LET THERE BILAT – RK-26 26CM 24W LED Ring Light with Tripod [Pinoy / Tagalog]

Hello and welcome to Channel Today, we'll unbox and test this 26cm 24W LED Ring Light with tripod.

I bought it on shopee for 629 pesos (12.

50 USD), including the shipping fee.

Let's try to non-destructively remove this bubble wrap.

And here's our RING FILL LIGHT.

If you can't read the big ALL CAPS, there's a smaller font.

Fill light and BEATUY face! Make face and eye in beauty! NiteCore EXTREME! Just like Centurions! And multiple color temperature.

Can't remember its name? It's printed again on the left and right of the box.

Don't wanna call it RING FILL LIGHT? Sure, it's now RING SUPPLEMENT LAMP! Suitable for selfie, ' if you can carry this around.

For live video streaming.


It has functions of fill light, of course! BEAUTY FACE, BEAUTY EYE, AT BEAUTY SKIN!Belo is losing money! Three color temperature, Adjust various shade, equipped with variety of heights and angles in use with frame which is a BEAUTY WEAPON! This is Mortred's at Mercurial's actual weapon in DOTA1.

We're not yet done with the bubble wrap.

OW MAY GHAD, It's so long.

(That's what she said) It doesn't fit in the frame with my camera setup.

Nothing's written on the box.

Let's open her up.

Inside the box, we have a ring light covered again in bubble wrap.

It has a 2 meter cable, and built-in controls: power, light up and down, and refresh, which is probably the light temperature.

It is powered by USB, but does not include a wall adapter.

There's a ballhead to pan and tilt the ring light.

And a phone clip attachment If you plan to use it at a same point of view.

Let's unbox the tripod on the ground.

It is covered in plastic inside.

It has an included rubber cap for the screw.

It has three legs with rubber feet.

We just need to pull the legs outwards, then its body upwards, and tighten the screw knob.

Let me just get the tape measure.

It's lowest height is 81 cm or 32 inches.

Now, let's try its highest.

The tripod is too damn high!Let's adjust the camera.

It's highest height is 190 cm or 75 inches.

Let's screw first the ball head to the ring light.

It's better to do that first, because it's difficult to upright the ballhead's neck once installed on the tripod.

Now, let's install the ballhead to the tripod.

Let's loosen first the top screw knob, and rotate just the tripod's top body, Not the whole ring light as we might accidentally pull the cable.

There we go, our ring light and tripod is now standing.

Let's plug it to a wall adapter.

You can also use a power bank if you're filming outside.

According to shopee's product name, the ring light is rated for 24W.

Well, that's dependent to your wall adapter because we have different amperages.

For example: On the left side, we have this Sony 5V 1.

5A wall adapter.

On the right side, this Cable Monster 5V 2.

1A wall adapter.

Theoretically, we just multiply the Volts to the Amps to get the Watts.

So 7.

5 Watts for Sony, and 10.

5 Watts for Cable Monster.

Let's start with the lowest intensity of the ring light.

An increase in level means an increase in wattage, obviously.

If you notice at Level 9 and 10 for Sony, the wattage did not increase because it cannot provide more power.

Just remember that it's NOT dependent on the Brand of our charger, but on the Amperage.

The chargers have the same voltage, but only 1.

5 Amps for my Sony and 2.

1 Amps for my Cable Monster.

Now let's try the different light temperatures.

On the left is the cool light; on the middle, the warm light; and on the right, the mixed light.

The mixed light has higher wattahe as it uses cool at warm at the same time.

Cool at warm light are almost on par because they use the same number of LED.

Let's take a look at its effect with a subject.

(sorry, forgot to take out the background noise >_< ) On the max level of ring light, it can fill up the details on our subject's face, which is 2 meters or 80 inches away from the light, and it casts a light shadow on the background.

One two three four five On the lowest level, it still lighten up the shadows on our subject's face compared to just lights on the ceiling.

and almost no shadow on the background.

This is dependent on your current lighting setup.

If you have many ceiling lights, it's recommended to turn off the lights directly above the subject so that it won't cast unwanted shadows on the face.

Let's take the subject closer, about 80 cm or 30 inches.

On max level, our subject is lit AF.

The light is so bllilnding, that it forces us to squint.

On lowest level, the lighting is just right, and gives enough details on the subject's face.

I'm not an expert or experienced in lighting, just getting started.

I just watch other tutorial videos here on Youtube.

But we can clearly see that there's an improvement using the ring light.

I would suggest to buy a ring light if you want a more professional-looking photos at videos, or experiment the built-in flash of your camera if it's not in your budget.


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