Lighting Science 8pk LED Bulbs 40W Equivalent Soft

please just putting money back in your pocket with one of the leading manufacturers of LED dimmable light bulbs that is right you can get that LED technology that lasts longer and still get that dimmable quality that you were told for years you could only do with the very expensive very often have to be replaced incandescent bulbs and HSN for birthday month is giving you the lowest price we've ever offered on our big 8 pack special from lighting science now you should know behind the scenes lighting science is the company NASA goes to for their lighting that's how high quality their products are and the bulbs that you buy today they last 22 plus years 22.

8 to be exact so for me my sweet little daughter Lily who's 4 months old is going to have graduated from college by the time I have to replace the light bulb in her bedroom so this is about money savings it's about hassle savings and it's about energy efficiency not only did they last longer but your electric bill goes down because they have significantly less consumption incandescent bulbs are being phased out there being manufactured told you can't even make them anymore this is one of the best prices you will find in the entire country to get a full eight pack of top-quality dimmable 40 watt LED bulbs now Joe Harrison is with us and we're going to talk about so many features about how this amongst all the choices are some of the best LED bulbs that you'll ever find because they're not ugly they're not strange looking and today here at our price they're also not expensive it's such a fantastic price to get into a light bulb because like Brett mentioned these are an incandescent bulb this is technology we've known for Oprah over a century but the thing about this technology is it lasts about about a thousand hours just about it here and your constant replacing it so the government says we have to stop manufacturing that so then they started come out with all these different LEDs now there are dozens of LED manufacturers that are on the market and you'll see different types different shapes in different sizes when you go to the store that light bulb I'll has gotten enormous it's no longer just going to pick a light bulb anymore it's now how do i decipher between all the different types right so we chose today we're taking that one an hour LED light bulb and we're introducing one that looks exactly like it exactly like it in color exactly like it in the light angle exactly like in every single manner except this uses 40 watts of power this only uses 7 watts of power it's going to lower your energy bill by eighty percent when you just talk about using the lights so on average most of us have about 40 of these lights that are in our house if you have them all on throughout the entire year that's going to last you about five hundred dollars of energy costs this will now reduce it down to a hundred the savings is enormous and this you're changing your hear that you're changing every 20 how much money did you say in energy savings it drops it down eighty-four percent is your energy saving so if it's five hundred dollars a year an in show now down to one hundred think about that energy bill think about your last energy bill think about cutting that by eighty percent just in the first month no HSN is cut our price because it's birthday month because we want a wow and delight and excite you with the best that we've possibly got we were doing dimmable models so if it is a birthday party and you still want to dim the light the candles and blow out the cake you get them all here today but this is a product at full price that pays for itself this is a product that at the depot store at the improvement store that ala carte six seven eight dollars a pup still pays for itself in no time not to mention the headaches and hassles of getting up on ladders nothing blown bulbs you know I'm trying to get ready in the morning and the bulb right above my mirrors going out and all of a sudden I'm thinking what's wrong with my skin today I look awful hey I made me looked a little awful because I didn't sleep all that well last night but no it was bad lighting it was no light there for me well with these I don't think I'll be in my current house for 22.

8 years but once I replace it with this bulb I'll never think about it worry about it have unflattering lighting ever again this truly is if I may say so one of the biggest no-brainer purchases you can possibly make because we've taken twenty dollars off we are paying to ship them to your door free of charge so that you can do the blind test with an incandescent in this to make sure you can't see a physical difference between them but today you spend ten dollars and we oh I'm sorry you spend twenty dollars and we ship you ate bulbs that will last longer than you're probably I'm in that house will be I mean just think about it my daughter is four months old it will maybe be her wedding day that's current it's time for me to replace that bulb Colonel Adams last won't you're waiting product would it say last so long and they're like they're almost as long as your mark a lot of you sign a 30-year mortgage one thing today's 2016 it's not until two thousand thirty eight what do you plan on doing in 2038 that's when you have to replace your light bulbs and like Brett was talking about take the challenge because when you see these two lights that are right here exact same lamp exact same shade could you tell which one is your traditional incandescent that you spend so much money on it is that this one is it that one you don't can't tell until you remove it this is the incandescent bulb that we've been using for over a hundred years that is so hot to the touch I mean they make children's toys that bake brownies with the heat that comes off that this is cool to the touch because it has that into that led it uses eighty percent less energy when you see them you can't even tell that they're uh they're anything but identical okay so here's what's going to happen there is a five-minute clock up on our screen we are limiting our presentations because this is one of our 10 faves I Tamar top 10 sellers and everything you see is special for today two flexible payments to spend only twenty dollars today only free shipping today only our sale prices for the birthday month but our big specials are because we're doing presentations on it today and your light bulbs don't have to look like weird science projects they don't have to look like twisty fluorescence if you have exposed bulbs you still won't be able to tell the difference they look like incandescence that's why this is such an easy solution you don't make any sacrifice you just save money you save time you stop getting up on ladders and I don't want you to waste a penny guys don't throw away the incandescent bulbs that are so running you can let them burn out now your energy savings it'll pay for it to just toss them but if you've got them you can use them up but as you start to replace replace them with these and if I can suggest I think I have more than eight lamps and canned lights in my home at twenty dollars off the regular price it's the best price we have ever done the best price we will ever do so maybe get two sets maybe use that flex in that free shipping and spend only forty dollars and get 16 bulbs to be able to replace as you go along they will no question about it pay for themselves quite frankly it will take less than a year for them to pay for themselves and then there's 21.

8 more years of money back in your pocket it's it's a phenomenal solution we all have to turn lights on and off in our homes this is a great choice for your home and when you look at those eight bulbs that brent has right in front of them do you know the power of one and one incandescent bulb is equivalent to six of them so if you had six lamps on with LED now you when you turn on one incandescent it saves you that much power because it reduces it by eighty percent but it also reduces the heating costs in your house or the air conditioned house so I've got my little box here and I've got two different bulbs and I've got my over here I've got my incandescent my traditional bulb let me get my heat gun on it alright I shot my heat gun on it you can see the temperature right there it says 228 degrees that's how hot that one incandescent bulb is now I want to go to the other side I'm going to have a temperature on the LED now when you see the LED temperature that same temperature it's 83 degrees it's not that hot incandescent bulb that you used to so that's why when you're cooking in the kitchen and you have five or six different bulbs on at the same time it feels so hot in the kitchen it's because not only is it giving off light it's giving off heat and now especially during the summertime now your air conditioning is battling that heat and the reason why it's so hot when you turn on an incandescent bulb over ninety percent of it goes out as heat and only ten percent is actually used to illuminate it's at hot filament that we have on the inside but Brett this is so energy-efficient you're not using 40 watts of power the only using 7 watts of power and don't forget $20 office for birthday month or till the 3000 we brought in stock sells out so if you know you've got more than 8 lamps and lights in your home I would argue most homes do take that sale price and stock up your offer today I mean because quite frankly you will need them you will go to them and once your place them you'll never have to look at them again and not only is it saving you a CBS because you're less heating your home energy bills because you're less cooling your home and less wasting the power on the bulbs but you're not replacing bulbs ever again this will pay for itself in a ton of different iterations in ways over and over and over again so spend the smart money today and save it tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day it will allow you to buy yourself a new tablet by the end of a couple of months a new computer by the end of the year to it really it's a very smart purchase to make today we're so thrilled that we have lighting science here at HSN because they are providing light bulbs for NASA I mean they are a serious top quality brand that's been around for years and years and years and they do special offers and special packaging for us here at HSN so we're thrilled to be able to offer to today it's like there's so many of us out there that want us to come up with better ways for cars to be on the road right you know there's new laws that are taking come you know carbon consumption all that kind of stuff down the the government has said we want you to get rid of incandescent bulbs not because they're hot not because they're expensive but because they zap and waste too much of our precious energy costs and LED is a much more efficient solution so if you're a hybrid car driver if you know somebody that not only wants to save money but wants to do something good for the environment and for our energy consumption in this country it's here for you today from a great brand and keep in mind these incandescent bulbs they only last a thousand hours we also buy these curly q bulbs these only last about three thousand hours take about three minutes of turn on when you turn on your interior LED light today it's instant electricity and instant savings and they're dimmable it's just you don't find that with this type of technology so it's available for you today special pricing flex is only good for today that you can stock up and only spend twenty dollars per set to get them sent to your home today and it's really one of our top 10 picks of the day because when we can offer you a phenomenal practical wonderful money saving solution for your home and put it on sale for birthday month it is of course one of our top 10 picks of the day you can check out our top 10 faves every single day all you do is go to hsn.

com and check it out compassion to beauty to electronics to home we choose 10 picks every single day they're different every single day you can always find out what our top 10 picks of the day are on that website now keep ordering your lion science sets while we've got them in stock enjoy that flex its.

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