Lighting Science 12pk Dimmable LED Bulbs 60W Equivalent

he's the light bowl guy okay so you know the lightbulbs that maybe you still have in your house they're called incandescent bulbs well here's what's happening with them they're going bye-bye they're actually not even making them anymore so everyone's converting over to the LED bulb so there's been lots of incarnations of it there's the one that was kind of squiggly like this and then there is other ones that didn't really quite look like a light bulb and the light that came off of it was like and now we have lighting science so you can see these bulbs look like the regular incandescent bulbs that they're replacing however they are quite different in the technology one of these light bulbs is going to last an average of thirteen point seven years one light bulb thirteen point seven years now an incandescent bulb that sixty watts is going to use sixty watts of power this light bulb that lasts thirteen point seven years that gives you the look of a 40 watt light bulb is only using nine watts the look of a 60-watt light bulb excuse me uses only nine watts to create that light of sixty watts so you can see it right here on the package that look at the 60 watt now we have a choice here you can either get it in the cool or the white I believe those the two choices yeah let's take a look at the difference there's a soft white and a bright white one of them is a I'm going to describe it one is a little bit more amber there's a little almost like a little yellow to it the bright white is a little bit more stark if you want the kind of the look of the old incandescent bulb and I go I go with the soft white because I like that kind of warmer look to the lights in my house but we do have both of them so 59.

95 by the way is a price break so it's $30 off now when you may say wait a minute it's $30 off but it's still $60 for a light bulb well it's $60 for well light bulbs and each light bulb one light bulb lasts you an average of thirteen point seven years we you know there's so many jokes about how many people it takes to put in a light bulb because nobody wants to put in the light bulb the light bulb you know changing the light bulb is maybe an easy job but it's the job that you can't get anybody to do but you only have to do it every thirteen point seven years that's right away I went through my house and I changed out all the light bulbs because I was I was like this is a project that is done my daughter will be graduated from college and out of graduate school she could become a doctor before I change a light bulb again I don't know she's going to be a doctor or not I'm just throwing it out there a lot of pressure can't you choose your own well she wants to be a clinical psychologist I think you have to go to school for 57 years I believe I'm not sure a lot of years she could change your mind she's still young zero a seven nine seven seven is the item number but you know this isn't like a you know a choice anymore when your light bulb goes out there they're not even making incandescent bulbs anymore because you're saving so much money so here's what you're going to love instead of sixty watts of power to light this it's only taking nine watts of power so we are you going to see the difference on your light bill so the $59.

95 $30 off you are getting a dozen of these bulbs this is enough for your entire house for all the lamps all the lighting fixtures all of them and this is the standard size from lighting science 5990 now ice I have on my card that I have flex pay on this dan do you have on your how many do you have it's so far it hasn't been the same so I'm going to make sure it is it four or three or two it's three okay okay if it's four flex pay it's $14.

99 $14.

99 with four flexible payments that's what I had on my card but it was been a little different okay four so zero eight seven nine seven seven one light bulb will last an average of thirteen point seven years this is a sixty watt in there it is right there in the box a 60 watt light bulb unlike an incandescent bulbs that uses 60 watts of power for 60 watts of light this one will do 60 watts of light using nine watts of power so your electric bill is going to go down your happiness is going to go up because you're not going to have to change those lightbulbs except every thirteen point seven years full presentation seven.

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