that will belinked at the top right here so the features they have different scenes youcan create you can change the color as you can see well except for this lightright here but the light I have over my other side of office for the floor lampthe color of it is currently white but you can change the color by simply goingto a smart life app and changing it that way or you can tell your Google or alexaassist to change the color so I will show you that right now alexa change office light blue alexa change office light to white soas you can see you can have a color or you can have just plain white and thereis the RGB section you can choose on the smart life app this is currently notavailable on Alexa and I'm not too sure if it's available on the Google assistso moving on to number four where can you buy the legelite LED light bulbs soas a right now the only place you can get these light bulbs is amazon.

com andeBay as a right now as far as I know because those are the two main ones thatshows up when you type the legelite smart LED light bulb into the search boxI do want to note that when you do type in the legelite smart LED light bulb itwill show up a website for legelite further down on the page they did nothave these light bulbs on the website because the website is commercial basedlights for factories and all those are sort of stuff so you won't be able topurchase these light bulbs from their actual website because there's notavailable on there so the final one I will be talking about is some cons nowthis doesn't necessarily pertain to the light bulbs themselvesit's more of an nik picking kind of thing which is their smart life app thatyou use to connect your lights to the Internet personally I don't like thesmart life app all that much just because like I said this is nitpickingto do the voice command you have to press and hold the microphone in orderto tell it to turn a light on or off or change the color and it sometimes doesnot understand you when you tell it to do something so that is basically thecons I think it was just altogether one con so there that is so I hope youenjoyed this video if you did you can go ahead and give me a thumbs up and if youwant to see more future videos you can go ahead and click this subscribe buttonright here and I will also have a link here for the unboxing how-to and reviewvideo I did a few weeks ago for these lights so until next time I hope youenjoyed this video and I will catch y'all later see ya.

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